More Mutter: Latest Trials Champ Tables

Good afternoon,

What do we have for your delight today? The latest Trials Champ tables from Pete Dury of course. You know how to find them of course?

Have you come across internet radio station ‘Biker fm’? They’ve done an interview with West Wilts member, Freddie Broadway, about Enduros. I gather they will be at the twin shock MX meeting at Farleigh Castle this weekend as well.

Sorry to hear another of the West Wilts Enduro riders, Dan Price has had a nasty off resulting in plaster, crutches – the usual sort of thing, still he’s talking of being back on the bike next month – bones mend quicker when you’re young don’t they.

I notice youngsters Jack Pontin & Liam Wooster both rode the Swindon Clubs’ Foxwell Fling time card Enduro at Cirencester Park on Sunday. Doesn’t seem like yesterday they were still riding Schoolboy Trials. Good to see they are “Following Fathers Footsteps”

Don’t watch much television, but Eurosport has been broadcasting snooker from Beijing in the afternoons when I am programmed to switch on for the Vuelta. Similarly my ears pricked up just as I was going to switch off breakfast TV as something called Helicopter Heroes was on & Phyllis heard ‘pre 65 trials, the last thing I’d want would be cameramen all round as I was strapped to the stretcher with a splintered thigh & the oxygen mask on – I presumed it was at Back Cowm Quarry up near Rochdale. I think the point of the programme is to show us all what stupid dangerous things people do that can & do go wrong!

Off to a Classic Road Trial on Sunday

See you around: Frank

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