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Hi all,

So the AGM & Board Meetings have happened & Mike Fear (who has always been helped by Chris) & Phyllis & I have stepped own from our Honorary  posts of Permit Secretary, Gazette Editor & Assistant Secretary respectively. Both teams of us were delighted to be presented with a Flower Display & we also had a Voucher for afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath – a very swanky place I think. Mike & Chris’s envelope looked the same so I think they too will have a lovely afternoon out.

I have to say it was a complete & delightful surprise. Thank you “WessexACU” !

A couple of things emerged during the Board Meeting that you may need to know.

There will be a transitional period while Mike & Andy Scrivens, the new Permit Secretary, complete the handover. So up to & until 1st March permit Applications should continue to go to Mike & after that they should all go to  Andy Scrivens: email him at

The Centre website has been given a new look & a quick demo given & it’s ready to go. I anticipated that the website would have changed by now, but as it isn’t I’ve no idea how you can see it!    When Gareth lets me know I’ll tell you!!

Bye for now: Frank




Centre AGM: Warmley Community Centre Tomorrow. Results of yesterdays NSMSC Centre Champ Time Trial & Regs & Entry Forms for NSMSC’s Wynnes Trophy T/trial on 25th February.

Hello all,

Here are a few things to update you with:

The Terry Bunn Centre Champs Time Trial results are here, NSMSC Terry Bunn Centre Champs T:Trial results 040218 & Jerry Walters reports:

Evening Frank, one last posting before you retire!

Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial attached for the website. This was the opening round of the 2018 Wessex Centre Time Trial championship and attracted a near capacity entry to Scars Wood, Lulsgate.

The course was in prime condition following saturday’s rain and Andy Frost carried on where he left off, easily winning the Trials class and taking the overall premier on just 9 marks. Pete King was a comfortable second in the Trials class on 25, with Paul Manning third on 34.

Jason Hamblin is one of many Time Trial riders who have recently switched to KTM Freerides, and he put his cards on the table by ‘cleaning up’ in the Non Trials class and taking the overall runner up spot on 23 marks. Tom Smith grabbed second in the class on 39 with Andy Scrivens third on 63.

Regs and entry form also attached for North Somerset Club’s next Time Trial – the Wynnes Trophy at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood on 25th February.

Thanks for publicising all our events on the website in recent years and enjoy your time off!

Best regards

The Regs for the Wynnes Trophy Time Trial Jerry mentions are here: NSMSC Wynnes Trophy T:trial Regs & Entry Form for 28:02:18

I hadn’t posted the latest Centre Trials Championship Points Table, that Pete Dury had collated previously, as with only one Round so far I reckoned that you would all have good idea of who was where? So here you then: 2018 Wessex Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 050218

Don’t forget the Centre AGM will be held at 20:00hrs at Warmley Community Centre tomorrow, the 6th February. Why not be there & quiz the Board? Tell us what we’ve got wrong (or right) for you during the year. Your ideas are important.

That’s it for the moment:  Frank

Centre Trials Championship Tables as at 06/11/17

Hello all,

Here are Pete Dury’s updated Trials Champ Tables following Sundays Wilts Border Autumn Trophy  2017 Wessex Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 061117  Pete’s confirmed what I hinted at yesterday, that Kurt Brain is Centre Champion again. I can only echo Petes comments below:

“Hi All

Championship update attached following Sunday’s Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Trial.

With only two rounds to go, congratulations go to Kurt Brain who has won the Wessex Centre Championship for the 4th time and adds the title to his recently won Western Centre Championship. Well done Kurt.

Henry Pym has one hand on the Clubman Expert class title needing just a 4th place in one of the last two rounds to repeat last year’s class win.

The Clubman class is now a three horse race between Steve Wallwin, Charlie Newman and Tony Hayden although Steve is looking favourite at the moment.

Sean Donaghy reinforced his runaway win of the novice/sportsman class by winning yet again on Sunday to make it 5 wins on the trot.

Rich Elliot’s win on Sunday leave with just 5 points needed over the last two rounds to secure the Over 40 title while Dai Clothier is one win away from taking the Over 50 title for an amazing 6th year in a row.

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.   Regards    Pete Dury”

Don’t forget tonights Board Meeting:  Frank

NSMSC Results & Regs available update, next BSSA Centre Time Trial Champs Regs

Hello again,

Just info in this post!

Here are the Regs for the next  Centre Time Trial Championship Round, the BSSA 4th Alan Brown TtrialChamp Regs 051117 that Jan watkins has sent over, & she says congratulations to Ricky and wife on the birth of their new baby!   (who was spectating at Sundays  Wells Champ Round – Ed.)

A little while back, the Results of the last NSMSC event are here, the NSMSC RT Keedwell T:trial Results 240917.xls & Jerry Walters says  “Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club’s RT Keedwell Transport Time Trial, held at Stanton Wick Lane are attached, where some tight and twisty observed sections and increasingly slippery conditions resulted in a relatively high scoring event.”  Regards – Jerry

The Regs for their next Event, a 90minute chase on the 22nd Oct, can be found (click) here: NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase Regs & Entry Form 221017

Encouraged with 21 entries (Thank you – Ed.) after Wednesday’s post had been delivered WWMC has had a working party out sorting several fallen trees Thanks from West Wilts to the Mendip & Wells members who helped us then & will on Sunday. All known entrants have been contacted re the change of venue – all necessary behind the scenes stuff to keep your sport running!




Hi all,

We’ve just got back from a fortnight away driving to a Saab rally in Luxembourg & there’s a fair few things to update you all on.

Firstly, a reminder that the Wells Centre Championship Presidents Trophy Time Trial is on this Sunday at Rookham. The Regs are here:- Wells Presidents Champ TT Regs 01117 & the Entry Form is here:- Wells Presidents Champ TTrial Entry 011017

The Centre Trials Championship Calendar has become a bit confused this year with Rounds being cancelled, & replacement Rounds being approved, so following the last Board Meeting, the remaining rounds are

08/10/17    WWMC           Errington Cup
05/11/17    W Border       Autumn Trophy
26/11/17    NSMSC           Presidents Trophy
10/12/17    Bath & WoE   Knut Trophy
Further from the Board Meeting, the Wilts Border Endeavour Trial scheduled for this Saturday is Cancelled.
Mike Fear has given notice that he’s done his last Centre Fixture Card, but will ‘point the way’ & advise as required to his successor – You could Volunteer to do this couldn’t you? Mike has quietly & conscientiously done this for so many years that it was easy to take the Fixture Card for granted. All your thanks to Mike ( & to Chris who I am sure got involved as well
Good News (from my point of view) is that Gareth Talbot, who need no introduction from me, has agreed to take over the Centre web-site with effect from the Centre’s AGM. I gather he is likely to introduce a Centre ‘Facebook’ presence as well, an obvious extension to the service the Centre gives Riders, which I expect will extend the reach & immediacy of  Wessex Centre ACU information – oops the branding now is “Wessex ACU” isn’t it


NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T/Trial 2nd June Results, Success in the Welsh 2 Day Enduro, ACU Funding etc.

Good morning all,

I’d just bought a ticket for the Castle Combe Road Race Meeting this weekend when the ACU announced any Licence Holder (Competitor or Official) is entitled to free entry to the British World Trials Champs. Round this weekend at Tong. I’m not sure I would have taken advantage of the offer, but if you lived within 50 miles or so, or were going anyway it’s certainly a bonus for your ACU Membership.

All Clubs should have, by now, or very soon have received details of the new ACU Ltd Mutual Aid Fund whose aims and objectives of this new fund are:

  • To encourage and develop all areas of motorcycle sport in the British Isles (excluding
    Northern Ireland)
  • To encourage and develop all areas of motorcycle leisure in the British Isles (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • To provide financial help and assistance by way of grants or loans to Centres and Clubs (my emboldening & italicising – Ed.) to enable them :
    1. a)to acquire sporting land
    2. b)to develop and extend existing sporting land
    3. c)to build, develop or extend owned property for the storage of equipment associated with the land’s sporting use, the protection or comfort of event officials or the social gathering of Club members.
    4. d)to acquire, extend or upgrade any tangible fixed asset associated with the Club’s sporting activities, such as machinery, watering systems, starting gates and the like.
    5. e)to implement any other proposal that the Fund’s Administrative Committee feel would be beneficial to the sporting objectives of the ACU and which merits support.
  • but note that
  • All grants and loans agreed by the Fund will be made on a matched basis, £ for £, with the applicants own funds and loans will be secured against the intended asset or improvement by way of a legal charge. Grants or loans may be capped at the Fund’s discretion.

    Jerry Walters from the North Somerset Club reports “Morning Frank,Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Valley Smokehouse Time Trial, held at Scars Wood, Lulsgate are attached for the website, and says: With many of the regulars recovering from the Welsh 2 Day Enduro or twinshock racing at Farleigh Castle, a smaller than usual entry were treated to a dry, technical course with some very twisty observed sections. Cheers, Jerry”    The Results are here: NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T:trial Results 020717

    A close call between Ricky Hudson,  Jason Hamblin & Kyle Banks for the Premier with Ricky losing 6 marks in Section 4 & setting standard time, Jason on the other hand lost 3 marks in both section 2 & 5 & had 3 time faults being R/up on the tie break with Kyle who lost 3 marks in Section 4 & 6 time faults. In the Non Trials class it was Tom Smith, Andy Frost & Nathan Newman 1st 2nd & 3rd. Tom  did it on observation losing 24/7, Andy 42/2 Kyle 44/4 (24/7 = 24 observation 7 time faults & so on)

    In the Welsh 2day Enduro local crews put it over the rest in sidecar classes, with Paul Manning/Martin Lawford best Expert  & Simon Chilcott/Ben Sinclair best Clubmen which is good to hear.


BSSA 90 Minute Time Trial – Regs for 14th May, cancelling Events, Isle of Wight 2Day Trial Reminder, It’ll soon be the SSDT.

Good – Friday – Morning

Regs are available for the BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial & Eco Angus Trophy 90 min Time Trial on the 14th of May. You can find them here: BSSA Regs&EntryGlenisEcoAngusTTrial140517

There was some interesting discussion at the last Board Meeting about cancellation of events in the light of a trial Event which a Club had recently cancelled  before its closing date. For many current riders, I guess closing dates are a relic, as riders expect to be able to enter on the day? So why, I wonder, do most Entry Forms specify a closing date & then add that entries can be taken on the day? I suppose it’s because Clubs would like to be able to gauge the interest in their Event beforehand & – this argument has been rehearsed many times previously – so that they can set out a course suitable for the numbers and ability of all the riders they know about. Entries on the day are therefore a “bonus” for the Club?

All Clubs are Member Clubs which exist purely to service the needs of its Members, some Members will be very active in Club activities & some may even be ‘sleeping’ members. The active ones have to make decisions after considering a range of factors, they will then make the decision in the Clubs best interest. Some of those decisions may, almost certainly will, not be agreed with by all the Members?

So where is this discussion going? I think I’d conclude from the above that if I want something to happen or to be changed I need to get more  involved with my Club(s).  What do you all think?

Not too long now before the start in Fort William of the SSDT. We hope all Wessex Centre riders have a trouble free mechanical & physical week! First timer Tom Culliford (264) will be riding all week in the company of the very experienced Adam (Norris 265) & Scott (Cameron 266). Victoria Payne has riding number 272. Going forward in start times there’s an interesting trio of over 40 foreign riders grouped together in Gilles Burgat (193) Dominique Guillaume (194) & Fred Michaud (195). A little nearer the front of the field are Gareth (179) & Craig (180) Talbot & Ian Fortune (181). Fred Adams (70) rides, as far as I can see, without another local rider for company but Fred’s an experienced resourceful rider these days so it won’t faze him. Victoria is one of just 5 ladies this year, Emma (Bristow), Sandra (Gomez), Chloe (Richardson), Jess (Bow)n & Victoria, as Becky (Talbot) is riding pedal powered two wheel competitions this year!.

On a sad note I see that Ted (Heather)’s Route Marking partner, & friend David Miller has also joined that “SSDT Supporters Club in the Sky “which will leave Gordon Halley to lead the new team that will be out early & late, putting out & collecting up signs, for the riders every day.

See you soon: Frank

ps Don’t forget the IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417 Info about it is here IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017

Wells John Stait Centre Time Trial Champ Results. A Centre Facebook page?

Good morning all,

Martin Lawford has sent over the John Stait Results yesterday, they are here –  Wells John Stait Centre Champ T:Trial Results 190317  & says:

“Frank, Please find attached Results of yesterdays John Stait Timed Trial, the second round of the Wessex Centre Timed trial championship.

In typical Wessex fashion, the weather ensured that this was a true Wessex Centre Championship round with gruelling conditions from start to finish and only 6 finishers managing the total 7 laps.

Andy Frost was in fine form taking the premier from Jason Hamblin and setting standard time along the way. On his return to the class, Andy Scrivens thrived in the conditions taking the non-trials class win with Tom Smith runner up.

We would like to thank all those who helped clear up the course afterwards. Whilst no one particularly wants to pick up a bag, especially after a tough event, without this help we would not be able to run the events.

Regards, Martin”

Sounds as if it was unpleasant on Mendip – we were lucky, we left home in the drizzle & drove up to the Western Centre Trials Champs Round at Winstone Wood, a venue we’ve never been to. It stayed dry there all day until the drizzle & rain started on the way home! Mike Gunn was Secretary & observing, first time I think we’ve seen him in 30 years & we were able to catch up with what our “boys” are doing now! While walking round Phyllis came across a beautiful fungi we never seen before – Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet elf cup & this morning we were watching a couple of hares lolling around the field  ten to fifteen metres from or bedroom window! Back to trials – Alex Muirhead was out on a Vertigo, Harry Jefferies was a non starter, quite a good Expert entry of 10 starters including the 3 Welch brothers, Kurt & Lee & John Luff.

With a limit of 100 on the entry and good venue the 44 starters was disappointing for the organisers, The National  S3 Parts Championship Round in Wales took away a number of likely entrants & with our own Wessex Centre Championship Round in our Centre Fixture Card for the same day (although we moved & subsequently cancelled our Round) it suggests Fixture co-ordination is more & more important.

At the last Board Meeting, Facebook was discussed as a way of ‘talking’ more directly to you Riders.

Would it be a good idea to establish a Centre Facebook page to let you know the latest Centre news about Events?

If it is a good idea who would be willing to take it on for the Centre?

You know (I think?) the Board exists to promote your Sport – but we all want active riders to get more involved – even fairly informal physical Meetings like the Board are more involvement than most of you seem to want so is exchanging ideas & suggestions on Facebook a better way to get things done?

What do you think – why not get to the next Board Meeting with some ideas & suggestions?



Vacancies for Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary, Avery Cup Centre Champ Trial Results 26th Feb, NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T/trial Regs for 26th March available.

Good evening all,

The Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary have both given notice of their retirement – so it’s up to you guys to “step up to the plate” & volunteer if you want to continue to have events to ride – You have been warned!

We went over to the Avery Cup today & it was run over 4 laps of 10 Sections which made finding sufficient Observers easier, in fact Observers were oversubscribed**, so we had a day out watching riders in action in all the Sections & having time to chat with people. I wondered why Lee Hassall had the letters Molly on the bike, but worked it out later when we saw 4 generations  of Hassall’s in the quarry. Young Molly is only three months old with lovely blue eyes. Congratulations to Lee & Hannah – the hard work starts now!. Richard Elliott was out on his “new” Jotagas & very pretty it is too. Only 5 Experts, but some cracking (i.e. an achievement to clean them) Expert routes with Sections 3 & 4 observed by Mandy Jefferies & Neil Riddle, and Sections 7 & 8 observed by Colin Hassall & Jeff Budd respectively causing most mayhem for them. Kurt Brain was comfortably best Expert on 23m/l gaining most advantage, as Mick Perry will say, on Mandy’s section, which he cleaned every lap – one of those sections where catchers were wise & riders needed confidence to attack the vertical step & the drop off to get back down again. At the other end of the classes, Fin Kettle was looking very assured & showed Dad Lawrence how to do it in several Sections.

Results are here: K:wood Avery Champ Trial Results 260217260217

The NSMSC Jack Ball Chase 90minute Time trial Regs are available here: NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T:Trial Regs & Entry Forms for 26:03:17 thanks to Jerry Walters

Keep em up!: Frank

ps ** but we were  “propositioned” to observe at an out of Centre Trial at Easter!