It’s nearly Christmas – I must do this before I forget!

Welcome to all our site visitors, thanks for visting us.

It’s nearly a year now since we slayed the Dinosaurs & moved to a Web Based way of  giving riders & other interested people information about Sporting Motor Cycling, & we stopped using that old fashioned paper, the “Gazette”

Of course we didn’t please everyone by doing that, Tradition dies hard.

So what did we set out to do, did we achieve it & how can we improve?

Well we wanted to make details of all Wessex Centre ACU Events available free of charge to all Riders – previously we sold the Gazette but those who paid didn’t get any advantage because Clubs accept Entries on the day without using Entry Forms printed in the Gazette. So a freely available website solved that one. It’s much fairer.

It’s also gathered together in one place [the website] Pages that have individual Clubs Events Listed – There’s even a Page that has the Centre Fixture List on it – but I don’t suppose anyone looks at it – because it’s always likely that Events have to change dates as soon as its printed!

That’s why we wanted to be able to tell you about Event changes such as cancellations postponements etc. as soon as they are known. We’ve managed to do that as well we think.

We particularly wanted to be able to give you somewhere that you could go & find Results for the Event you’d just ridden within our Centre. The website has let us do that. On its Pages”  you can find Event Results grouped by Club or Championship evants. Results are uploaded usually the same day as they are produced by the Club Secretary. We think we ‘ve done that quite well. We know that on Mondays more people visit the site & we think that’s when you’re checking out your ride the previous day. We hope that’s especially helpful to the Clubs who don’t have their own website &  that it’s a benefit for Clubs that  the Centre offers.

We didn’t know how you riders would take to it but overall we think you’ve appreciated it – but we ‘ve had our share of brickbats too so we know we’re not pleasing all of you all of the time!

The Knut Trial at the weekend you has produced not only one of the most successful Trials for the Centre this Year in terms of the number of Riders that entered,  but the most frustration with actually finding the Results – we’re thinking about that. It produced a Final Trials Championship Event that’s had you on the edge of your seats waiting for the Official Results too. So we’ve been delighted with your interest in the closest Championship we’ve ever had. Real Nailbiting Stuff.

Now for the applause from me. None of the useful stuff would be up there without the help of Club Secretaries, Event Secretaries of the Meeting, The [it’s too few] Guys that make regular contributions. The Centre Recorders, The Guys & Ladies who make irregular contributions. I wish we had a few more Contributors like Ba don’t you?

Remember as well, we have two National Trials Champions, that’s three people resident in the Centre – I’ll leave you to check out who they are if you don’t know – its recorded elsewhere on the web-site.

Enough Mutter for now, Have a Terrific Festive Season and a great sporting 2011: Frank

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