Struggling for Observers! The January 2011 View from Ba House

Chris Wrigley’s been in touch, KIngswood are being pro-active for the Centre Champ Avery Cup Trial & he says:

‘Hi Frank, regards the Avery trial next Sunday, it looks like we are going to be struggling for observers even more so than usual as there are a couple of other events on, If anybody wants to volunteer or turn up to help out they will be most welcome. Dave Benton COC has limited the number of sections to 10 (due to anticipated problems with “manning” them) despite finding a new bit of land so we have 4 brand new sections (2 of which will be sure to take some marks) and have been able to spread it all out a bit.’

So if you are entering, please help out by providing an Observer – your days sport depends on them

The View from Ba-House
Congratulations once more to Colin Crease,who won our Centre Championship again,even though last year’s competition was beset with extra distractions.What with missing trials by having to work most Sundays and becoming a dad,he did well to win it this time.
It’s been a worrying period these last few weeks with a spate of unrelated accidents causing pain and suffering to four of our best-known riders.One broke his wrist while practising,falling backwards off a step,another caught his eyebrows and nose-hair on fire fettling his bike,then one split his finger driving into a rock and the last one bruised his ribs trying to execute a low level vertical loop.I’ve looked into the detail of each incident,in my capacity as self-appointed Health and Safety Officer,and I have reached these conclusions.
In the first case the rider had ignored the golden rule,” Never practice with a better rider.It’s bad for your confidence and it always ends in tears.” Second case. Anyone who is capable of catching his head on fire should never again be allowed near flammable liquids.Third case.This elderly rider has continuing problems with spacial awareness.I first noticed this last year at the Knut,when I saw him ride into a tree which he had forgotten about.It would probably be best if someone rode round with him in future to show him the way.In the last case,which I witnessed at first-hand, there were signs that a fierce determination to succeed had over-ridden the self-preservation reflex.To continue with the plan of full throttle in fourth gear,when coming to a halt,was the mistake that caused the accident.Mind you if I’d been riding I would have stopped just past the Begins Cards,then looked down at the engine.That’s the better plan.
This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the running of the first Scottish-Six-Days-Trial and although at the moment the details are sketchy,it looks like the organisers intend to make this the best Scottish week ever.From what I can gather,on the Saturday before the trial,fifty really old-fogey,(1905-1912 Vintage ) motorbikes will set off from Edinburgh and ride to Fort-William to arrive in time to head the parade of competitors up the High Street on Sunday.On Tuesday there will be a fly-by of the last Vulcan,flying down the Great-Glen past Laggan-Locks,in remembrance of the days when David Tye used to bring his flight of RAF Vulcans past us at low level in salute.What a sight that will be.There are also plans to replace Town-Hall-Brae,known locally as “Herbie’s sorrow”,with a section in the centre of the High-Street,which will be used at the end of each day.That’s a great idea,it’ll generate a lot of interest, but the highlight surely will be Gordon Jackson,on his AJS,riding up Grey-Mare’s Ridge once more,to the place where he had his one dab total to win the trial.
With the New Year upon us it would be nice if,in this Centre,we could finally kill off all this jumping up and down nonsense in our trials.I’d like to think that someone would make a start and agree to run all their events in 2011 as non-stoppers,but no-one wants to be the first to return to sanity.When it comes to it Uncle Albert said it right at the Knut,” That aint riding ”   Ba

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