Hello all.

Now we’re in the electronic era it’s easy to discover how daft you are perceived to be.

We are doing our best to cut costs & quite a few [but not all] Board Minutes are now emailed out. I notice that in Decembers I’m quoted as saying there will be T&E Licencing Seminars in February. How would I know what I said? The important thing is that people actually DO read these Minutes as is shown by the fact that  I’ve been asked whether my own [later] mail to Club Secretaries stated different dates  [18th & 25th January] & asking  which is correct.

I’m pleased to confirm they are on 18th & 25th January. Please don’t think I was asleep at the Board Meeting & said the first thing that came into my head!

I wondered if Martin Witt was out with Lee at the Wilts Border Trial on Sunday,  & Chris Wrigley confirms that he was. Good to know he’s around & about as I haven’t seen him since he was in RUH just after his accident. I also noticed Craig Talbot wasn’t in the Results, & Theresa tells me he’s in plaster for a month or more with a broken scaphoid in his left wrist. Thats not good news – lets hope it heals nicely now its immobilised.

That’s all muttering completed for now! Frank

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