Check your ACU camera!

Check your ACU camera, what’s all this about then?

The Club holder of the ACU “incident pack” should check the expiry date of the camera included in it.

Centre President Phil Steadman had cause to use the Southern Twin Shock Club kit recently & found the use by date was in 2009. If you check & find yours is out of date, call Geraldine on ACU reception, she’s appraised of the situation & will send you a replacement ASAP.

Pictorially: Frank

One thought on “Check your ACU camera!

  1. Brett King

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. I can’t work these things properly!!

    Anyway, I wanted to post this as a new item but cannot fathom out how to (I’m sure Frank will kindly respond and tell me)…

    Can I please remind all the trials riders out there that Swindon DMC are hosting the 5th Round of their Club Championship at Park Grounds, situated just off the B4042 Wootton Bassett to Malmesbury road this Thurday 8th July and you are all very welcome.

    It will be a 4 lap, 10/12 section event using the woods, ditches and banks that this venue offers.

    Classes catered for include: A, AB, B, C, Over50,Yth A, Yth B

    There will be nothing Centre Championship standard – just sensible enjoyable sections enabling you to have a fun Thursday and make the weekend start a little earlier than normal.

    Start time is 6.30 for 7.00pm

    We look forward to seeing you


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