We’ve held the AGM for 2011 & Maisie Payne was presented with a Rose Bowl.

Right then, there’s a list of people you are lumbered with until next time [!] on a Page called ‘Centre Officials’ under the About parent page.

We’re delighted that Chris Fear was elected as your President – in case you didn’t know –  she does a lot of work behind the scenes to help the Centre to run smoothly, as well as the work she does for the Kingswood Club.

The outgoing President has the award of the Harry Croft Trophy in his gift, & he chose to award it to Ken Lywood, the man who has held the Centrte Finances under control for more years than he cares to remember. In recent years the trophy has seemed to have been awarded to the person who has made most contribution to motor cycling in the Centre in the previous year, but Ken tells me that originally it was intended to be an award to the young person who made the biggest contribution!

We welcome our new Treasurer, Clive Chapman, a member of the Swindon Club & wish him well in his task.

Mention of young people leads me on to tell you that  Phil Steadman on behalf of the Centre made a special award of a Rose Bowl to Maisie Payne to mark her winning the 2010 Girls National ‘C’ class Trials Championship. It’s good to see a Wessex rider reminding the country that we have some pretty darn good riders living in our Centre. There was a big bunch of flowers to put in it as well!

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