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North Somerset MSC: Tattoo Time T/trial Regs & Entry Form

Hello all,

Please find below the Regs for MSMSC’s Tattoo Time 90 Minute Trial on 5th August: NSMSC TattootimeT:trial Regs & Entry Form 05:08:17  Jerry Walters tells me entries are a bit slow coming in so do it now!

Some random thoughts: it sounds as if the Saturday of the Reeth 3day trial in Arkengarthdale was a bit wet! – but as usual an excellent event. Interesting to see that Todd Kellett, after his change of machinery had his best ever Maxxis M-X Championship Result. Same guy, different machine, i know he wasn’t able to make the starts previously, so I’ll put this one down to better machinery. Lets hope he continues to go well.

Another interesting Editorial in TMX this week, questioning the wisdom of Schoolboys racing over full M-X GP circuits, after a fatality at Loket. We all know there are risks in racing, but if it’s true (& I’ve no reason to doubt what’s reported) that there’s a blind takeoff to a tiny downhill landing pad isn’t it asking fearless youngsters too big a question? It may be spectacular but that jump catches out the best adults as well. I know the world changes, but I began to lose interest in Moto Cross when we had stutter jumps & you saw riders seemingly jumping in the air as if on Pogo sticks. The increasing number of injuries to top level riders confirmed to me that it was & still is becoming more dangerous. I don’t find timed practice very interesting either and think that last chance qualifying obviously encourages people to push up to & beyond their limits.

I was up in the loft yesterday, & came across a jigsaw puzzle of John Banks on the CCM, (that dates me!) & it reminded me that contemporaries Hakan Carqvist & Gennady Moiseev both multi World Champions, had passed away recently. It wasn’t & still isn’t all sweetness & light being a World Champion, & Carla spent his last decades in southern France, away from publicity & suffering severely from pain after all the accidents during his career and lived with medicine and strong painkillers.

See you soon: Frank

ps I’m getting demob happy, but no-one’s come forward to take forward stewardship of the “Wessex Gazette” – It’s up to one of you



Centre AGM – Changing of the Guard! Date changes. Regs available for ..

Hello all,

The dust has settled on the AGM, & the old guard will be changing. A brief Report follows.

Roll call of Clubs: All affiliated Clubs were represented except BGRC, Frome, Mendip Vale & Wells.    Apologies were tendered & accepted for Alan Brown & Vic Osman of BGRC.  {Editors comment: Mendip haven’t been represented at the AGM at any of the last six, Frome have only been represented for  three of the last six & Wells haven’t been represented at four of the last six. That suggests the Centre is not in “good health”}

The retiring President, Martin Bracey presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Mike Fear, The Chairman, Keith Wooster remarked that new people were needed on the Board  The Hon Secretary echoed the Chaimans remarks. {that’s the third consecutive year he or the Secretary have said that – Ed.} The Hon Treasurer said we had an excess of income over expenditure only because there were no Inter Centre Event Teams to be supported, but the income showed there were fewer riders & fewer events in the Centre.

The Treasurer presented his Financial Report for the year which was discussed & formally accepted. The Gazette Editor presented his Report reviewing his tenure & announced he was standing down at the next AGM Read that Report here: Gazette Editors Report for 2016 070217

All Officials were elected unopposed, & were exactly the same people as last year, except that your new President will be Denys Plaster of NSMSC, outgoing President Martin Bracey becomes an ex officio Vice President, & Bob Burt replaces Denys as our 4th VP.

The Board Meeting followed & the Officers appointed are the same as  last year as well. Mike Fear announced this would stand down as Permit Secretary at the next AGM

So that’s two important positions you, out there in the Centre, have got to take on to keep your sport running {everyone in the room was over 50 years old – as usual – Ed.}

Please note the following date changes/corrections to your Fixture Card: West Wilts James Cup Centre Trials Champ from 19th March to 26th March, Kingswood Abbotside Enduro from 30th July to 23rd July, BSSA Glens Sinclair T/Trial is on 14th not 13th May.

Regs are available for:


Wilts Border Centre Restricted Trial on 5th March here: WBorder Salutation Novice Regs 050317 & WBorder Salutation Novice Entry form 050317

West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on 26th March here: West Wilts JamesCupChampTrial regs & EntryForm26:03:17

Out of Centre: How about a weekend away? there are 22 classes & choice of two courses either with or without roadwork in the Isle of Wight MCC 50th Anniversary Two Day Trial on 22nd & 23rd April. Info & Regs are available here: IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017 & IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417

It’s time to get involved Guys:  Frank



Centre AGM Report, NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Championship T/Trial results from 05/02/17

Hi all,

Centre AGM Report to follow

In the meantime the NSMSC Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial Results are here: NSMSC TerryBunn CentreChamp TTrial Results 050217 & Jerry Walters reports ”

Evening Frank,

Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial held at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood are attached for the website.

This was the first round of the 2017 Wessex Centre Time Trial Championship, and Andy Frost threw down the gauntlet by taking an easy overall victory losing just 3 marks on observation plus 4 on time. Kye Steel grabbed 2nd spot in the trials class on 21 marks, just ahead of Jason Hamblin, who seems to be struggling to stay in contention on his new Honda 4Ride trail bike.

In the non trials class Tom Smith Tom Smith was also in a league of his own, setting standard time and losing just 21 marks on observation which also gave him the overall runner up spot. Harvey Dark took second place in the class on 61 marks just ahead of rapidly improving Ben Sinclair on 76.

Regards: Jerry”


More news to follow: Frank

Wells Mike Cornish Time Trial Results, Josh & Luke Golding. Licencing.

Good evening all,

I know it’s close to our bedtime, but Martin Lawford has sent over todays Mike Cornish Results which are here: wells-mike-cornish-t-trial-results-041216 & says

“Frank, Please find attached results for the Wells Mike Cornish Timed Trial at Maesbury Rings today.

On what was a bitterly cold and frosty, but sunny morning brothers Jason and Mark Hamblin battled it out for top honours. Mark duly set standard time, however it was Jason that took the win on 15 marks. Kye Steel was more polished in the sections than both taking the runners up spot on 21 with Mark Hambin taking 3rd on 23.

It was tough for the Enduro class with the sections being fairly tight, Gary Newman taking top spot on 93 in a closely fought battle with Charlie Frost runner up on 99 and Nathan Newman right behind on 100.

Regards, Martin”

I had been hoping to see some Results of todays Southern Experts as I know Kurt & Lee were entered as was Ben Skinner, but I can’t find anything just yet. However I’m sure everyone is as pleased as we were to see that Josh & Luke Golding have won their first British Championship Trial at Dunsfold last Sunday. The first of many we anticipate.

While idling time away waiting to see if Southern Experts Results got posted, I managed to find the “you tube” video of Riders at Roys Rocks in this years Scott Trial. Our apologies to Jerry Cross for not seeing him go through, we’ve no idea how we missed his ride as we knew his riding number. I had thought on the day that Jerry had missed the Section as he hadn’t gone through (we thought) The video shows us as well, amongst the spectators with Phyllis near the section starts cards & me taking photo’s, but unlike the riders we aren’t identified!

I notice that the Editor of “The Sporting MotorCyclist” John Bramall is standing down in March, reckoning that editing 200 or more Monthly issues since the turn of the centuryit’s time for someone younger to take over, we echo that sentiment.

On a more positive note, 16 guys (the term “guys” is inclusive of both males & females in my book) attended a Regional Trials Licencing Seminar at Warmley on 22nd November, bringing their pre Seminar Homework with them & giving up their Tuesday evening to be gain or renew their Regional CofC & Steward Licences. It did however surprise me how many of the Group thought that the Centre could issue a National Permit. For the avoidance of doubt Rugby HQ issues all National Permits – see the NSC 3.09 Status of Competitions, 3.1