Centre Trials Championships & the New Champion – its Colin by the narrowest of Margins

Hi everyone, just had a comment that I’ve put below

Terry says:

Hi Frank, just a quick comment on what the Bristol Evening post has written. While it’s nice to see trials covered in the local papers they have stated that Ben Darch is the new centre champ!. Both Ben and Colin are great guys and I was enjoying seeing how the championship played out (with no favouritism either way). However I’m with you when you stated that Colin retains his title by virtue of most second places. So who is right? Has someone jumped the gun when handing out the title to Ben?  Anyway that’s my quick point. Thanks for all your great coverage of events and results (online), it has saved many a tree from the printer.

Terry is correct – somewhere some-one has jumped to an incorrect conclusion. As soon as I can, the Final Trials Championship Table will be posted for you all to peruse. You may have already seen a copy directly from Pete Dury the Centre Trials Recorder. Colin has retained his Championship by the narrowest of margins. The second Championship tie break had to be used – most number of second places. In individual Trials they had to be separated three times when they tied on marks lost. It’s history now but if Ben had ridden one more of our trials, finished & scored points he would have been ……….

Can any other Centre Champion past or present match Colins record of total & consecutive Championships? I doubt it. If you know differently please let us know!

OK we’ve now uploaded the Final Trials Championship Tables for you, and Pete comments

“Championship Final Positions”

‘Congratulations to Colin Crease who has won the Championship for the 17th time (11th time on the trot) by virtue of a tie break going down to the most runner-up spots through the year having scored the same points as Ben Darch and the same amount of wins. Third place goes to Lee Hassall.

Rob Scott was the winner of the ‘AB’ Clubman Expert class with Chris Mitchard in 2nd and Trevor Ashford 3rd.

Congratulations go to Rob Pitman, Steve Fogg and Wayne Holmes in the ‘B’ class who are all promoted to the ‘AB’ Clubman Expert class for next year.

And congratulations also to Kevin Miller, Terry Potts and Duncan Trickett who all gain promotion to the ‘B’ intermediate class for 2011.

Colin Bennett won the Over40 class with Dave Best & Chris Wrigley in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

No surprise in the oVer 50 class with Martin Strang running out comfortably as the Over 50 Champion with Gary Scrivens in 2nd and Vic Moran in third.

Well done to all.

Let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries


Thanks to Pete for sorting out many anomalies in original results during the year – most caused by Riders entering different events in different classes, to end up with the coherent set of Tables you now have. I hear Pete may ride a few more Trials next year to keep an eye on you all – Frank

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