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facebook, new Centre website, more mutterings!

Hi all,

the “new” Centre website can be found at:

many of you are aware I don’t do Facebook. I’ve now found out why I don’t, this apocryphal tale is, I understand, appearing in many places on the internet, I came across it in a Saab related website.

Before I do that though, here’s a few little sporting snippets. SSDT News, Adam Norris has an Entry, so does Tom Culliford, a lot of foreign entries too. We chose not to go & observe Kingswood’s Avery Cup Centre Championship Trial yesterday week, we’d had the East wind blowing  across our garden the day before & decided then that it wouldn’t be smart to go out on Sunday & stand around on cold ground  in a a sub zero temperature (taking the wind chill into account). I’m delighted that all Sections had Observers, hats off to them all. Kurt has carried on winning & could well manage to defend both his Centre Trials Championships when the final Points Tables are published.

The weather is affecting events as you know, Wilts Border cancelled their Trial last Sunday as was the opening Round of the Wessex Plant Hire British Sidecar Trials Championship (down on Dartmoor?). The BSSA Reg Lewis Trial on Sunday 11th March is already cancelled

And now “A seniors perspective of Facebook

For those of my generation who do not, and cannot, comprehend why Facebook exists I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles.
Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before, what I will do later and with whom.
I give them pictures of my family, of me gardening, taking things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks, driving around town, having lunch, and doing what anybody and everybody does every day.
I also listen to their conversations, give them the ‘thumbs up’ and tell them I like them.
And it works just like Facebook!   I already have four people following me:

Two police officers, a private investigator and a psychiatrist.”

Well it made us both laugh, & I’m happy not to leave footprints in the worlds server farms for others to track down. I wonder how many of us have given away or told the world where our two wheeled pride & joy is stored without thinking? I had this conversation about thieves, theft& facebook with someone who wanted to renew their Competition Licence just this morning.


NSMSC’s EcoAngus T/trial Results, BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown T/trial Regs, Centre Champ Miller Cup Trial is on Sunday

Hello all,

We’ve a few things things to bring you up to speed with,

The results of the NSMSC’s Eco Angus Time Trials held last Sunday are here, & Jerry Walters says

‘Evening Frank,               Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Eco Angus Time Trial, held at Ubley Drove are attached for the website. (Find them here: NSMSC EcoAngus Ttrial results 140118  – Ed)       Although weather conditions were favourable, there was enough moisture in the ground to make the course quite challenging for the 58 strong field. Section 3, a descent into a tight turn followed by a slippery, rutted climb was the biggest mark stealer, but most of the other observed sections were also quite tricky.                        Regards,                         Jerry’

I see that both Andy Frost & Jason Hamblin were riding the Non Trials Class, Andy took the Premier on 21 marks lost (18+3) with Jason R/up on 31m/l (24+7), although in the tricky Section 3 Jason lost 6 & bested Andy’s 9m/l,  as you’ll see neither set fastest time, that went to Tom Smith who lost 80 on observation. The trials class was headed by ‘evergreen’ Paul Manning who lost 33 split 24/9 with a new name to me (?) David Jordan R/up on 24/15. I think we might have an interesting Centre Time Trials Non Trials Machine Championship this year, anyone care to open a book on it? [but remember NSC 3.12.1 !]

The Regs & Entry Form for the BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Time trial on 11th Feb. are here: BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Regs&Entry Form 110218

Finally a reminder that the first Centre Trials Championship Round is on Sunday – the Wells &DTC’s Miller Cup – the Regs have already been posted but ….  again Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Regs 210118 Regs & 2018 Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Trial Entry Form 210118

See you all there I hope: Frank


Busy BSSA Results: Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial 27th Dec. (last year!) & 1st Alan Brown Series T/trial 1st Jan. (this year!)

Happy New Year to all,

I hope it will be a successful sporting & personal for all of us in the Motor Cycling World.

One of the last sporting Events of last year was the BSSA Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial held on yesterday week. You can find those Results here: BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results 271217  & you can’t hold Events much earlier in 2018 than on Monday, the first of January when the busy BSSA guys run the 1st of the Alan Brown timed trial Series. The Solo Results are here: BSSA 1st Alan Brown T:trial Solo 010118 BSSA & the Sidecar Results are here: BSSA 1st Alan Brown T:trial S:car 010118

It’s good to see that Wessex Plant Hire (Phil Sparkes) & RT Keedwell Group (Stuart Keedwell) are continuing their sponsorship of ACU National Trials Championships. Both of them are well known riders in the Wessex Centre & we thank both Phil and Stuart & their Companies for supporting the Sport



BSSA: $th Alan Brown T/trial Results & Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial (27th Dec) Regs & Entry Form

Hi all,

Please find the Results of the BSSA Centre Timed Trial Champ. 4th Alan Brown here, BSSA 4th Alan Brown TTrial Results 051117  , 12 laps for the quick boys I see, & Andy Frost back to winning ways being clean in the Sections, with R/up Jason Hamblin losing just 4 on time & clean as well. A little bit more difficult for the Non Trials class with best in class, Nathan Newman being clean only in Section 3 & losing 10 on time.  The Regs for BSSA’s next Event, the post Christmas Phil Sparkes non expert Trial are here, BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Regs&Entry 271217


Here’s a few things to note – John Taylor, regs & entry forms results & Franks mutter …

Afternoon all,

Busy sporting week-end away from two wheels – the British F1 Round, 15th Stage of the Tour de France, Wimbledon Mens Final day & other things. But two wheeled News: Martin Bracey has just let me know that John Taylor who was riding in the 60’s passed away this morning. John who began scrambling & went on to Trials & Grass Track, & was useful enough to be a Centre Team Member in both the latter disciplines, John you may be gone but you aren’t forgotten.

Jan Watson has  sent the BSSA Regs for their next Time Trial – the Brian Hudson which is on 10th September, here are the Regs: BSSA Brian HudsonTtrial Regs & Entry Form 100917 so do your bit & get them back to Mac asap!

Jerry Walters has the Results of North Somerset Club’s GMB Garages Trophy Time Trial held at Hanham Mills, Bristol on Wednesday evening. here they are NSMSC GMB GaragesT:trial Results 120717 Jason Hamblin 3,4 took the Premier with Paul Manning R/up 3,18, 3rd was Ricky Hudson 15,8, 4th Pete King 9,14, 5th Fin Davey 9,16, 6th Mark Hamblin 25,6. Best non trials was Andy Frost 26,4, & R/up was Charlie Frost 41,0. So its fairly clear that the non trials machines found it a bit on the nadgery side for their liking.

Now a few random thoughts/observations, Stuart Brown & passenger Joe Millard, a WWMC member are having a good season in the Sidecar Cross GP’s, currently placing 4th after the Lommel, Belgian Round. it’s also good to note that the Irish Sidecar Cross Team for the “of Nations” again includes the all lady Emma Moulds/Niki Adair crew again. Devizes, local Yamaha agent, Richard Stevens was out for a gallop on his replica Honda RC145 replica in the Classic Bike parade at the Hailwood Memorial meeting at Castle Combe last weekend, an interesting little bike – yes I mean almost tiny – was Michael Smedley’s Van Veen Kreidler. I was pleased to have earplugs with me when the 250 MZ was started & ditto for the Honda 6, David Hailwood went out on the dustbin faired 125 MV – it’s a while since they were permitted in racing isn’t it?

See you soon: Frank


BSSA Glenis Sinclair Time Trial Results, Trophy hunters beware

Hello all,

Here are the results of BSSA’s Time Trial held last Saturday:  BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial T:Trial Results 140517  Jason Hamblin took the Premier Award  with 11 laps, no marks lost in Sections & setting standard time. Tom Smith was best Non Trials losing just two on time but 27 in Sections including 12 in Section 5 which was clearly the one that caused most trouble.

A word of caution for the curious, see:  the tigress returns Chris & Janet are selling their house in France & coming back home to live. So Trophy hunters please note.

See you soon: Frank




BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Centre Champs T/Trial Results for 23rd April

Hello again,

please find the BSSA Centre Time Trial Champs 3rd Alan Brown event results here:  BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Champ T:Trial results 230417xls

Andy Frost took the Premier Award from R/up Jason Hamblin, with Andy setting standard time & coping a little better on observation in the difficult Section 6 which took Andy for 17 in their 8 laps & Jason for 22. Jason lost 4 marks on time to Andy & they both lost a three in section 5. In the non Trials class Tom Smith came out best, losing 74 in  the Sections & just 2 on time, although R/up Ben Sinclair was even quicker over the ground than Tom with no time penalties but with 94 lost in the Sections.

Ian Fortune was getting in some practice for the SSDT, but only managed 4 laps before having a back problem & retiring! Not the preparation you need for 6 long days in the Highlands, but we hear that he’ll be ok for the start.


BSSA 90 Minute Time Trial – Regs for 14th May, cancelling Events, Isle of Wight 2Day Trial Reminder, It’ll soon be the SSDT.

Good – Friday – Morning

Regs are available for the BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial & Eco Angus Trophy 90 min Time Trial on the 14th of May. You can find them here: BSSA Regs&EntryGlenisEcoAngusTTrial140517

There was some interesting discussion at the last Board Meeting about cancellation of events in the light of a trial Event which a Club had recently cancelled  before its closing date. For many current riders, I guess closing dates are a relic, as riders expect to be able to enter on the day? So why, I wonder, do most Entry Forms specify a closing date & then add that entries can be taken on the day? I suppose it’s because Clubs would like to be able to gauge the interest in their Event beforehand & – this argument has been rehearsed many times previously – so that they can set out a course suitable for the numbers and ability of all the riders they know about. Entries on the day are therefore a “bonus” for the Club?

All Clubs are Member Clubs which exist purely to service the needs of its Members, some Members will be very active in Club activities & some may even be ‘sleeping’ members. The active ones have to make decisions after considering a range of factors, they will then make the decision in the Clubs best interest. Some of those decisions may, almost certainly will, not be agreed with by all the Members?

So where is this discussion going? I think I’d conclude from the above that if I want something to happen or to be changed I need to get more  involved with my Club(s).  What do you all think?

Not too long now before the start in Fort William of the SSDT. We hope all Wessex Centre riders have a trouble free mechanical & physical week! First timer Tom Culliford (264) will be riding all week in the company of the very experienced Adam (Norris 265) & Scott (Cameron 266). Victoria Payne has riding number 272. Going forward in start times there’s an interesting trio of over 40 foreign riders grouped together in Gilles Burgat (193) Dominique Guillaume (194) & Fred Michaud (195). A little nearer the front of the field are Gareth (179) & Craig (180) Talbot & Ian Fortune (181). Fred Adams (70) rides, as far as I can see, without another local rider for company but Fred’s an experienced resourceful rider these days so it won’t faze him. Victoria is one of just 5 ladies this year, Emma (Bristow), Sandra (Gomez), Chloe (Richardson), Jess (Bow)n & Victoria, as Becky (Talbot) is riding pedal powered two wheel competitions this year!.

On a sad note I see that Ted (Heather)’s Route Marking partner, & friend David Miller has also joined that “SSDT Supporters Club in the Sky “which will leave Gordon Halley to lead the new team that will be out early & late, putting out & collecting up signs, for the riders every day.

See you soon: Frank

ps Don’t forget the IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417 Info about it is here IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017