Brockley Cup Trial – Cancelled, Centre Trials Champ update, 3rd Party Road Insurance

Here we are again!

First off – Mendip’s Brockley Cup Trial has been cancelled Andy Leahy tells us. With 3 other Trials within similar travelling times  Champ – including our own Kingswood Club & a Yeo Vale SW Centre Championship Trial the Valers have decided not to run.

Mary Crease has mailed me the missing names on the Centre Trials Championship List we currently have posted – thanks Mary. A little bit of work will tidy up the List & I’ll tell you when it’s updated – in a few days I hope.

If there are any ‘grassers’ out there that know the list of Centre Champions in Track Racing we would like to have those available as well. Moto-X’ers [Scrambles] Champions would be nice to know – I expect it would include Rob Taylor, Gary &  Neil Hudson Bryan Goss & …….. but I’m guessing here.

Had a note from Chris Wrigley: he says

“Hi Frank just going through buying process for road insurance and came upon a little known “gem” namely quoting rath09 (or by going to Sherco website and clicking that link)  They will issue /insure any (even 18 year olds) for third party risks including during  trials competition( between sections) for a flat premium of £105.00/year. Just thought this kind of info should be useful.

They also do fire & theft from garage type insurance  flat rate any bike @£99.00.  [WOW now that’s a BARGAIN – Frank]

Being an old git I got fully comp for 250 Sherco @ £80.00 via bike insurer ( a comparison site but the ABI code for a Sherco is listed as Bultaco… model… Sherco so you have to put in make as Bultaco. It seems to me that ABI codes are always c. 3 years behind what is actually going on in the market place.”

That sounds really useful info for anyone who wants to ride ‘traditional road trials” – if you don’t have your own 3rd Party insurance, you have to buy the [ACU] offered one event for what is it ? about £12-50 for each event. With Long Distance trials being very popular as well with Centre Riders maybe they need to look into Doodson as insurer as well?

That’s it for the moment – hope to see lots of you on Sunday – if you are quiet [when there’s a Trial on? !] you can see spotted & green woodpeckers at Folly Woods – the Errington Cup Venue.


ps Not a Centre Resident, but hasn’t Ricky Wiggins done well in his British Championship campaign this year? 4th in Expert “A” class

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