Clubs running Events in the Centre

Clubs running events in the Wessex Centre as at 1st January 2015

  1. Bath & West of England MCC
  2. Bristol Grass Racing Combine (BGRC)
  3. Bristol Sporting Sidecar Association
  4. Frome & District MC & LCC
  5. Kingswood MCC
  6. Mendip Vale MC & LCC
  7. North Somerset MSC
  8. Swindon & District MCC
  9. Wells & District Trials Club
  10. West Wilts MC
  11. Wilts Border MC & LCC
  12. 101 Minis

3 thoughts on “Clubs running Events in the Centre

  1. Frank Sweeting Post author

    Brett, Steve,

    Thanks for your comments, I’m hopeful that posting Regs for Centre Events on the website is helping people. Phyllis is still receiving entries without having had the “Can you send me the Regs” phone call.
    We’re publishing the Results on the website as well, as soon as I see them.
    Phyllis has a notice at WWMC Trials that say “Results will be available on the Club website – & if you are happy to collect Results that way you don’t need an SAE etc etc . We will change Regs to reflect this for our next Trial.
    I agree a central “Register” of email addresses can/would be helpful. However there are some issues to be thought through which I need to take advice on.

    Please keep the suggestions coming.
    For Clubs without websites (& for those with them) we are quite happy to publish your Regs for download by riders. The same goes for Results.

    See you soon: Frank

  2. Steve Thorne

    I agree with Brett, posting results on website is the way forward and it’s easy to do by either printing to pdf using freely available pdf software such as primopdf, or scanning and saving as an image. We do this on the Wells & District website.

    Email addresses are still useful to notify riders of last minute changes (venue/cancellation etc) but there should be a centralised list with a mechanism to enable riders to update their information otherwise secretaries would have to cross check the email addresses on entry forms with the addresses on their mailing list after every event (something that I for one don’t enjoy doing).

  3. Brett King

    Hello Frank
    In reply to your question about email addresses on entry forms – the answer would have to be – YES.

    That way you can create a mail list and actually send notifications about forthcoming events, etc. The other thing you could do is something very popular on the Western centre site, namely to “post” on the site the full results. In the report you posted for Swindon DMC Freegard Trial, the results were of “the select few”. How about getting Sec of Meetings to email you the full list from victors right thru to “also-rans”. The rider can then get his results quicker, save on a postage stamp and envelope AND save some poor Sec of Meeting folding up umpteen dozens of results sheets… not to mention the paper and printer ink savings to be had too. Obviously some riders may not have email/internet access (but not many I should think!) so a few riders may elect to provide an SAE at signing on for their results. This method works well in Western Centre events – what do you think?
    Bretton King


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