What a day at the West Wilts James Cup Trial!

I hope you’ve all got home & have dried out a bit now. I reckon you Riders were all Heroes!

And your Observers were Super Heroes.

F.Y.I.      Here’s a list of them, Phyllis Sweeting, Nicola Golding , Jonathan Milne, Fred Rowcliffe, Dave Ratcliffe, Colin Hassall, Trevor Hilton, Theresa Talbot, Tom Crease, Mary Crease, Ian Shuttleworth, Stuart Jobbins, Steve Usher, & Chris Kelly . I know all of you appreciated their standing out for hours because I heard lots of you thanking them.

Another terrific entry for a Centre Championship Trial – 87 with 3 non starters. There was a bit of queueing bit with the weather making things more difficult than intended I know but that’s how it is when it’s a small venue. Good to see quite a lot of you back at the Barge in Bradford afterwards. The Valers were last to leave!

Results? Deciphering Observers cards is going to be difficult as a lot will need drying out first, so I’m not expecting them to be available until tomorrow. As soon as I have them I’ll get them up for you. I still think that if it hadn’t been wet the Expert winner would have been in single figures, so I’ll stick my neck out & reckon that there will be an expert estimating his score at <20 marks lost . What the Observers cards will say though may be different! We’ll have to wait & see.

A proper trial though, showing off the remarkable skill within the Expert class & strength [because lusty footing was needed] & skill shown in all of the other classes. I watched Ricky Wiggins slide back down the mud face of section 15 on his third lap to five & then Adam Norris, just managing to get out for  a three with some really powerful footing, so I knew how daunting the exit was for some of the rest of you!

Next Championship Trial is the Frome Club’s Wyndham Haines on 13th March

See you soon Frank

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