Frank Mutters: Knut Trial & Centre Trials Champion

Good evening to all our readers.

I’ve just seen the Results of todays Knut Trial, thanks to Theresa. Sorry we weren’t there to help but we decided it was going to be jolly cold up there Observing for maybe 4 hours.

During the week I’d worked out that if Ben Darch won todays Knut, Colin would retain his  Championship as long as he finished no lower than 7th. That sounded like Colin for Champ unless he had a mechanical & a DNF.

It wasn’t that simple, Steve Saunders entered, so Steve Saunders won [No surprise there then] on 22 m/l, Ben Darch was Runner up on 69 m/l & Colin had the phone call to say that things were happening with Rowena & the baby after he’d ridden 7 sections. So Colin didn’t score points today, & Ben took away 12 points & Colin none today. That by my reckoning puts them equal on 89 Championship points each!

Now my reckoning has to be confirmed when the Official Champ Tables are published – I’ve got a thing about this – incorrect info being published on the web & not being corrected – The Wye Valley Trevor Hunt National has incorrect Results up   with excluded riders featuring, & last weeks Southern Experts Results on the Organising Clubs website doesn’t mention Sam Haslam, who TMX has as the winner – But I reckon Colin retains his Championship by virtue of his three 2nd places to Ben’s two 2nd places!

Let’s hope & expect that Colin & Rowena have more good news soon – I’ll let you all know

We’ll post up Knut Results tomorrow as it’s our bedtime now – Frank

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