It’s Kurt Brain! Sometimes you have to wait for things. A couple of suggestions. Centre AGM tomorrow!

My request for info was promptly answered by Phil Marsh, Thanks Phil!

Kurt, I find, has form on two wheels – he’s been a topclass mountainbike downhiller in the UK & abroad & been a motocrosser. He comes from Dursley, & is an ace at bike trials. I see that last year he rode as a Clubman Expert in the Western Centre Trials Champs. Hope to see him again at more Wessex Centre Trials together with Ben & Nicky Toms?

Lets run a couple of things past you all: someone suggested we had a for sale Page. That wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t know how often it would be used? We’re quite happy to put an ad. for your present pride & joy, or your last years graphics(!) up in one of these posts – it could be tagged to a ‘for sale’ category so you could search.

Another suggestion has been that we list Observers names with Trial Results. Again we would be quite happy to do that if we are provided with the information. The rationale for this suggestion is that Riders recognize & know some of our Observers but not all of them. I know that most of you thank each Sections Observer on your last lap, but would like to thank them all by name. Listing their names might help that aim.

Let me know what you think?

Sunday at the Avery was the first time I’d seen Rob & son Lewis Scott riding together. It’s been a long wait for Rob to see Lewis want to ride competitively. We remember Lewis having one or two rides as a ‘D’ class youth, but he didn’t take to it then. Now he’s seen the light? We hope he has fun & maybe he’ll work out what he’s missed this last 10 years or so. good to see them both. Who next, Lewis Cameron perhaps?

Centre AGM tomorrow remember: all are welcome – if you haven’t primed your Board Delegates with what you think is wrong, or even right, with the ways things are run come along & have your say. You mightn’t take the Board with you but you’ll have got it off your chest!

Keep your feet up: Frank

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