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Trials Championship Tables – updated after Sundays Errington Cup. Regional Trials Licencing Seminar – Swindon November 9th

Hello all,

Pete Dury has updated the Centre Championship Tables for you following the WWMC Errington Cup, & says “It looks like the Championship and most classes are still wide open although Sean Donaghy has run away with the ‘C’ class and cannot be caught now with only 3 rounds left. As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.” Regards: Pete.

You’ll find them here: Centre Champ Tables as at 091017

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that Pete’s latest issue, Roger Johns is missing from the B class Table.  I understand this removal has been/is being discussed on a Facebook page somewhere. As you will all know I don’t do Facebook, but for the avoidance of doubt I will explain why. Another rider queried with the Recorder why Roger was being awarded B class Championship points when he was graded as an A/B rider & so, In accordance with the Championship Rules, the Recorder removed Roger from B class Champ Tables. It’s as simple as that!

Roger has been in touch & asks me to confirm to you that he didn’t intend to create any confusion & disrupt the B class Championship & explains that at the first Round, the Miller Cup, he didn’t want to ride any A class sections after a layoff, so entered as a B class rider knowing the AB’s would have to ride several sections on the A route. It’s as simple as that.

Now, a Regional Trials Licencing Seminar is being arranged at the Swindon Gas Club (Swindon & District MCC Clubhouse) on Thursday 9th November. If you attend & are successfully complete the prior ‘homework’ & assessment on the night. you will be Licenced as a Regional Clerk of the Course & Regional Steward for 2018 – 2020 inclusive. It isn’t restricted to Wessex Centre but is open to all for whom Swindon is a convenient venue. Please get in touch with me asap to indicate you want to come.

Call me on 01225 862506 or mail me at (replace the at with @)


ps Wow, I was told on Sunday you can spend £9,200 on a new Vertigo, maybe that’s why Trial entries are dropping all over the country?



Wells & Dist. TC – Lawford Time Trial 18th June – Results

Evening all,

Phew, the really hot weather has disappeared today, that’s a relief for everyone especially those of us that have to work! Sundays Lawford Time Trial ran in that sort of heat – pretty well 30degrees C.

The eponymous Martin sent over this report saying


Please find attached results of the Lawford Timed Trial from Sunday on what was an exceptionally hot and sweaty slog around Shipham.
Jason Hamblin took the premier on a clean sheet, setting standard timed in the process and Tom Smith was a clear winner in the non trials class with a smaller than usual entry due to many of the regulars preparing for the Welsh.
Regards, Martin”
Don’t forget the Kingswood Club Trial on Sunday out at Ozleworth, or the Swindon & District Clubs’ Swindonian LDT this coming Sunday.                                                                             Frank

BSSA Reg Lewis Trial Postponed, Sad news at Ted’s funeral, Dave Norris RIP. Centre Champs John Stait T/Trial Regs & Entry Form, Swindon’s Corinium Entries open online 20th February

Hello all,

Jan Watkins has just Mailed to say “Hi Frank, Sorry to inform you that the BSSA Reg Lewis Trial has been postponed until further notice. Please let people know  via the web-site. Regards, Jan”

We went to Ted Heather’s Funeral on Tuesday, in a lovely gesture Derek Daniels followed the hearse in on Ted’s last bike, an OSSA MAR which he’s had since Ted sold it to him 13 years back. Although Derek has restored it beautifully, it was only the day before that it had oil put in the gearbox & fuel in the tank. It fired up first kick!

We were impressed, but not at all surprised, that 4 members of the SSDT Committee flew down to attend, it shows how Ted was appreciated ‘up there’: as you would expect many of us ‘older’ Wessex Centre stalwarts were there as was SW Centre VP George Sartin all paying our respects. We don’t think there was vacant seat at the Service.

Sadly, back at Corsham Cricket Club, we heard that Dave Norris, Adams’ Dad has also passed away. So our thoughts are also with Delya, Lee, Jamie & Adam. It doesn’t seem long since Adam was on that TY80 when he & Rob Sartin were two outstanding schoolboy riders.

Jerry Cross has sent over the Centre Timed Trial Championship, John Stait Trophy Regs, & Entry Form. Several months of negotiations with the new Landowner have paid off & it’s going to run at the usual Rookham venue. The Regs are here: Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Regs 190317 & the Entry Form is here: Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Entry Fom 190317

Bodaff reminds me that Swindon & District MCC’s Corinium Enduro Entries will be open on line on Monday!  More details are on the club website or Club Facebook page, or via the Riders//Members – Club Event Entry Tab on the ACU Website

Keep em up: Frank




Wells Miller Cup Trial Results, Officials Licencing: A Cautionary Tale date Change for Swindon Brian Freegard Trial

Good morning all,

Jerry Cross has sent over the Wells Clubs’ Miller Cup Trial Results, despite the dreadful weather it was very obviously a most successful Event, as ~ Jerry says

“Hi Frank, Miller Cup Results attached.

Despite the torrential rain during signing on and the first hour of the event we had a good turn out of 63 riders and some travelled a ways such as Chichester, Luton and Didcot. We had a good mixture of riders, 11 experts, lots of youngsters and 5 girls. Even had an abundance of observers. Have to mark out more sections next year!

A huge thank you is in order to everyone who helped run the event in difficult conditions. [my italics – Ed.]

Regards Jerry”    Revised  Results are here:  Results Miller Cup 030116.xls         & on the RESULTS Page

It’s really good to see a lot of rider input to marking out, & all the Observers acknowledged, it’s also great to see that Riders will come a long way for the event – I guess my earlier comment about Riders waking up, looking at the dreadful weather, & deciding to have a lie in was wrong?

I see that Ben Skinner was R/up Expert – he’s also 2015 Southern Centre Expert Champ by just 2 Champ Points from Brian Francis {January 2016 – The Sporting MotorCyclist}

A Cautionary Tale: Officials Licences, You’ll remember i ran a Trials COC & Stewards Regional Licencing Centre in November? On the 24th actually.

This date was proposed & noted in the September Board Minutes, confirmed in the October Minutes & the Seminar was reported back to the Board & noted in Decembers Minutes. Board Minutes are circulated to all Club Secretaries
The confirmed date was also posted here on the website on 4th October.

So all our Clubs were notified, & it was posted on the website for everyone to see – and it was – as we had delegates based in other Centres attend

Are we all getting a bit slack about these things? I’m aware that some Licence holders whose Licence has just expired didn’t attend, I’m aware that one delegate didn’t Register before attending as requested & I’m aware that 3 delegates Licences haven’t been renewed as they didn’t return the Homework questionnaire.

So, sorry if you had intended to renew your Licence, you’ve missed it!


ps I’m hoping my own Licence will be renewed at the end of this month after I’ve been up to a National Seminar at Rugby.

PPS Last update today! Please note Swindons Brian Freegard Trial will be held on 17th January, and not as per your Fixture Card


Swindon & DMCC – Brian Freegard 1936 – 2015

We pass on this sad news from the Swindon Club
Brian Freegard 1936 – 2015

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Club Member  Brian Freegard who has been a club member since the late fifties. Throughout the years he had been an active member in all the clubs events, be they scrambles, grass track, trials, social and of course Enduro.
Thirty seven years ago, Brian approached Lord Bathurst with the idea of running a motorcycle event in Cirencester Park.  The Corinium Enduro was born. Thanks to Brian’s efforts we are still using the Park for not one but two Enduro.
Brian has been Club President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. He was very involved with Rights of Way and keeping the Ridgeway open to motorcycles.
Outside of motorcycling, Brian was an active member of Purton Historical Society, Purton Museum and Swindon Model Boat Club.
Brian leaves his wife Doreen, daughters Sandra & Helen, son in law Keith and grandsons Liam & Adam.
Brian’s Funeral will be at St Marys Church, Purton on Tuesday 26th May at 10.30 am followed by his internment and then refreshments at The Red House, Purton

NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT Regs available. More from Scotland …

Hi guys,

Here are the Regs & Entry Form for the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy Timed Trial – it’s a Wednesday evening event starting at 19:00hrs. NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT- Wed 170615

Picked up TMX this morning & noted the Stalker Castle picture  –  I took one as well but I think this is a more interesting picture IMG_0435

over the water is Eigg in the foreground & Rum in the background. Friday was a beautiful day that made up for the very wet Tuesday which I think this shot of first timer, Swindon member, Will King shows. Will got in with 3 minutes to spare before he would otherwise have ‘houred out’


Good to see Will & Brett finished the week with a 2nd Class Award, together with David Luff. Becky & Craig Talbot & Fred Adams took 1st Class Awards & first timer Gareth Talbot was about half way up the 2nd Class Awards – a result I would think he is pleased with. Next year we expect Victoria Payne to enter so we hope she will get a ride [& a finish].

I’ve already mentioned Adam’s O40 win, but he was pushed very hard by Dan Hemingway,  & Scott Cameron had a 1st Class. Mark Cameron had to retire with a punctured left hand – fending off a rock at Creag Lundie on Tuesday

Wednesday was a new day for everyone going down to Appin where there were three groups of two subs. We were very disappointed that many vehicles had parked off the road on the pavements & the grass verges & trashed the flowering daffodils. That is exactly the sort of wanton damage that local people [very reasonably] take exception to. I know I was apologising to locals, Phyllis was doing the same before we even talked to each other about it. Other ‘mature’ enthusiasts had been doing the same I found when talking to some more spectators on Saturday. It had also been noted by Ian Murphy one of our ACU Directors & it will, I’m sure, be fed back to the SSDT Committee by SACU Chairman Sandy Mack. The two subs at Big Dar’s Burn I wonder about, as I’m told there was a catcher on hand on the top sub, I know you can argue that the ‘Clubman’ riders won’t even get near it [so it won’t be dangerous for them], but does a six day event need sections of that degree of difficulty to sort out the top ten or twenty riders? I pondered about that.

See you soon: Frank


NSMSC – change of venue for Timed Trial this Sunday, Extra [3rd Route] for Presidents Trial Sunday week. Date change for the Valers Turkey Team Trial

Evening all!

Just had a call from Paul Manning who wants to let you all know that this Sundays RT Keedwell Transport Timed Trial has had to move venue from Stanton Wick Lane [as per the published Regs] to Chelwood. for farming reasons. As always Clubs have to fit in with our landowners plans! So that’s let you know about North Somerset’s Event this weekend.

Now NSMSC want to let everyone know that their Presidents Centre Championship Trial for the weekend after next [ie the 23rd November] will include a ‘C’ route i.e. a third & easiest Route to be ridden by C class riders & 050 class entrants.  The main route will be ridden by B & o40 Classes. The Expert route will be for A Class. AB Class riders will ride a mixture of A & Main Routes. So if you are a novice you shouldn’t find the sections too daunting! See you there?

Rob Pike, on behalf of the Mendip Vale guys wants you all to know the Turkey Team Trial has changed date to Saturday 20th December. Regs are on the Clubs web-site.


Yesterday was nice! Trials Champ Tables Update after Mendips’ Round. My question answered. Regs Available, BSSA hour & a half Glenis Sinclair Timed Trial

Hello all,

what a lovely day yesterday, wall to wall sunshine, very welcome. Thought about popping up to Cirencester Park for Swindon’s Corinium but didn’t, still made porage for breakfast though. Having used rolled oats for ages I’ve got the hang of that, but now another success, milled oats. When we were over in Cambridge we all went to a National Trust pace that has a working water mill, Lode Mill, that was selling the oats they were milling as a demonstration. A different technique  to make the porage {add the milled oats to boiling milk/water rather than bringing the rolled oats/milk/water to a boil} before simmering. Right that’s the cooking advice over.

Looked over the Entry List for the Corinium, quite a number of guys entered had made to trip to Lossiemouth for the disrupted first British Championship Enduro Championship Round. Mrs Smart [Phyllis] said, when I told her the Police pulled everyone in for roadside checks said, just as TMX did, ‘why didn’t they just do that in the paddock before the event? I suppose because on private ground the Police have no jurisdiction over Road Traffic Act infarctions – insurance, Road Fund Licences, size of Licence Plates etc. Of course they could have done that on private land [with permission, I presume?] & explained that appropriate riders would be booked if they ventured onto the public highway? They would have made their point. As it was they caused, as you can imagine, a very significant kerfuffle.

Pete Dury has updated the Trials Champ Tables for you & they are now posted in the usual place. Mendip Vale had got an excellent entry in both quality & number, and Kurt Brain is currently leading the Experts, early days but it could end up very close at the end of the Season.

My question about the Winner, G Chandler, brought the following info from Kevin Hart “FYI, Geoff Chandler unfortunately passed away a good few years ago. He was only in his fifty’s I believe.
His son Gary used to ride Trials, but I’ve not seen him around for a while now.
Guy Chandler is not related in any way. I think he lives Petersfield way. A very steady National rider who competes in the S3 rounds.”

Thanks, Kevin, for putting me right. I must ask why “The Sporting MotorCyclist” doesn’t seem to carry Southern Centre Trials Championship Tables from time to time. I do assume they run a Championship Series.

Jan has also sent across the Regs & Entry Form for the 90 minute Glenis Sinclair Memorial Timed Trial, on 28th April there’s a limit of 60 on the Entry so get your Entry in pdq I suggest

See you soon, oh & it won’t be long before it’s SSDT week although there isn’t a confirmed list of riders yet I think Jerry Cross will be there. I’ll have fingers crossed for a Finish for Jerry after last years enormous disappointment, timing out on the Friday.


Change of Venue: Swindons Klindt Trophy moves to Hannington from Flistridge. Can’t help agreeing with Rappers!

Bodaff has mailed to say that Swindon have had to change the venue for their Club Klindt trial on Feb 17th from Flistridge to Hannington and should go ahead what ever the weather. The recent bad weather has made the car park at Flistridge unusable. for the time being!  Full details are at
Don’t often look at Rappers thoughts but, by the way Mike I’m sure you’ll be fixed by that open heart surgery & back on the bike soon, but  I remember MCN having pictures of DR at the Beggars Roost with loads of snow. Rappers puts his finger on it, elf & safety considerations [back then we didn’t] & the near death of Trials with roadwork so not only are many machines illegal to ride on the public highway if the car has to be abandoned, but also Organisers concern for the landowners whose ground we use for our ‘private land’ trials. Imagine 80 cars/pickups/trailers cutting up his pasture land we just can’t risk it can we? The ‘happy days’ of riding to the trial, riding the trial & riding home again have all but gone.
With all that wisdom from Rappers he’s in danger of becoming a latter day Rafe!
For the future? It’ll be different but I’m sure wheel  no, we’ll yes that’s right, we’ll carry on making sure that the Seventh day creation of motor cycles will still enthuse lots & lots of people!   See you tomorrow at Steve Orams {Wilts Border]?