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Centre Trials Champs Today’s WWMC Errington Cup Results

Good evening all,

Please find todays Results here:  WWMC Errington Cup Trials Champs Results 081017

What a wonderful October day, bright sunshine, although it doesn’t penetrate through the tree canopy at Becky Addie, the woods were remarkably dry & rode ‘well” all day after the fallen leaves were moved off the line. 4 laps of 10 sections with winner Kurt Brain losing 21, including just one 5 all day – in Phyllis’s section 9 on his first lap, he just stopped for no obvious reason! Current Champion Ben Skinner’s first lap didn’t go well with 4 fives & an eventual 5th place finish on 52m/l. Lee Hassall, easing himself back into things after allowing his recent “repair’ plenty of time to heal properly took a good third place on 41 m/l including 3 5’s on section 3  which was cleaned just the once all day by Kurt. Craig Talbot will be pleased I imagine with his R/up finish on 32m/l 17 of them going in that section 3. Two ladies entered, Becky Cook & Chloe Cross, Becky wasn’t having the best of days, & Chloe took a nasty looking tumble downhill in Phyllis’s section on her last lap after having mastered it on her 3rd lap. Henry Pym headed the AB class for a total of 30m/l Merv Walker dropped 8 to take the o50 class pushing Dai Clothier into 2nd place on 13m/l – Dai fived Phyllis’s section on lap one when the sharp left hand turn exit after the downhill drop was at is most tricky, Merv had sized it up & worked out that he could get the front wheel spindle past the ends cards when out of control if he was willing to hit the tree with his right shoulder. Hurt his shoulder a bit but got the clean & the class win.

A great days sport, all finished by 14:00hrs, all sections observed & there were even some regular Observers spare. Thanks to all riders & officials.


NSMSC Results & Regs available update, next BSSA Centre Time Trial Champs Regs

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Just info in this post!

Here are the Regs for the next  Centre Time Trial Championship Round, the BSSA 4th Alan Brown TtrialChamp Regs 051117 that Jan watkins has sent over, & she says congratulations to Ricky and wife on the birth of their new baby!   (who was spectating at Sundays  Wells Champ Round – Ed.)

A little while back, the Results of the last NSMSC event are here, the NSMSC RT Keedwell T:trial Results 240917.xls & Jerry Walters says  “Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club’s RT Keedwell Transport Time Trial, held at Stanton Wick Lane are attached, where some tight and twisty observed sections and increasingly slippery conditions resulted in a relatively high scoring event.”  Regards – Jerry

The Regs for their next Event, a 90minute chase on the 22nd Oct, can be found (click) here: NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase Regs & Entry Form 221017

Encouraged with 21 entries (Thank you – Ed.) after Wednesday’s post had been delivered WWMC has had a working party out sorting several fallen trees Thanks from West Wilts to the Mendip & Wells members who helped us then & will on Sunday. All known entrants have been contacted re the change of venue – all necessary behind the scenes stuff to keep your sport running!




WWMC – Errington Cup – Change of Venue for Centre Trials Championship Round

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Please note the venue for WWMC’s Errington Cup Centre Championship Trial has had to be changed from Perry’s at Lansdown to Becky Addy Woods at Westwood near Bradford on Avon, it’ll be signed off the B3109 at the Canal Bridge in Bradford on Avon. I think the canal bridge is in or at postcode BA15 2EA, & the venue is in or at postcode BA15 2DT The NGR is ST809598 !



Wells Presidents T/trial Results

G’morning all

Please find Results of yesterdays Wells “President’s Championship Timed Trial.   Wells Presidents Champ T:trial Results 011017  Thanks to the Club for putting on an excellent – but difficult, due to the weather – Championship Event. Thanks to the 24 entrants. It was a most disappointing entry for the organisers who, I understand were very close to cancelling as only a handful of Entries (less than 10) had been 3 days before the event.

Theres another Championship trial on Sunday – the WWMC Errington Cup at Perrys near Bath & I’ll just remind you that the Regs say it will be cancelled if 15 entries haven’t been received by  Wednesdays closing date. No organiser wants to cancel events, but they do want to know that there is support out there for them.

Recent experience in the Centre is that, with a Wednesday closing date, a very similar number of are made on the day, so please at least express your interest in riding to WWMC’s Chris Kelly on 01225​ ​865497.   Diary note for you – WWMC (Chris again!) have arranged a skittles evening at Tuckers Grave on Friday 27th Oct


Apologies to both Bath & WoE, & Wilts Border Clubs as, in a previous post, I noted the Knut Trophy Trial as a Wilts Border event. Brain fade I guess, I did get it right in a later post though!

tbc after apple picking : Frank

Hi all,

We’ve just got back from a fortnight away driving to a Saab rally in Luxembourg & there’s a fair few things to update you all on.

Firstly, a reminder that the Wells Centre Championship Presidents Trophy Time Trial is on this Sunday at Rookham. The Regs are here:- Wells Presidents Champ TT Regs 01117 & the Entry Form is here:- Wells Presidents Champ TTrial Entry 011017

The Centre Trials Championship Calendar has become a bit confused this year with Rounds being cancelled, & replacement Rounds being approved, so following the last Board Meeting, the remaining rounds are

08/10/17    WWMC           Errington Cup
05/11/17    W Border       Autumn Trophy
26/11/17    NSMSC           Presidents Trophy
10/12/17    Bath & WoE   Knut Trophy
Further from the Board Meeting, the Wilts Border Endeavour Trial scheduled for this Saturday is Cancelled.
Mike Fear has given notice that he’s done his last Centre Fixture Card, but will ‘point the way’ & advise as required to his successor – You could Volunteer to do this couldn’t you? Mike has quietly & conscientiously done this for so many years that it was easy to take the Fixture Card for granted. All your thanks to Mike ( & to Chris who I am sure got involved as well
Good News (from my point of view) is that Gareth Talbot, who need no introduction from me, has agreed to take over the Centre web-site with effect from the Centre’s AGM. I gather he is likely to introduce a Centre ‘Facebook’ presence as well, an obvious extension to the service the Centre gives Riders, which I expect will extend the reach & immediacy of  Wessex Centre ACU information – oops the branding now is “Wessex ACU” isn’t it


Championship Trials Regs available -Mendip’s Brockley Cup & West Wilts Errington Cup

Hello all,

We have Entry Forms for the Mendip Vale Brockley Cup & West Wilts Errinton Cup Centre Trials Championship Rounds available for you here: Mendip Centre Champ Brockley Entry 170917 & here, West Wilts Centre Champs Errington Regs & entry 081017

So get those entries in early!


Here’s a few things to note – John Taylor, regs & entry forms results & Franks mutter …

Afternoon all,

Busy sporting week-end away from two wheels – the British F1 Round, 15th Stage of the Tour de France, Wimbledon Mens Final day & other things. But two wheeled News: Martin Bracey has just let me know that John Taylor who was riding in the 60’s passed away this morning. John who began scrambling & went on to Trials & Grass Track, & was useful enough to be a Centre Team Member in both the latter disciplines, John you may be gone but you aren’t forgotten.

Jan Watson has  sent the BSSA Regs for their next Time Trial – the Brian Hudson which is on 10th September, here are the Regs: BSSA Brian HudsonTtrial Regs & Entry Form 100917 so do your bit & get them back to Mac asap!

Jerry Walters has the Results of North Somerset Club’s GMB Garages Trophy Time Trial held at Hanham Mills, Bristol on Wednesday evening. here they are NSMSC GMB GaragesT:trial Results 120717 Jason Hamblin 3,4 took the Premier with Paul Manning R/up 3,18, 3rd was Ricky Hudson 15,8, 4th Pete King 9,14, 5th Fin Davey 9,16, 6th Mark Hamblin 25,6. Best non trials was Andy Frost 26,4, & R/up was Charlie Frost 41,0. So its fairly clear that the non trials machines found it a bit on the nadgery side for their liking.

Now a few random thoughts/observations, Stuart Brown & passenger Joe Millard, a WWMC member are having a good season in the Sidecar Cross GP’s, currently placing 4th after the Lommel, Belgian Round. it’s also good to note that the Irish Sidecar Cross Team for the “of Nations” again includes the all lady Emma Moulds/Niki Adair crew again. Devizes, local Yamaha agent, Richard Stevens was out for a gallop on his replica Honda RC145 replica in the Classic Bike parade at the Hailwood Memorial meeting at Castle Combe last weekend, an interesting little bike – yes I mean almost tiny – was Michael Smedley’s Van Veen Kreidler. I was pleased to have earplugs with me when the 250 MZ was started & ditto for the Honda 6, David Hailwood went out on the dustbin faired 125 MV – it’s a while since they were permitted in racing isn’t it?

See you soon: Frank


North Somerset MSC: Fowlers Trophy T/trial Results for 7th June, Regs & Entry Form for Valley Smokehouse T/trial on 2nd July, West Wilts Tanner Trudge Time Trial Results from 11th July

As promised yesterday,

here are the Results of the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy held on 7th June, about which Jerry Walters says, “The forcast rain failed to materialise resulting in another low scoring event.”  click on NSMSC Fowler Trophy T:trial Results 070617 and

click here for NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T:trial Regs & Entry Form 020717

And here are the full provisional Results for the West Wilts Tanner Trudge Time Trial held yesterday:  Tanner Trudge 2017 Results 11:06:17


WWMC – Provisional Tanner Trudge Results – see below

Hello all,

It’s 20:00hrs & the Provisional Award winners are below. Full Provisional Results will be posted when available (tomorrow morning we hope). We’ve had our dinner, & I need to change to light bulb in the boiler cupboard which has just failed – it’s in a heatproof bulkhead fitting which hasn’t been undone since it was put in by the electricians around 35 years ago, & the glass needs ‘persuading’ to part from it’s gasket with a rubber mallet!

Once again West Wilts MC is indebted to friends  from North Somerset MSC for the help they gave us setting up yesterday & clearing up this afternoon. Without them we would most likely be unable to run.

Our thanks to your 12 observers, who were in no particular order, Chris & Ian Nairn, John & Jeff Ballinger, Bob Burt & Nipper Allen, Tom Gerken & Jon Milne, Paul Broadway & Alan Edwards, and Jeff Hillman & Alan Ford. Thanks also to our own Club members for their efforts & Tim our caterer – find him at Bradfords Builders Merchants in Trowbridge

Farleigh Castle Plate: best trials machine – Ricky Hudson – 6m/l on time, 12m/l on observation

R/up – trials machine – Kyle Banks – 12m/l on time, 6m/l on observation

Tie break  necessary  to separate Ricky & Kyle-  first tie breaker was  fastest time.

1st Class Awards, trials machines, “A” Class: Alex Snow 6m/l on time, 15m/l on observation, Jason Hambln 5m/l on time, 26 m/l on observation. “B” Class, No award, “C” class, Luke Smith 37m/l on time, 75m/l on observation.

Girling Plate: best non trials machines, Charlie Frost: – set standard time, 27m/l on observation

R/up non trials machine, Andy Frost 5m/l on time, 30m/l on observation.

1st Class Awards, non trials machines, Tom Smith 6m/l on time 32m/l on observation, 6 m/l on time, Nathan Newman 10m/l on time, 32 m/l on observation.

All award winners completed 9 laps.

Hope you all had a great day & thank you for your the compliments about the event. Thanks also to the Rain God who knew we’d had enough rain before breakfast & just left us all to it for the rest of the day!

That’s it for the moment.

NSMSC Results & Regs will be posted tomorrow Jerry. – Frank


Wells & District TC – Regs & Entry Form for Lawford T/Trial 18th June

Good evening all,

just got back from Richmondshire, at Mount Pleasant at the opposite end of Feldom Lane to the Scott Trial start field after a weeks holiday with all our family. Jerry Cross has sent over the Regs, here Wells & Dist TC Regs for Lawford TT 180617 & the Entry Form, here Wells &Dist TC Entry form, Lawford TT 180617 for the Wells Club’s Club Restricted Time Trial at Lillypool Cafe on today fortnight, 18th June. So get those entries off early as it’s limited to just 60 riders.

Don’t forget the WWMC Tanner Trudge is today week, the 11th & entries are still available if you call Phyllis Sweeting on the landline. Leave a message if we aren’t in, she’s sorted the 3 queries raised when we were away.

Sounds as if the Kingswood Charity Trial on Bank holiday Monday had some weather much like we had up there the afternoon we arrived, the rain & wind were so strong you couldn’t see out of the windows because they were obscured with water – just like a ship when it’s crashing through the waves in a storm.

Thanks to Nipper for bringing me back this years SSDT programme!