A Backward Look – February 2010 – Use it or Lose it

Oh base and worthless Wessex Men you have allowed the Gazette in hard copy to die.

In the capable hands of succession of Editors it was produced in shiny vellum form and always a good read from a stalwart band of contributors. From the days when the late Vic Anstice ruled on what was acceptable and what was too inflammatory, to the time when Jim Webb took over and printed everything that was submitted (except libellous material). He was followed by the late dear old Den Watts who used his own discretion to delete the unprintable. (I had many a sentence censored by Dennis, as being “too caustic”. At recent years due to, amongst other things Financial Cramp and lack of subscriptions (The two things go hand in hand) The Gazette became a shadow of its former being and has now succumbed to the dreaded E-Mail. Well it’s dreaded by Old Maler anyway. If it goes to its possible conclusion, there would be no magazines or papers on the bookshelves. What a dull old world that would be. I just cannot get the same buzz from squinting at a ‘laptop’ as I get when the postman shoves it through the letterbox.

I am only too aware that some will consider me a Luddite but that is my position and so I sign off with best wishes to my readers, Both of them.   Over the years I’ve made some derogatory comments about Mart Bracey but we are still good friends! With friends like him who needs enemies.                                                                                                                                          Old Maler

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