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Hi all,

We’ve just got back from a fortnight away driving to a Saab rally in Luxembourg & there’s a fair few things to update you all on.

Firstly, a reminder that the Wells Centre Championship Presidents Trophy Time Trial is on this Sunday at Rookham. The Regs are here:- Wells Presidents Champ TT Regs 01117 & the Entry Form is here:- Wells Presidents Champ TTrial Entry 011017

The Centre Trials Championship Calendar has become a bit confused this year with Rounds being cancelled, & replacement Rounds being approved, so following the last Board Meeting, the remaining rounds are

08/10/17    WWMC           Errington Cup
05/11/17    W Border       Autumn Trophy
26/11/17    NSMSC           Presidents Trophy
10/12/17    Bath & WoE   Knut Trophy
Further from the Board Meeting, the Wilts Border Endeavour Trial scheduled for this Saturday is Cancelled.
Mike Fear has given notice that he’s done his last Centre Fixture Card, but will ‘point the way’ & advise as required to his successor – You could Volunteer to do this couldn’t you? Mike has quietly & conscientiously done this for so many years that it was easy to take the Fixture Card for granted. All your thanks to Mike ( & to Chris who I am sure got involved as well
Good News (from my point of view) is that Gareth Talbot, who need no introduction from me, has agreed to take over the Centre web-site with effect from the Centre’s AGM. I gather he is likely to introduce a Centre ‘Facebook’ presence as well, an obvious extension to the service the Centre gives Riders, which I expect will extend the reach & immediacy of  Wessex Centre ACU information – oops the branding now is “Wessex ACU” isn’t it


Championship Trials Regs available -Mendip’s Brockley Cup & West Wilts Errington Cup

Hello all,

We have Entry Forms for the Mendip Vale Brockley Cup & West Wilts Errinton Cup Centre Trials Championship Rounds available for you here: Mendip Centre Champ Brockley Entry 170917 & here, West Wilts Centre Champs Errington Regs & entry 081017

So get those entries in early!


NSMSC Tattoo Time T/trial results, Centre Trials Champs – dates of upcoming Rounds

Good morning allIt’s all been a bit busy lately, we had to go up th Doncaster for a couple of days to help out Brother in Law after he’d been discharged from the Infirmary after a near three week stay. still he’s sorted now i hope, so what’s new?

Jerry Walters has sent across the Results of Saturday’s North Somerset Club TattooTime Chase, held at Frys Bottom Lane, Chelwood which are here: NSMSC TattooTime T:trial Results 050817

We’ve also had some enquiries about forthcoming Centre Trials Championship Rounds.  The current situation is that they are as published in the Centre Fixture List with the addition of Mendip Vale’s Brockley Cup on 17th September. So the remaining Rounds for this year are  :17th September Mendip Vale MC&LCC Brockley Cup,                                                                     24th September Kingswood MCC Hawkesbury Cup,                                                                              8th October West Wilts MC,Errington Cup,                                                                                         26th November NSMSC Presidents Trophy & the last Round is on                                                   10th December Wilts Border MC & LCC Knut Trophy.

Gary Scrivens has sent over a Press Release that tells you all you need to know about the additional Round the Valers are running

“The Mendip Vale Club are coming to the rescue of the Wessex Centre Championship and organising a replacement round on 17 September 2017, to replace previous cancelled events, in the Centre. As it is a round of the Wessex Centre Championship it will run under the “no stop” rule, but even if you are not a fan of “no stop”, go along and give it a go, as the Club will be putting a lot of effort into ensuring the sections will suit all the Championship Categories.

The course will be entirely off road and cater for Expert, and Youth Expert on the “A” Route. Clubman, Over 40 and Youth A on the “B” Route. Novice, Over 50, Youth B and Twin Shock on the “Sportsman Route”. The Clubman Expert Course will be a 50/50 A and B routes combination.
Thanks to the assistance of the Frome Club, for the use of the land, the venue will be at Weston Town Farm, Wanstrow, Somerset, signposted from the A361, Shepton Mallet/Frome Road, at Nunney Catch Roundabout. Start time 10.30
Please note, entries close on 13 September, but will be accepted on the day for an additional charge.
Full details for this event are in TMX Regs Available or on the web site                                              
Keep those feet up: Frank
ps don’t you just love those little extra jobs to sort? Last night the microwave timer gave stopped working so we can’t use it – but its an analogue one so there’s the chance that I can sort it


Centre “Jobs” – Gazette Editor, Permit Secretary. Trials Champs – Mendip Vale “Traders Trophy” Results & Updated Trials Champ Tables

Here’s a reminder to all, next years Centre AGM will see vacancies for a Gazette Editor & a Permit Secretary.

The Permit Secretary’s task is clearly defined – you need to receive review & approve Permit applications & the Supplementary Regulations & if satisfactory issue the Permits. The present incumbent – Mike Fear – also  arranges the funding, production & printing of our annual Centre Fixture Card.

The Gazette Editor maintains the Centre website by publishing submitted & commissioned information, comment & reports about the sport & riders in the Centre.

The Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Centre Championship Trial results are available here:   This year the Traders was held on a Saturday, while in recent years  it has usually been  ‘fixed’ in the Centre Calendar on Easter Day. A fairly healthy entry of 53 riders with the 39 finishers doing 3 laps of 15 sections. Expert winner Kurt Brain dropped just 7 in total, 4 of them in Andrea Cottles’ dry section 13, on the top of the valley where he dropped 4 in total finally managing a clean on his third lap! Rivals, Centre Champion & R/up Ben Skinner had just a dab here & 3rd placed Lee Hassall cleaned it each time. Clubman Expert winner, Kevin Hart managed to shed 11 of his total 19m/l here as well, whereas R/up Jon Bees only need a dab in his three visits, so I guess it was quite do-able but you had to get it right! Phyllis Sweetings’ Section 3 down in the slippery valley bottom also took a lot of marks especially in the slick lower part of the climb.

Pete Dury has, as usual, promptly updated his Championship Tables which are available here: 2017 Centre Trials Champs Tables as at 03_04_17


See you soon: Frank

Centre AGM – Changing of the Guard! Date changes. Regs available for ..

Hello all,

The dust has settled on the AGM, & the old guard will be changing. A brief Report follows.

Roll call of Clubs: All affiliated Clubs were represented except BGRC, Frome, Mendip Vale & Wells.    Apologies were tendered & accepted for Alan Brown & Vic Osman of BGRC.  {Editors comment: Mendip haven’t been represented at the AGM at any of the last six, Frome have only been represented for  three of the last six & Wells haven’t been represented at four of the last six. That suggests the Centre is not in “good health”}

The retiring President, Martin Bracey presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Mike Fear, The Chairman, Keith Wooster remarked that new people were needed on the Board  The Hon Secretary echoed the Chaimans remarks. {that’s the third consecutive year he or the Secretary have said that – Ed.} The Hon Treasurer said we had an excess of income over expenditure only because there were no Inter Centre Event Teams to be supported, but the income showed there were fewer riders & fewer events in the Centre.

The Treasurer presented his Financial Report for the year which was discussed & formally accepted. The Gazette Editor presented his Report reviewing his tenure & announced he was standing down at the next AGM Read that Report here: Gazette Editors Report for 2016 070217

All Officials were elected unopposed, & were exactly the same people as last year, except that your new President will be Denys Plaster of NSMSC, outgoing President Martin Bracey becomes an ex officio Vice President, & Bob Burt replaces Denys as our 4th VP.

The Board Meeting followed & the Officers appointed are the same as  last year as well. Mike Fear announced this would stand down as Permit Secretary at the next AGM

So that’s two important positions you, out there in the Centre, have got to take on to keep your sport running {everyone in the room was over 50 years old – as usual – Ed.}

Please note the following date changes/corrections to your Fixture Card: West Wilts James Cup Centre Trials Champ from 19th March to 26th March, Kingswood Abbotside Enduro from 30th July to 23rd July, BSSA Glens Sinclair T/Trial is on 14th not 13th May.

Regs are available for:


Wilts Border Centre Restricted Trial on 5th March here: WBorder Salutation Novice Regs 050317 & WBorder Salutation Novice Entry form 050317

West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on 26th March here: West Wilts JamesCupChampTrial regs & EntryForm26:03:17

Out of Centre: How about a weekend away? there are 22 classes & choice of two courses either with or without roadwork in the Isle of Wight MCC 50th Anniversary Two Day Trial on 22nd & 23rd April. Info & Regs are available here: IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017 & IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417

It’s time to get involved Guys:  Frank



A Message From Old Maler. Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Trial Results. Guy Martin on Live TV this evening.

Good morning all,

We’ve had a letter from Old Maler,

“At last the spring has chased away the long  wet and miserable winter.

Sadly the winter months have seen the demise of several prominent Wessex members,  Ray ‘Buster’ James of West Wilts MC & LCC more recently Christine Bradley’s sidecar passenger to the late Roy, then the oldest surviving member of the old Shepton Mallet Motor Club, John Wellman became a victim of the grim reaper. If there is a heaven, John will now be  at a higher altitude than his Lancaster bomber ever managed.

Even my nemesis Martin Bracey had to take to hospital fare for a while, I hope it was not trivial, He wouldn’t have expected me to say anything less! Hang on in there Brace, there’s not many of us left.  — Old Maler”

Dave, we know you have your own troubles, keep fighting, cos’ old friends think of you: Frank

Here’s a link to Yesterdays Traders Trophy Championship Trial which takes you to The Mendip Vale MCC Website

Just 4 Experts in the Entry & just 2 Expert finishers. Winner Ben Skinner lost 94 in his 3 laps of 15 Sections  & lowest scoring Class winner, Dai Clothier lost 41 so you can tell  that the conditions made it tough! The last shower made it slippier than ever.

Don’t forget Guy Martin on Channel 4 this evening – a live ‘wall of death’ ride.



Use it or Lose it? Mendips Brockley Cup cancelled. West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Trials Champs Regs

Hi riders: Use it or Lose it?

Gary Scrivens has just been in  touch to say

Frank,We have decided to cancel the Mendip Vale trial on 20 September.

“With the ongoing problems of low entries in and around the Centre, the Mendip Vale Club have regrettably decided to cancel their Brockley Cup Trial on 20 September due to several other events also being scheduled for the same day. The Club will be looking at alternative dates  to avoid the clash for next year and the future.”
Regards: Gary
Here is the West Wilts paperwork for the Centre Trials Champs Errington Cup WWMC Errington Cup Regs & Entry Form 111015 which will be at “Perrys’
That’s it for the moment – enjoy the sunshine: Frank

WWMC James Cup Expert Class Result Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Results awaited. Post Updated with both sets of Results 10:00hrs Tuesday

Hi guys,

Post now updated with both the West Wilts James Cup & the Mendip Vale’s Traders Trophy Centre Trials Championship Results [click on the links]

What a lovely day for a Trial! WWMC’s James Cup ran in lovely sunshine, 4 laps 10 sections, a nice flat field to park up in & I suspect an easyish Trial for you all?

Thanks to all riders, & especially Observers, both the Centre stalwarts & the ‘occasionals’ who helped us out on the day. It was nice to see several of you using ‘vouchers’ you had from our previous Events as currency for your Entry Fee.  Thanks also to CofC Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary Phyllis Sweeting.

Preliminary Results of the Expert Class subject to confirmation, when all has been entered into the spreadsheet & checked are, Winner Kurt, R/up Lee, 3rd Ben & 4th Ollie.

Hope to have full Results posted during this evening, well I didn’t manage that [ a different computer caused unexpected difficulties!] but here they are for you now WWMC James Cup Centre Champs Results 060415

I’ve Just seen the Traders Results on Mendip’s web 21:15hrs. To save you effort, I’ve copied them here  Mendip Traders Trophy Results 05:04:15


ps don’t forget the Frome Championship Trial next Sunday at Wanstrow

pps Dai Clothier had a handlebar clamp on his Beta snap at the Traders, he managed to get a spare to ride the James Cup on Monday at West Wilts, but my message is to check yours. is there a design fault? Dai’s clamp has a single bolt & a steel pivot pin. The fracture was straight across at the pinhole in the clamp. You don’t need me to explain the consequences of a failure during competition. Talk to Dai or Roger Brain for more info.

Easters Centre Championship Trials, British Trials Championships Roundup

Trials Championships:

Wessex Centre: its a busy time for Centre Clubs, “   As TMX’s TrialsTorque said a couple of weeks ago, It’s a busy Easter for Wessex Centre Championship Trials, with a “Trinity Of Trials” week” beginning on Easter Day. with Mendip’s Traders Trophy.

Next day, West Wilts  are running their James Cup Trial at Beckie Addie Woods, Westwood on Easter Monday. In the past three or four years this Event has had to contend with bad weather & date clashes with other Events. So this  year the Club has changed it’s date to Easter Monday, decided the Event will run “come what may” and that as long as you have phoned Secretary Phyllis Sweeting no later than Good Friday 3rd April you won’t be surcharged for a late entry. That will help experienced CofC, Brian Shuttleworth & his team, as they mark out on the Saturday. WWMC Club members will be over at at Mendip Vale’s Traders Trophy Trial at Frys Bottom, Chelwood helping out on Easter Day & as always volunteers to Observe will be welcomed at all three events especially at the third of the “Trinity of Trials”, the Frome “Wyndham Haines” Trophy Trial on Sunday April 12th at Weston Town Farm Wanstrow. We hope you’ll “keep your feet up” & enjoy all three Trials!   “

British Championship Trials: I thought about going over to Seymours Arena for the first of the Ladies Championships, but it sounds as if it was rather cold so I’m glad I didn’t go, I looked on Google maps & it doesn’t look as if its the most picturesque venue so that was another reason not to go. Results continued where they left off last Season with Emma Bristow taking the win from Becky Cook. Donna Fox was third & Victoria Payne having her first ride in the Adult Championships finding it very demanding judging by the scores. Good to see Chloe Cross &  Izzy Saunders riding in Support classes & Hanna Vesterinen also. Alicia Robinson was a close 2nd in Girls B class & sister Leah won her non Championship Class.

Last weekend saw Centre Champ Kurt Brain start his British Championship adventure with a 15th at Hook Woods & 11th at Butser Lime Works. Lee Hassall & Fred Adams were also riding & we hope to bring you Roger Brains Report on both Events shortly.

The Sidecar Champs have had double headers in the Island & down in Devon/Cornwall. Jon & Matt are 4th at the moment [they didn’t do the first island Round], Josh & Luke were 3rd in the off road Round in Cornwall, behind Jon & Matt who were 2nd. David Tuck/Luke Golding are 2nd in B class with Andy Scrivens/Jana Goodman 3rd. Title Sponsor Phil Sparkes & Joe Newman are 3rd in C Class with Mark Watmore/Martin Lawford 2nd. Luke is having a busy time not only passengering for Josh but also other drivers who need ballast on a one off basis. Still being driven round each Section twice by a different driver as in Cornwall might be an advantage for the second driver? What do you think?

I should of course have mentioned earlier that Tom Culliford who was also across at Hook Woods & down at Butser over the Weekend, Tom was 6th at Hook Woods, & aced that on Sunday with a Podium taking 3rd place behind Toby Martin & Jack Peace in the Youth A British Championship Class.

Good luck to all local runners in their future Championship Endeavours.




Mendip Traders Trophy Trial – Results – Kurt won! Next Championship Round – West Wilts 18th May

Results of the Mendip Traders have been posted on the Club website, click here Mendip traders 200414   As I guessed Champion Kurt Brain took the premier on 23 m/l. Although results don’t show laps separately, Kurt parted with 5’s on both laps at 19, observed by Colin Hassall, which on the first lap looked fairly innocuous, being along & across a rooted gulley, with the expert deviation over a stump, the rain made it a totally gripless proposition later on, & I presume either Kurt dropped a ‘silly’ five [missed a marker?] or was at the back of the field. Best effort here was Ben Skinners single dab. Event R/up was an expert I don’t recognise, J Tarrant, on 34 with Ben 3rd on 41. Although I didn’t see him, it was good that Paul Hearn came back down to have a ride [as a novice] – a change from his first choice competition of Enduro.

Don’t forget the next Round of the Champs is the West Wilts James Cup on 18th May, & Phyllis is taking entries now.