Bored with tennis? Watch Biathlon? Go to the Avery Cup Trial!

Hi everyone, its 16:00 hrs & we’ve just got back from the Avery Cup Trial. It might have been Andy Murray’s day in Aus. We started watching the Mens Final at home, Murray might have a chance Djokovic has a a lot of strapping on his knee – ligament trouble? might help Andy if he can keep on stretching him,  but Duty Called! Kept listening in the car & Murray drops the first set to Djokovic 4:6.  As Chris Fear said – I thought Phyllis will stay at home to watch the tennis, – but no as duty had called. Trial Finishes around 15:00 hrs. Got home & what shall we do shall we find  the result or watch it tomorrow as a replay. Lets find out as we’re bound to be told on almost any TV or Radio programme. Quick check, its not on  a loop on any Freeserve channels or Eurosport. Eurosport has ladies with guns – Biathlon. Do commentators ever consider what they are saying?  We both hear “the French women are very solid in the prone position” I keep quiet, Phyllis begins to chuckle I explain I have no experience of french ladies in any …… Go to BBC’s Text Sports headlines – Murray crushed by Djokovic. Say no more, straight sets not even a tie break

So: A lovely day out at the Avery it was cold but sunny, 92 entrants – hence lateish finish Sections rode fairly easily it seemed & much better than staying at home watching Andy Murray losing comprehensively. Fortunately the cold wind that can freeze Observers at IRP didn’t blow so thank you to all 13 of them & especially the Ladies amongst them.

The Trial Result? Much too early to say, but unofficially I think Ben Darch took it from Lee Hassall comfortably if the marks they think they lost are those on the Observers cards. I’ll post the results when I have them, but it may be tomorrow morning as Clive is cooking dinner for us this evening.

I was asked why I hadn’t mentioned Paul Mountstevens as a Centre rider with an entry for the SSDT. Quick as a flash I said ‘not a Centre Resident at the moment” – but we all wish him good luck up in Scotland anyway. Saw Jack Benton sporting a black eye & just back from Aus, broke but happy & planning his next away year already, just walking the dog today. And lots of other people, Jon Bees’s three small ones with Granny & Grandad, a wee 3week old one, an Oset electric bike. Yes it was much better than staying at home.   Frank & Phyllis

Remember the next 2 Sundays have Championship Trial Rounds as well.

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