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Wells & District – Mike Cornish Trophy Time Trial – 3rd December. Franks Holiday snaps

Good morning,

Here are the Regs & Entry Forms for the Wells & District Trials Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial, the Regs, Wells & D Mike Cornish TT Entry Form021217  Wells & D Mike Cornish TTrial Regs021217  , &   Thanks to Jerry Cross for sending them across

Tom Culliford – Mission Accomplished – A Scott Trial Finishers Award at the first attempt  21/10/17

Sam Ludgate – Scott Trial 21/10/17  – Another Finishers Award – He’s already got 8 Silver Spoons in the Trophy Cabinet

Here’s a couple of holiday snaps

The MV would never finish a wet race – If it rained it would end up without sparks!

 & as some of us go back a while, does it look familiar? Yes, war reparations taken up by BSA as the Bantam.

See you soon – Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Centre Championship Trials Round on Sunday maybe?


NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT Regs available. More from Scotland …

Hi guys,

Here are the Regs & Entry Form for the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy Timed Trial – it’s a Wednesday evening event starting at 19:00hrs. NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT- Wed 170615

Picked up TMX this morning & noted the Stalker Castle picture  –  I took one as well but I think this is a more interesting picture IMG_0435

over the water is Eigg in the foreground & Rum in the background. Friday was a beautiful day that made up for the very wet Tuesday which I think this shot of first timer, Swindon member, Will King shows. Will got in with 3 minutes to spare before he would otherwise have ‘houred out’


Good to see Will & Brett finished the week with a 2nd Class Award, together with David Luff. Becky & Craig Talbot & Fred Adams took 1st Class Awards & first timer Gareth Talbot was about half way up the 2nd Class Awards – a result I would think he is pleased with. Next year we expect Victoria Payne to enter so we hope she will get a ride [& a finish].

I’ve already mentioned Adam’s O40 win, but he was pushed very hard by Dan Hemingway,  & Scott Cameron had a 1st Class. Mark Cameron had to retire with a punctured left hand – fending off a rock at Creag Lundie on Tuesday

Wednesday was a new day for everyone going down to Appin where there were three groups of two subs. We were very disappointed that many vehicles had parked off the road on the pavements & the grass verges & trashed the flowering daffodils. That is exactly the sort of wanton damage that local people [very reasonably] take exception to. I know I was apologising to locals, Phyllis was doing the same before we even talked to each other about it. Other ‘mature’ enthusiasts had been doing the same I found when talking to some more spectators on Saturday. It had also been noted by Ian Murphy one of our ACU Directors & it will, I’m sure, be fed back to the SSDT Committee by SACU Chairman Sandy Mack. The two subs at Big Dar’s Burn I wonder about, as I’m told there was a catcher on hand on the top sub, I know you can argue that the ‘Clubman’ riders won’t even get near it [so it won’t be dangerous for them], but does a six day event need sections of that degree of difficulty to sort out the top ten or twenty riders? I pondered about that.

See you soon: Frank


Waiting for todays Traders Results? Here’s current Champ, Gary Marshman in Marys’ Section to keep you amused for the moment. Results now added!!

Here’s the best news of the day, Victoria Payne, as I understand it, has only had a dressing put on her foot. What an accident, she was jumping into Chris Adams Section to inspect & walk it, & jumped onto some buried wire/reinforcing rod? which was part buried & went straight through the sole of her boot & into her foot so that she was impaled onto it. Many thanks to all that helped -especially  Theresa Talbot – & I’m mightily relieved that it doesn’t seem as bad as I feared. Unfortunately the land has been tipped & when there is spring growth in the woods you can’t see things like that.

Anyway here’s Gary with one of his ‘clean’ rides for you to see

Results will be up as soon as I get them  Frank

Here they are! Colin lost 16, Gary 21 & Ben Skinner 46 in the Experts. Click Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Centre Championship Round Results from 8th April 2012  here. For speed I’ve put up the spreadsheet sorted by Grading.

Got home in time to see Tom Booned pedal away with the Paris -Roubaix Spring Classic & Jorge Lorenzo take the Moto GP – a good days two wheeled sport: Frank

Wilts Border Endeavour Trophy Trial Regs – its’s on Sunday!

Wow, you are spoilt for choice, there is a Timed Trial, a Hare & Hounds & a Trial all going on on Sunday coming!

I’ve just received & posted up the Regs for the Endeavour. Start time 10:30 at the Piggeries Stanton St Quinton, my spies tell me that the dry weather means that there will probably be some sections further up the valley than usual!

West Wilts working party today at Farleigh prior to the Hare & Hounds, youngest member was Ben Shutt & Abby’s little Haydn, quite a little cherub & fast asleep.

See you soon: Frank

ps when I’ve a little more time I need to tell you about Frome’s Dinner/Dance, post the North Somerset TT results from last weekend & point you to some video from Kingswood’s Trial & some from a foreign trial starring one of our lady riders, watch this space.

ICTT Photos!

Please find these pictures of our Solo Teams below

ICTT photos 10 & 11/09/11 Lllanfyllin Wessex Team

As usual As long as you have Acrobat Reader on your computer, just click on the link above.

The File sizes have been reduced, so if anyone wants to have the full size file they must email me & I can send them the 14.5Mb pdf’ed document!

Thanks to Adam Colburn for the “Adult Photo” , read that as you wish!

Enjoy: Frank


Stop Press: Video available from Avery Cup Trial

Hi again guys, just another thought & a link to video from yesterday.

While I was doing my lap on foot I noticed Fraser Dickin observing one of the in & out of one of the two ditch sections AND using a camera while the riders were going through. A man who needs corroborative evidence for his observing decisions I wondered. Fraser has uploaded half an hours video & you can watch it here

I noticed Chris Wrigley also had a helmet cam on at the start.


Bath & WoE’s Thank-you’s. Regional T&E LIcencing Seminars.

Knut Trial 2010
First of all can I express, on behalf of the club, our grateful thanks to all our friends who came out in the bitterly cold weather to observe for us. Without your generous support we couldn’t have run the trial.
This year we were blessed with the biggest entry since the Knut went totally off-road, 92 hardy victims,   which was about 30 more than we had planned for. I expect pretty soon into the day a lot of them were wishing they hadn’t bothered, for unfortunately the course proved to be a very difficult ride this year, much harder than anticipated by the organising team. We usually plan to produce a course of the severity roughly equal to an hour at the Scott trial, but this year it was almost like two. For that we are sorry, but you will be glad to hear that there is a complete defence in place, should you need to know, which will explain everything.
Still, looking on the bright side, there were some good things to come out of it all. For instance the car-parking system worked a treat this year, locking everybody in so no-one could leave early, [weren’t Phyllis & I smart? we’d worked that one out – we guessed we wouldn’t be able to leave early when we got too cold – Frank] consequently the number of  retirements were down to a much more reasonable figure. ( less than 10 per-cent )
But what impressed me the most on the day was the great attitude shown by all the little ones who were riding. They rode like heroes, giving everything their best shot. Well done them. [and Linda Ashfords’ pictures in TMX showcased Lewis & his cousin Victoria Payne  – Frank]
Finally I must thank the Team Talbots, Theresa and Mark for all their hard work. By stepping in to run the trial for us they saved it from an early death. Long may they continue, fingers crossed, for without them we’d be in real trouble. Thanks, you made Bob Burt very happy.

Merry Christmas – Nipper

Regional Trials & Enduro CofC/Steward Licencing Seminars for 2011 – 2013 inc Licences

Please note: Frank Sweeting will be running Seminars on January 18th & 25th at Warmley Community Centre, Bristol. start 19:30 hrs prompt. Please be in touch if you need a Licence or to renew your  Licence.