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Centre AGM: Warmley Community Centre Tomorrow. Results of yesterdays NSMSC Centre Champ Time Trial & Regs & Entry Forms for NSMSC’s Wynnes Trophy T/trial on 25th February.

Hello all,

Here are a few things to update you with:

The Terry Bunn Centre Champs Time Trial results are here, NSMSC Terry Bunn Centre Champs T:Trial results 040218 & Jerry Walters reports:

Evening Frank, one last posting before you retire!

Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial attached for the website. This was the opening round of the 2018 Wessex Centre Time Trial championship and attracted a near capacity entry to Scars Wood, Lulsgate.

The course was in prime condition following saturday’s rain and Andy Frost carried on where he left off, easily winning the Trials class and taking the overall premier on just 9 marks. Pete King was a comfortable second in the Trials class on 25, with Paul Manning third on 34.

Jason Hamblin is one of many Time Trial riders who have recently switched to KTM Freerides, and he put his cards on the table by ‘cleaning up’ in the Non Trials class and taking the overall runner up spot on 23 marks. Tom Smith grabbed second in the class on 39 with Andy Scrivens third on 63.

Regs and entry form also attached for North Somerset Club’s next Time Trial – the Wynnes Trophy at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood on 25th February.

Thanks for publicising all our events on the website in recent years and enjoy your time off!

Best regards

The Regs for the Wynnes Trophy Time Trial Jerry mentions are here: NSMSC Wynnes Trophy T:trial Regs & Entry Form for 28:02:18

I hadn’t posted the latest Centre Trials Championship Points Table, that Pete Dury had collated previously, as with only one Round so far I reckoned that you would all have good idea of who was where? So here you then: 2018 Wessex Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 050218

Don’t forget the Centre AGM will be held at 20:00hrs at Warmley Community Centre tomorrow, the 6th February. Why not be there & quiz the Board? Tell us what we’ve got wrong (or right) for you during the year. Your ideas are important.

That’s it for the moment:  Frank

Nearing the Finish Line.

Hello all,

Indeed, the finish line approaches, I should get there Tuesday next week, when I step down & hand on the stewardship of your web-site at the Centre AGM. Thank you all for your support & interest over the years.

I’ve a couple of things that have been brought to my attention recently that I’d like to comment on – almost the last of my “mutterings”

I gather that on that well known “social media” site F**e***k there has been discussion of Entry Fees for Trials. I gather this has particularly related to our friends over in the SW Centre.  So what’s it all about? Riders apparently are perplexed that entering a trial before a Closing date specified in the Supplementary Regs. may cost less than entering up to 30 minutes before the Start of the Event. The beef is, it seems, that there should be no differential & that the lower fee available to entrants by the stated closing date should be available to riders who choose to turn up on the day & ride.

Let me give everyone my take on this. Organisers have to issue Supplementary Regulations (over & above the TSR’s) when applying for their Permit to run the event. Many organisers would prefer to have an idea of the number & ability of the entrants before the day. – If no Experts enter you don’t have to plot a course (the white route) to challenge them do you? Remember no organiser sets out a course on the Sunday morning of the Event, all the Sections will be marked out on the previous day, ie the Saturday at the latest. Sometimes usually due to the weather last minute “tweaks” are necessary. So entering beforehand helps organisers & riders alike. So although you may regard the late entry fee as a penalty fee, it actually shows Organisers are realistic people who want to enable riders to come & have a days sport & are flexible enough to let you have a ride if suddenly on Sunday morning a rider realises he/she is able to get to an event & ride. The Closing date for Entries is there to give you the choice of the Entry Fee you have to pay to ride. It certainly isn’t  an effort by the Organisers to penalise you for being unable to enter by the closing date for entries as, in my experience any rider who has entered an event by the closing date, & who has a bona fide reason for not riding the event, will have their Entry Fee refunded or their cheque torn up if you let the Secretary of the Meeting know you will be a non starter before the start – because, for instance you’ve been called in to work unexpectedly, you haven’t been able to source & fit the replacement gearbox mainshaft that broke last weekend you’ve had a fall & broken your wrist on Friday morning – you get the drift? So from where I sit, the late Entry dispensation is a bonus for Riders & not a penalty, as you had the choice of when to enter – before or after the closing date.

It may be true that Organisers aren’t getting this message (refunding Entry Fee) through, I  don’t know. I do know that my Club always specifies a Closing date for Entries and that entering on the day will involve an additional fee when sending event details to TMX for the Regs Available section.

The second thing really relates to the varying abilities of riders. In the “good old days” we all rode the same route – there were no different routes through the observed Sections. That’s changed, most events have multiple routes & different ability groups ride routes considered appropriate to their skill level by the CofC. Schoolboys/girls are graded by age groupings – again & this isn’t so long ago there were often entries of 100+ at a schoolboy only event, presently there may only be 3, or if the Club is really lucky  6, youth riders at an event. There is normally a class for Youth Experts which is an ability, not age, group ie youth experts may come from any age groups. Other Youths will ride in their age groupings & the Route the age group will ride is chosen by the CofC & will be specified on the Entry Form. Recognising that some riders in an age grouping can have very divergent abilities, riders may want to ride or their parents/guardians may want them to ride a less challenging route ie “they ride down”.  They are thus ineligible for their age group award. A similar thing can happen where a youth rider chooses to “ride up” ie he/she chooses to ride a more difficult route than that which the Organisers have considered appropriate for that age group & is specified on the Entry Form. If the rider that “rides up” loses fewer marks that the best performer riding the specified route, it’s quite clear that the boy or girl riding up has made the best performance in the age group. It’s quite possible though that the rider who ” rides up” loses more marks than the rider, who may be of lesser ability and who rode the easier route specified by the organisers for that age group. What happens then? The Class winner will be the rider who rode the organiser specified route with least marks lost, as it isn’t clear who is the “better” rider on the specified route. I would then anticipate that the Provisional Results would show any rider who rode out of Class (& is thus ineligible for an award if they rode down) as “rode out of class” or to make clear a particular rider “rode up” or “rode down” Again, this is what my Club does.

This route distinction should make clear to a third party looking at the Results that the “age group” marks lost in this instance are not comparing apples with apples, it’s more as if they are comparing apples with pears.

Sorry if all the above seems long winded, it’s jolly difficult to explain things so that they can’t be misinterpreted succinctly.


ps Pete Dury circulated the Centre Champ tables after the Wells & Dist.TC Miller Cup Round but I have still to post them.


Dedicated? Indulge me please. Centre Champs: Wells Miller Cup Trial RESULTS from today, multi Centre & organiser fixture list

Hello all,

Went out to the Miller Cup today (despite having seen the weather forecast), it was very wet, if you were there you know that already. Thank you to who-ever corrected me from thinking “we’re all daft” to “we’re all dedicated”. Two laps of 15 sections with 4 or 5 (?) of them in the wood. Ours No 11 looked difficult on all 3 routes. So it proved the downhill entry with a tight turn up a gripless bank took plenty of marks, the yellow route was i suspect a little easier after that, the Main route took plenty of marks as well, although Kevin Nicholas was very disappointed he was fived early on in the section after he had fought his way to the ends  cards. The Expert & Clubman Expert route took most people for fives, I’d guess there were maybe three to six rides that were recorded as “3’s”. Gareth Talbot & his 4stroke Beta sounded nice & his 2nd lap ride was much improved. Champion Kurt had a couple of dabs on his first ride in the tricky beginning & fived on his 2nd lap. I gather some Sections had to be self observed which is always disappointing for both riders & the organisers, & apologies to you if you were waiting longer than usual to be called in, the rain & the observers cards didn’t get on today so recording your scores was much more difficult than usual. Results will be posted as soon as I have them, but I’m guessing they may not be available until tomorrow

What’s this, a multi Centre & organiser fixture list? Retiring Centre Permit Secretary, Mike Fear has collated & updated his Fixture List – this includes Western & South Western Centre fixtures as well as our own, you can see it here:  Mike fears Master Dates List as at 140118 Whoever follows Mike has a hard act to follow, there is a possible aspirant but until the Centre AGM we shan’t know if someone will take the job on, fingers crossed then.

Indulge me please,

They say never look back, & i haven’t often mentioned the “good old days while I’ve been the Steward of your Gazette, but here’s a picture at the 2017 Scott Trial, it’s the section before Surrender. So there’s no riders you say? No, but look at that bike, its the ultimate aspiration for many of us in the 60’s a Greeves Scottish. Once upon a time, I had one of those!

If you’ve never been to the Scott you should go & watch, it was cracking Section you can see a start card & the exit was a 180degree left just after the very top bit of water you can see. If you’ve never entered the Scott & you’re a youngish Centre Expert do it, you might regret it but you’ll never forget it. It’s one of our ultimate challenges & it’d be nice to think that maybe , just maybe Harry Jefferies will …….

Good to hear Mark & Scott Cameron, Tom Culliford, Victoria Payne & Craig Talbot all have confirmed entries for the SSDT – it’s got to be more difficult than last year hasn’t it? I hope the weather god doesn’t make it 6 days of rain like todays to make up for last years 6 days of sunshine.

See you soon: Frank.

Here we are boys & girls, todays Results

Wells Centre Champ Miller Cup 210118

Congrats to Kurt Brain, winner on 25m/l R/up was Ben Lovelace on 43 & Tom Culliford 3rd with 46, the Clubman Experts was headed by Ian Wakeford on 24, Ant Millar R/up on 27 & Henry Pym was 3rd on 30. So you can see it was very competitive despite the conditions, oh & I should mention that the AB’s rode the white Expert route in our Section. I won’t make any more comment in the interest of getting these Results posted for you all to see.




NSMSC’s EcoAngus T/trial Results, BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown T/trial Regs, Centre Champ Miller Cup Trial is on Sunday

Hello all,

We’ve a few things things to bring you up to speed with,

The results of the NSMSC’s Eco Angus Time Trials held last Sunday are here, & Jerry Walters says

‘Evening Frank,               Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Eco Angus Time Trial, held at Ubley Drove are attached for the website. (Find them here: NSMSC EcoAngus Ttrial results 140118  – Ed)       Although weather conditions were favourable, there was enough moisture in the ground to make the course quite challenging for the 58 strong field. Section 3, a descent into a tight turn followed by a slippery, rutted climb was the biggest mark stealer, but most of the other observed sections were also quite tricky.                        Regards,                         Jerry’

I see that both Andy Frost & Jason Hamblin were riding the Non Trials Class, Andy took the Premier on 21 marks lost (18+3) with Jason R/up on 31m/l (24+7), although in the tricky Section 3 Jason lost 6 & bested Andy’s 9m/l,  as you’ll see neither set fastest time, that went to Tom Smith who lost 80 on observation. The trials class was headed by ‘evergreen’ Paul Manning who lost 33 split 24/9 with a new name to me (?) David Jordan R/up on 24/15. I think we might have an interesting Centre Time Trials Non Trials Machine Championship this year, anyone care to open a book on it? [but remember NSC 3.12.1 !]

The Regs & Entry Form for the BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Time trial on 11th Feb. are here: BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Regs&Entry Form 110218

Finally a reminder that the first Centre Trials Championship Round is on Sunday – the Wells &DTC’s Miller Cup – the Regs have already been posted but ….  again Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Regs 210118 Regs & 2018 Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Trial Entry Form 210118

See you all there I hope: Frank


Todays (07/01/18) Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results

Good evening all,

Theresa has sent over todays Results which are here Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results 070118 for you.

We had thought of popping over to observe but it seemed a very strong cold wind so we decided against it. A quick count made 35? of you, and by the look of it it was not too hard but able to take marks from everyone with the Class winners Richard Fry losing 1 on the Main route & Michael Maslin dropping twice as many (2!) on the alternative route. I’d noticed Paul Hearn rode the Kingswood trial a week or two ago, but he found the 4 laps of eight sections tough by the look of it. Pleased to see some other visitors to the Centre including Lee Wiggins, Bret Harbud, Reynard Norris, and a new name to me, Youth B rider Harry Rayner-Lovejoy and also Steve Usher having a rare outing.


Busy BSSA Results: Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial 27th Dec. (last year!) & 1st Alan Brown Series T/trial 1st Jan. (this year!)

Happy New Year to all,

I hope it will be a successful sporting & personal for all of us in the Motor Cycling World.

One of the last sporting Events of last year was the BSSA Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial held on yesterday week. You can find those Results here: BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results 271217  & you can’t hold Events much earlier in 2018 than on Monday, the first of January when the busy BSSA guys run the 1st of the Alan Brown timed trial Series. The Solo Results are here: BSSA 1st Alan Brown T:trial Solo 010118 BSSA & the Sidecar Results are here: BSSA 1st Alan Brown T:trial S:car 010118

It’s good to see that Wessex Plant Hire (Phil Sparkes) & RT Keedwell Group (Stuart Keedwell) are continuing their sponsorship of ACU National Trials Championships. Both of them are well known riders in the Wessex Centre & we thank both Phil and Stuart & their Companies for supporting the Sport



NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical T/trial Results. Final 2017 Centre Trials Championship Tables.

Good morning all,

Here are Sundays NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical T/trial results: NSMSC Richard Sage T Trial results 171217, & Jerry Walters says “Results of yesterday’s rescheduled North Somerset Club Richard Sage Electrical Time Trial are attached for the website.

The Scars Wood, Lulsgate course was in a much drier condition than it had been 7 days earlier…for the first few laps. However it wasn’t long before the onset of rain started to make the course, and some of the observed sections very challenging.                  Best regards, Jerry”

Editors note, you’ll see a disqualification in the Results, which is unusual! Paul Manning, as Secretary of the Meeting, had to disqualify himself as he’d had machine troubles & changed machines mid event!

The Final 2017 Centre Trials Championship Tables are here: Final Champ Tables 2017  Thanks, as usual, to Pete Dury who makes these happen for us throughout the year

Updated Knut Trophy Results, Congrats to Jon & Matt, Wells ” ‘Mike Cornish’ T/Trial Results” & more NB NSMSC RICHARD SAGE RUNS NEXT SUNDAY. NSMSC Eco Angus T/Trial Regs …

Afternoon all,

We went out to the Knut Trial today, wondered whether we wanted to or ‘ought to’ in the end the vote was yes lets go! Easy enough for us to get there via Langridge Lane where we caught up the Norwegian registered van at the top, just two small fallen trees on the Bradford > Bath A  Kitted up in overtrousers etc before leaving home bearing in mind the forecast snow at 12:00hrs At the start it began around 10:20hrs, although several riders had driven through or around (impassable) snow on their way! Thanks to the band of hardy Observers which included Nipper Allen, Mike & Chris Fear, Gary Scrivens, Andy Jefferies Dean & Colin Hassall, ourselves only until 12:00hrs , thanks to Mark Talbot who relieved us, I expect Theresa Talbot Bob Burt & Colin Noad were as well. Heard the North Somerset Time Trial was cancelled & events over towards Oxford were cancelled as well.

Full wet weather gear was the order of the day as the snow settled but as it was above freezing it became sloppy & gooey mud so grip & throttle control was at a premium in Section 11 where we were. Mark Elms reckoned it was maybe 40 years back when he was a schoolboy riding on Exmoor since he’d last ridden in conditions like today! All 3 routes were doable, but became more difficult while we were still there. Anyway we were back home by 12:30 for coffee from the flask, hot soup and our sandwiches. We’d got the boiler oil leak sorted (new pump – I suspect oil leaking through the bearings – but last night another problem showed up maybe play in the motor bearings as well allowing the fan impeller to chatter on the casing. So when we got back I decided I’d only run it in extreme emergency i.e. sub zero temperatures.

So I’ll sit back & wait for the Results & post them later.

Meanwhile, Congratulations to this years National Sidecar Expert Champions, Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes who clinched it a fortnight ago in the Final Round by winning the final Round. Josh & Luke Golding were 3rd there & 3rd overall in the Championship as well as winning  becoming Southern Experts recently. David Tuck & Joe Newman were 3rd on the day which secured their 3rd place in the Intermediate Sidecar class.

Now for the Wells&DistTC Mike Cornish TTrial 031217 Results which Martin Lawford has sent over with this resume of the day, ”

Apologies this is so late in the week! ( More apologies the Boiler saga has slowed things a bit this week – Ed.)

Please find attached results of last Sunday’s Mike Cornish timed trial at Maesbury Rings.

The event attracted almost a full entry, which certainly made for a busy hr’s riding on a fairly compact course. Charlie Frost came from the back to set standard time and in the process took the non trials class win, but it was Jason Hamblin who took the premier from Pete King and Paul Manning.

The non trials class was hotly contested with Nick Shephard and Nathan Newman keeping Charlie on his toes and the top 6 only separated by 13 marks.

Regards,   Martin

NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical T/Trial will run next week  – Message from Jerry Walters

“Afternoon Frank,

North Somerset MSC were forced to cancel today’s Richard Sage Electrical Time Trial at Scars Wood, Lulsgate, due mainly to a waterlogged parking field.

We’re hoping to run in  a week’s time (Sunday 17th December) at the same venue, weather permitting. All entries will be carried over automatically, unless riders contact Paul Manning to cancel their entry. Entries remain open for anybody who hasn’t entered but would like to ride on the new date.

Best regards   Jerry”

Here are the NSMSC’s Eco Angus T/Trial Regs & Entry form for 14th January: NSMSC Eco Angus T:Trial Regs & Entry Form 140118

Last but not least, I’m confident you will all want to acknowledge the work that Permit Secretary Mike fear has put in for you all since 1980 as our Centre Permit Secretary. That’s 37 years worth, I know that Mike couldn’t have done it for so long without Chris’s help. They also organised the Centre’s Fixture Card. Thank you both.

Bath & West of England Knut Trophy Final Centre Championship Results (added 20:00hrs 10th Dec)

Here they are:  Bath&WoE Knut Trophy Centre Champ Trial Results 101217  Centre Champ Kurt lost 29, but visitor Tom Moss just dropped 16 to take the win. I suspect he diverted to ‘our’ trial as a result of a cancellation? Kevin Hart rode AB losing just 42 with Henry Pym second on 62. A tough day for the B class where Morgan Blacker was best on 99! Charlie Newman was second on 106. The yellow route C class was bested by Sean Donagy on 38, runner up Ian Newcombe parted with 90,. John Roberts was best o40 on 83 with Richard Elliott R/up on 92 Kevin Miller outdid the other o50’s losing 24 and Dai Clothier was R/up on 34 Chris Wrigley pushed Dai hard though & ended up just 1 mark back. Thanks to Janet for looking out for Phyllis when she was struggling back for section 11.  Neither of us recognised rider 21 who was first Expert through 11 with a stylish ride. Now we know it was Tom Moss, with luck we’ll remember him for next time. Section 7 was the most difficult of the day with no Expert cleans, Tom lost 6 here, the best Expert aggregate score and the only AB clean was from Kieran Reeves, who also was best aggregate score on 8. As Theresa says on the Results “blizzard conditions”, so i think the organisers were sensible for abandoning the two sections on the way out to Shackles they are very exposed & would have been very unpleasant for anyone to Observe

Frank   ps Todays Provisional Knut Results amended by Secretary. and posted to website @22:15hrs


Yesterdays NSMSC’s Centre Trials Champs Presidents Trophy Results

Good morning all,

Jerry Walters sent over these Results yesterday, before my bedtime (!) but I was busy getting info about faults & cures with Riello oil burner pump failures. On Saturday morning we found a leak from the pump that needed & needs sorting out. & didn’t check mail before we did go to bed.

Anyway here they are:  NSMSC Presidents Centre Champ Trial Results 261117.xls  We observed Section 1 which proved fairly comfortable for all 3 routes. Our Section only took one “5” all day & that was from an A/B rider. Tony Hewitt riding number 13 had 3 particularly controlled slow rides, most stylish! Tyler Rendall up from Tiverton found it a little more difficult but he wasn’t riding smoothly like Tony, more on & off with the right hand. Good to see Stuart Keedwell out on the Fantic I hope the RT Keedwell Group will be sponsoring the National Championship Events again next year. In the expert Class, Centre this years Champion, Kurt Brain took the premier on 21m/l with last seasons Champion, Ben Skinner R/up on 33 m/l. As we only saw Nipper Allen’s Section 2 apart from our own  I’m not sure how difficult the others were, but talking to Ben after the finish – he was parked next to us – he thought the winner would have lost some 20 – 40. Pretty good assessment eh! Section 7 which only had a Main & Expert variation was the most difficult judging from m/l.

A good event from our perspective with a reasonable entry of 49 but only 2 of the 5 Experts were “Wessex” riders which is a little disappointing. Thanks to all Observers, with just one Section needing an official – Mandy Jefferies, the Secretary of the Meeting – to observe it. As we didn’t see Stuart Robinson I guess he volunteered to observe as Alicia was giving Harry Jefferies some needed competition in the Youth A/B class. What a contrast, Harry must be close to 1.83m (6′ to you pre decimal folk) & Alicia is well, diminutive? It’s good to see three Ladies riding, Alicia, Chloe & Janet Hillier. Victoria Payne wasn’t entered so I suppose she was somewhere else yesterday.

Don’t forget the next Round is the Knut at Bath, Lansdowne, or the BVM test day this Wednesday.



Final 2017 Time Trials Championship Tables, NSMSC Ivan Manning T/Trial Results & Richard Sage Electrical Regs/Entry Forms, Wells & Dist 2018 Centre Trials Champ Miller Cup Regs & Entry Forms

Afternoon all,

Several things for you to peruse this morning, firstly Tony Colman has issued the Final Centre Championship Time Trial Points tables you can find the Trials Class here  2017 Final TT Champs Trials Table   & the NonTrials class here  2017 Final TT Champs NonTrials Table

Tony comments “Hi Frank, attached are the final TT championship tables after all 6 rounds. Andy Frost had the trials class sewn up after 5 rounds so rode the non-trials class in the 6th round (which he won).      As last year it was mainly between him and Jason Hamblin.                    In the non-trials class Tom Smith was a clear championship winner. Regards, Tony Colman”               All your thanks to Tony for being “Master” of the Tables. – Ed.

Secondly, Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the North Somerset MSC’s Ivan Manning Centre Champs. Time Trial which are here,  NSMSC Ivan Manning TTrial Results 191117.xls and says,             ‘Evening Frank,

Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Ivan Manning Trophy Time Trial are attached for the website. As is often the case at the Malthouse Farm, Chelwood venue, the course was physically demanding and the observed sections took a lot of marks from most riders.  Also attached are regs for our next Time Trial; the Richard Sage Electrical Trophy.                 Best regards, Jerry’

Those Regs are here,   NSMSC Richard Sage TTrial Regs & Entry Form for 101217

Don’t forget either that NSMSC are running the Centre Trials Champs Presidents Trophy this Sunday the 26th.

Thirdly, Jerry Cross has forwarded the Regs & Entry Form for the first 2018 Centre Trials Championship Round which the Wells & District Trials Club is running on 21st of January next year. Find the Regs here  Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Regs 210118 Regs  & the Entry Form here,  2018 Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Trial Entry Form 210118

As ever keep those feet up: Frank