Franks Ramblings:

Hi all, happy Easter, nice to see all you God fearing people who had obviously been to Church before todays ‘Traders’. It’s much too early for the results as I write – yes yes I know Mick Perry will already have rung up asking for them. However Section 18 was fairly easy on all three routes even though it was taking ‘5’s’ from some of the Experts – nice to see Darren Snell supporting Mendip again. And talking of supporting, Adam Colburn was at the Belmont Estate with his spares van before riding the trial – not making a fortune but nice to see the initiative. He’s intending to take the van to all the events he rides I believe.

Now then I made a comment about Craig Talbots minding duties the other day & it didn’t go any better at the Cheadle 2nd Ladies Champs round either for Becky Cook [26m/l]- beaten into 2nd place again by Joanne Coles [19m/l] but I’m pleased to report that when the going gets tough, the tough get going & at yesterdays Ladies European Champs Round in Italy Becky was R/up to Laia Sainz.

Hope to get some more info fed back from Craig soon.

Did I tell you Maisie Payne won the first Girls ‘B’ class Champ Round – think I did – well she’s done it again in the 2nd Round. Does any-one know if the BGRC grass track ran on Friday?

See you again soon

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