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Centre AGM – Changing of the Guard! Date changes. Regs available for ..

Hello all,

The dust has settled on the AGM, & the old guard will be changing. A brief Report follows.

Roll call of Clubs: All affiliated Clubs were represented except BGRC, Frome, Mendip Vale & Wells.    Apologies were tendered & accepted for Alan Brown & Vic Osman of BGRC.  {Editors comment: Mendip haven’t been represented at the AGM at any of the last six, Frome have only been represented for  three of the last six & Wells haven’t been represented at four of the last six. That suggests the Centre is not in “good health”}

The retiring President, Martin Bracey presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Mike Fear, The Chairman, Keith Wooster remarked that new people were needed on the Board  The Hon Secretary echoed the Chaimans remarks. {that’s the third consecutive year he or the Secretary have said that – Ed.} The Hon Treasurer said we had an excess of income over expenditure only because there were no Inter Centre Event Teams to be supported, but the income showed there were fewer riders & fewer events in the Centre.

The Treasurer presented his Financial Report for the year which was discussed & formally accepted. The Gazette Editor presented his Report reviewing his tenure & announced he was standing down at the next AGM Read that Report here: Gazette Editors Report for 2016 070217

All Officials were elected unopposed, & were exactly the same people as last year, except that your new President will be Denys Plaster of NSMSC, outgoing President Martin Bracey becomes an ex officio Vice President, & Bob Burt replaces Denys as our 4th VP.

The Board Meeting followed & the Officers appointed are the same as  last year as well. Mike Fear announced this would stand down as Permit Secretary at the next AGM

So that’s two important positions you, out there in the Centre, have got to take on to keep your sport running {everyone in the room was over 50 years old – as usual – Ed.}

Please note the following date changes/corrections to your Fixture Card: West Wilts James Cup Centre Trials Champ from 19th March to 26th March, Kingswood Abbotside Enduro from 30th July to 23rd July, BSSA Glens Sinclair T/Trial is on 14th not 13th May.

Regs are available for:


Wilts Border Centre Restricted Trial on 5th March here: WBorder Salutation Novice Regs 050317 & WBorder Salutation Novice Entry form 050317

West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on 26th March here: West Wilts JamesCupChampTrial regs & EntryForm26:03:17

Out of Centre: How about a weekend away? there are 22 classes & choice of two courses either with or without roadwork in the Isle of Wight MCC 50th Anniversary Two Day Trial on 22nd & 23rd April. Info & Regs are available here: IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017 & IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417

It’s time to get involved Guys:  Frank



Frome’s Ron Jefferies Centre Champ Trial Cancelled. Reeth 3 Day & Scott Trials

Hi all,

You’ve probably noticed the “Ron Jefferies’ Trial hasn’t shown in TMX’s Regs available?

I can confirm it is cancelled.

I heard Ian Fortune had been up to Reeth for the 3 days, Quickly scanning the Results this morning, it looks as if he would have enjoyed himself on the easier Route, well up the leader board. I didn’t notice any other Centre riders in the Results although Becky Cook was riding the hard route. It’ll soon be Scott Trial time & I’ve just noticed Entries are open until tomorrow, 10th September.

Have any Centre Riders entered I wonder, if you have we’ll see you there.


BSSA 4th Alan Brown Regs. Frome Moto-X. SSDT ….

Hi all,

First off the 4th Alan Brown TT Regs for here for you:  BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Regs & Entry Form 070615 Thanks Jan.

Went over to Asham Woods last Sunday, & helped Mary on the Gate at the Frome Clubs British Sidecar Champs First Round, it’s quite a while since I’ve been taking money at an Event, & I guess I’d forgotten that you catch up with a lot of people you perhaps you don’t see very often. I chatted with Martin Strang, Adam Colbourne, Stuart Penney [who I’m really pleased to say looked really fit after that horrendous crash], Steve Bather, a secondhand James Ovens  [courtesy a crash at a Belgian even last weekend, a lower leg injury just plastered over there & waiting for an Op here], Richard & Dawn Elliot & others. I think we managed to keep the queues moving well enough so that the main road was kept clear. The Saturday night rain did enough to keep the circuit rideable but without dust. Dan & Joe Millard had two seconds to Stuart Brown/Josh Chamberlain, & in the 3rd race were closing in on 2nd position to Brown/Chamberlain again when the motor seized. My understanding is that Richard Jenkins may sit things out this year {?} now passenger Josh Hayns is injured – that’s a shame if he does.

SSDT: The start isn’t far off now, we hope all our Centre Riders have a good week with the good luck that everyone needs some of: in start order they are David Luff, Brett King, Becky Cook & Craig Talbot, Gareth Talbot, Fred Adams, Mark & Scott Cameron, Adam Norris. The same goes for all the other riders that we see from time to time riding in our Centre.



Todays Frome Championship Trial Results

Hello all,

A tough day at Wanstrow, 4 laps of 12 Sections, you certainly got your moneys worth. Judging from the number of you that made time to chat with me, partly to get your breath back I know, it was a tiring Trial & the Results show it needed plenty of lusty legwork. Good to see former Centre Champion Colin Crease out for a ride & pushing Current Centre Champion Kurt Brain for the overall. I was on Section 5 & Colin went clean, clean, one, one, all good rides with lots of attack to get back up a slippery slimy bank of the stream. Kurt went five, five, clean, clean & the two cleans were very neat controlled rides, Colins first one was an out of control magic recovery after getting up that bank.

With all riders starting at the first Section, I was able to do something I’ve never had to do before, I moved one blue flag 18″ left so that there was a line opened up that allowed all, but especially the non expert main route riders to avoid a drop off from the undercut stream Bank, which had worried several riders, two of whom had ‘tucked under’ & gone over the bars head first.

Click here for todays Results   Frome Wyndham Haines 120415

I think but I’m not certain that all the Sections had Observers, so thanks to Colin Hassall, Nipper Allen, Mandy Jeffries, John Ball, Linda Ashford, Tom & Mary, & Phyllis & Frank & probably 3 others who I’m not certain of. That’s good as at the last two Championship Trials, the Traders where I was Steward & again did something I’d never done before, which was to Observe even though I was Steward, & the James Cup where again the Centre Steward, Bob Burt, Observed. This is a plea & reminder to riders to bring an Observer, the Centre Steward is appointed for an overview of the Trial, that overview is compromised if the Organisers need to ask him or her to Observe. We all know that you riders don’t actually like having to self observe, & we all know that you don’t always with the Observers decision, but at the end of the day you riders know that the recorded scores are unbiased , & that is very important.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Frome’s event see you in Scotland? Good fortune to all Wessex & adjoining Centre Riders.



Easters Centre Championship Trials, British Trials Championships Roundup

Trials Championships:

Wessex Centre: its a busy time for Centre Clubs, “   As TMX’s TrialsTorque said a couple of weeks ago, It’s a busy Easter for Wessex Centre Championship Trials, with a “Trinity Of Trials” week” beginning on Easter Day. with Mendip’s Traders Trophy.

Next day, West Wilts  are running their James Cup Trial at Beckie Addie Woods, Westwood on Easter Monday. In the past three or four years this Event has had to contend with bad weather & date clashes with other Events. So this  year the Club has changed it’s date to Easter Monday, decided the Event will run “come what may” and that as long as you have phoned Secretary Phyllis Sweeting no later than Good Friday 3rd April you won’t be surcharged for a late entry. That will help experienced CofC, Brian Shuttleworth & his team, as they mark out on the Saturday. WWMC Club members will be over at at Mendip Vale’s Traders Trophy Trial at Frys Bottom, Chelwood helping out on Easter Day & as always volunteers to Observe will be welcomed at all three events especially at the third of the “Trinity of Trials”, the Frome “Wyndham Haines” Trophy Trial on Sunday April 12th at Weston Town Farm Wanstrow. We hope you’ll “keep your feet up” & enjoy all three Trials!   “

British Championship Trials: I thought about going over to Seymours Arena for the first of the Ladies Championships, but it sounds as if it was rather cold so I’m glad I didn’t go, I looked on Google maps & it doesn’t look as if its the most picturesque venue so that was another reason not to go. Results continued where they left off last Season with Emma Bristow taking the win from Becky Cook. Donna Fox was third & Victoria Payne having her first ride in the Adult Championships finding it very demanding judging by the scores. Good to see Chloe Cross &  Izzy Saunders riding in Support classes & Hanna Vesterinen also. Alicia Robinson was a close 2nd in Girls B class & sister Leah won her non Championship Class.

Last weekend saw Centre Champ Kurt Brain start his British Championship adventure with a 15th at Hook Woods & 11th at Butser Lime Works. Lee Hassall & Fred Adams were also riding & we hope to bring you Roger Brains Report on both Events shortly.

The Sidecar Champs have had double headers in the Island & down in Devon/Cornwall. Jon & Matt are 4th at the moment [they didn’t do the first island Round], Josh & Luke were 3rd in the off road Round in Cornwall, behind Jon & Matt who were 2nd. David Tuck/Luke Golding are 2nd in B class with Andy Scrivens/Jana Goodman 3rd. Title Sponsor Phil Sparkes & Joe Newman are 3rd in C Class with Mark Watmore/Martin Lawford 2nd. Luke is having a busy time not only passengering for Josh but also other drivers who need ballast on a one off basis. Still being driven round each Section twice by a different driver as in Cornwall might be an advantage for the second driver? What do you think?

I should of course have mentioned earlier that Tom Culliford who was also across at Hook Woods & down at Butser over the Weekend, Tom was 6th at Hook Woods, & aced that on Sunday with a Podium taking 3rd place behind Toby Martin & Jack Peace in the Youth A British Championship Class.

Good luck to all local runners in their future Championship Endeavours.




Mike Cornish’s Funeral detail. Wells John Stait Centre Champs TTrial Regs. Centre Trials Championship Tables & advance info.

Hello again,

Jerry Cross has passed on this message from Lee Cornish:

“Mike’s Funeral will be held at Wookey Hole Church on March 6th at 12.30pm. Lee also says that anyone who knew Mike well should get there early, as it’s a small church.  After the Service, there will be a get-together at Wells Football Club.”

Jerry has also sent the Regs Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Regs – 220315  & Entry Form Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Entry Form for 220315 for the eponymous Wells Centre Championships Timed Trial.

Pete Dury has updated?, no perhaps its compiled the Centre Trials Championship Points Table after the First [Kingswood] Round   2015 Centre Champ Tables as at 23:02:15  & he says


Championship positions after the first round attached.

There are 4 new classes in the championship this year – a Twinshock Class and 3 Youth Classes, Expert, A and B. There must be minimum of 3 competitors in each class for points to be awarded.

Although only one rider completed the course in the Twinshock class, three riders started so the winner of the class does get the points.

However, there were no entries in the Youth A class and only one entry in the Youth Expert and Youth B classes –  so no points were awarded in any of these classes.

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.

Cheers:   Pete Dury”

For everyones information, as you will have seen from the Centre Fixture card the next Trials Championship Round is Mendip Vales Traders on Easter Sunday, West Wilts are hoping to run The James Cup Trial at Becky addy Woods on Easter Monday as a Centre Championship Round, subject to the necessary Permissions, so the first two weeks of April may well have 3 Championship Rounds in 8 days! as the Frome Clubs Wyndham Haines Champ Trial is on the 12th April.

WWMC are also hopeful that things might fall into place to run a Saturday evening Timed Trial, a  Tanner Trudge, & a Sunday Hare & Hounds at Naish Hill in mid June, so watch this space!

One confirmed Event is BGRC’s British Clubmans Championship Grass Track which will be on Sunday 24th of May, lets hope the new track gives a good days racing without too much dust


Todays Avery Cup Trial – Results . More on John Surtees

Hi guys,

we went out the the Avery today, anticipating it was going to be cold we volunteered to just observe one Section between us, so that we could move about & keep a bit warmer than if both of had a Section to do. We were lucky we had Section 7 in the quarry which was out of the wind & rode comfortably on the first lap, seemingly with lots of grip, then a few spots of rain during lap two then came a bit more rain & by the end of lap three it became more or less continuous. So grip became much harder to find & by the end it would be fair to say that it had disappeared for pretty well all of the entry! You know, open the throttle, engine note rises a bit but you don’t go forwards, the back wheel just spins up more! Centre Champion, Kurt Brain, had a wedding to get to at, I think half past one in Stroud, so didn’t have time to waste & had four good rides on our Section, I guess the scorecard will show he was best Expert in it. I’ll post the Results as soon as I have them, hopefully later this evening.

Kingswood Avery Cup Centre Champs Results 210215

Looking back a couple of days, as you would expect, many people attended Jim Webb’s funeral from our own & neighbouring Centres, and from the Sidecar-Cross fraternity, I must mention that Steve Baughan has been a tower of strength to Ve during the difficult times she has had since Jim became unwell & that support continued at the funeral, & I’m sure will continue in future. Thanks Steve.

You’ll recall I mentioned John Surtees three or four weeks ago? Richard Elliot got in touch afterwards to say that his dad had a copy of the 1946 ‘History of Farleigh Castle which has a picture of Jack Surtees & a young lad not in racing kit, Richard & Dawn wrote to the John Surtees Foundation enclosing a copy photo to ask if it was indeed, John. They had a reply from John himself confirming that it was him. How lovely of the man.



Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Centre Champs Results. Royalty Observers. Lady Shutt

Hello all,

A good day at Frys Bottom,, please find the Results here Frome Selwood&Bradley Cup or on the appropriate Page.

Royalty Observers? Well yes, Phyllis was asked to do Section 1 at the far end of the Course just inside the padlocked gate, so we drove down & were able to undo the padlock & drive in. Luxury! It would even have been nearly possible to observe sitting in the car! As I was Steward I had to walk the course, 4 laps of 10 Sections, & as Riders will know it was pretty slippy between Sections, after I got to Section 10 manned by Dave Best [who is still waiting for a replacement gear selector fork] I walked up the field & back to Section 1 on the road!

Thanks on everyones behalf to Jon Bees & Jerry Cross who laid out most of the Sections, & of course to the Observers, Phyllis, Bob Burt, Nipper Allen, Mark Talbot, Gary Marshman, Dave Best & some others whose names I don’t know, sorry about that. Tom & Mary ‘shared’ I think Section 9 from time to time. Section 5 which had a step in it was missed out by the C class, but they had a specially for them different section 5 laid out. Good thinking from the Section plotters.

Mary had the Results done & over to me before 18:30hrs, & its my Dinner in 10 minutes, so more follows after dinner but I’ll post these for you now.

Check back later & see if I’ve been able to find Southern Experts Results – just before bedtime Results are on Trials Central. Solo Winner Sam Haslam on 27, R/up Sam Connor on 34 & Alexz Wigg 3rd on 37.

Lowest Class winning score of the day was 6 from Dai Clothier, Ollie Humphris who ran out best Expert averaged just under 2 a Section so you know it was a tough day. AB class winner was Trevor Ashford on 58 – so that’s just under 1 & a half marks lost a Section, & the competition was close Trevor on 58, Rob Scott 65, Triss Ball 66 & Rod Broom & Gareth Talbot both on 69

Lady Shutt? We’re pleased to say that Ian & Jody Shuttleworth are the parents of Lotte Jean who weighed in at 6lbs 4oz last Wednesday afternoon, which was great timing as they weren’t interrupted during the West Wilts Workers Dinner the evening before.  All those fingers crossed that Jody wouldn’t have to rush off without all her dinner must have worked. it’s a second Granddaugher for Brian Shutt, and both Jody & Lotte are doing well.

Our sympathies go out to Pete Dury – who collates the Centre Champ Tables for you – whose Mum passed away last Thursday.

Next week it’s the final Championship Round, the Knut Trophy, fingers crossed for decent weather beforehand so that parking is easy, so we hope to see you all there. If you haven’t entered yet it could be a good idea.

I hope to have a Report from Roger Brain on the Southern Experts tomorrow, but it’s been a real test of skill & bravery with Fred Adams having a mega off – no lasting injury fortunately AFAIK


ps I’ll have Regs & Entry Forms for the Wells Clubs Miller Cup Trial on 4th January posted for you all tomorrow