Bath & WoE’s Thank-you’s. Regional T&E LIcencing Seminars.

Knut Trial 2010
First of all can I express, on behalf of the club, our grateful thanks to all our friends who came out in the bitterly cold weather to observe for us. Without your generous support we couldn’t have run the trial.
This year we were blessed with the biggest entry since the Knut went totally off-road, 92 hardy victims,   which was about 30 more than we had planned for. I expect pretty soon into the day a lot of them were wishing they hadn’t bothered, for unfortunately the course proved to be a very difficult ride this year, much harder than anticipated by the organising team. We usually plan to produce a course of the severity roughly equal to an hour at the Scott trial, but this year it was almost like two. For that we are sorry, but you will be glad to hear that there is a complete defence in place, should you need to know, which will explain everything.
Still, looking on the bright side, there were some good things to come out of it all. For instance the car-parking system worked a treat this year, locking everybody in so no-one could leave early, [weren’t Phyllis & I smart? we’d worked that one out – we guessed we wouldn’t be able to leave early when we got too cold – Frank] consequently the number of  retirements were down to a much more reasonable figure. ( less than 10 per-cent )
But what impressed me the most on the day was the great attitude shown by all the little ones who were riding. They rode like heroes, giving everything their best shot. Well done them. [and Linda Ashfords’ pictures in TMX showcased Lewis & his cousin Victoria Payne  – Frank]
Finally I must thank the Team Talbots, Theresa and Mark for all their hard work. By stepping in to run the trial for us they saved it from an early death. Long may they continue, fingers crossed, for without them we’d be in real trouble. Thanks, you made Bob Burt very happy.

Merry Christmas – Nipper

Regional Trials & Enduro CofC/Steward Licencing Seminars for 2011 – 2013 inc Licences

Please note: Frank Sweeting will be running Seminars on January 18th & 25th at Warmley Community Centre, Bristol. start 19:30 hrs prompt. Please be in touch if you need a Licence or to renew your  Licence.

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