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The club marking out team enjoyed  setting out the sections ready for the Centre Championship Trial next Sunday. As we were mob handed we hacked out as much new stuff as we could find, we have spaced out the sections as best we can and made the sections as open as possible. For me the best subs are always in the quarry area and we have 4 in there, 3 nasties and one easyplan. In general we have tried to make it very novice friendly on the yellow route. The middle route is going to take a few from B class although likes of Nigel T and Martin W should have few problems. As usual the other guys reckon I’m too hard on the experts when setting out, but they are experts after all. If the weather stays the same I reckon it will be 20 odd marks for a good ride. As most will know we have a hardstanding car  parking area which we have to sweep afterwards so please, to all concerned, don’t leave too much mud and rubbish behind you. As ever in trials we need observers on the day so if you can please try to bring somebody …it’s more fun than wandering around with unnecessary fuel and fizzy drinks for your chosen rider. At the time of writing I’m not sure whether the entry limit of 75 is full.. it was close yesterday ..if you havn’t already entered perhaps “bringing an observer” would clinch the deal.

All the best see you on Sunday – Chris W

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