Natterjack British Championship Enduro 25/26-09-10: News of Centre Riders

Our roving reporter, Brain Shuttleworth sent us this

“West Wilts Team Members Tyson Maytom-Jones [9th Expert 1st Expert E3]  and Dan Beavan [16th Expert 8th Expert E2/2] did have good rides at the Natterjack but I know Andy Frost had a puncture or his tyre came of the rim before the last special test which obviously affected his times. Andy was lying 5th on Day 1. He was also out on a new Yamaha for the first time. [Andys last special test took him 3minutes longer than any of his previous ones]
Ben Shuttleworth [31st Clubman 18th E2/2] had problems with his rear suspension not working 100% which slowed him down for his last three special tests on the Sunday. On further inspection after the event we found that the rear suspension bracket had cracked and one side of it was detatched from the frame. He was lucky that it didn’t come away completely and give him a jolt in his ”crown jewels”
Good experience for him though, and yes, more focus on special test times is needed.
Greg Hodge [Kingswood] rode on the Saturday finishing in 18th place, but gave it a miss on Sunday because his knees and ankles were giving him some discomfort. Liam Wooster [Swindon] also finished both days in Sportsman Class finishing 13th overall. A good result for his first Timecard Enduro.”

That’s dealt with the youngsters & to give balance to his coverage  Brian says “I spoke with the Clerk of Course ( Major Mike Tizard ) on the Saturday who said that he was an old friend of Brian Dark and was stationed in Speedwell Bristol some years ago. Apparently they did some of the major long distance trials in and around the Wessex Centre at that time.” {I dare say that “some” is actually decades ago – Ed.}

You can find a more general report & complete results on


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