Chasing Women!


As many of you will already know I will be minding for Becky Cook this year in all the World, European and British championship trials and asked Frank if he would like me to tell you about the behind the scenes goings on.

As a BVM sponsored rider I’d met Becky there a few times when she visited while en route to Nationals. She first asked me if I would be interested in minding for her after the last British Championship trial in Kent last autumn after I had helped her on her last lap after I’d finished the trial. Her usual minder Peter Archer couldn’t make it that weekend and had already told her that he was unable to commit to 2010. She originally asked if I could help at World and European trials. After talking with Mark Kemp, everyone at work, Mum and Dad I decided to take the job on and Mind for her at the British Woman’s, British Championship Trials as well as the European and World rounds.

I started preparing by getting some tips from my dad after he minded for me in last year’s British championship trials but soon gave up that idea after remembering things like “TYRE LEFT, GOOD NOW TWO TYRES RIGHT”, and another time while lined up for a big step Dad tried to climb on to the top to catch me but he couldn’t manage it and slid back down and left  me to it !!!  At the time it wasn’t funny but thinking back now I can’t help but laugh at the old man.

I’ve been out practising with Becky every weekend this year training hard to try and help her achieve her goal of becoming World Champion; we have been trying out Cardo blue tooth headsets, as used by many of the top riders at World events. At World Championship level this year the rider will not be able to walk the sections on the day of the trial so we think it will help us with any last minute changes of line etc.

The National trials season has started with the Wallace and Colmore but my first proper minding job will be the first two Woman’s British Championship trials at Basingstoke, this Sunday 21st March and Cheadle then its off to a slightly more exotic Italian Euro round over Easter, I’ll bring you up to date again when I can.

Craig Talbot

March 2010

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