Centre Trials Champ. Rules & advice to Organisers

Wessex Centre Solo Trials Championship Rules

Observation Method

In December 2011 the Centre Board, following a National Trials Championship decision to run a No Stop Championship decided that the 2012 Centre Trials Championship would follow suit &  run under the No Stop Rule [TSR 22B] Rule.

The Board consulted Clubs & Riders  of Centre Trials Championship Rounds during October & November 2012 & confirmed that future Championships will continue as No Stop Trials observed as per TSR 22B

You should be note that any Centre Non Championship Trials Event may be run as the Organisers see fit within the Trials Standing Regulations ie TSR 22A Stop Permitted or TSR 22B No Stop.         [fs 12/11/12]

Application to run a Round

Clubs within the centre are invited to run rounds of the Centre Solo Championship and confirm their dates in the usual manner.

The Championships currently consist of a maximum of eleven) rounds each for the Expert and Clubman championships. Some clubs may prefer to run one event for both championships. The best eight ([ie 75% of]  results from these rounds will count for points towards an overall total which will decide the winners. All entrants will be eligible for points which will be allocated as follows:.

1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 10, 4th 8, 5th 6, 6th 5, 7th 4, 8th 3, 9th 2, 10th 1.

In the Event of ties on marks lost, the tie breaker specified in the Supplementary Regulations will apply. If no tie breaker is specified the current Trials Standing Regulations tie breaker will be used.

In the event of ties which cannot be broken, joint winners/positions will be awarded maximum points with the subsequent points disregarded, ie. joint winners 15 each 3rd place 10.

Final assessment

In the event that riders have an equality of Championship points, the Final assessment of Championship positions shall be as current National Championship Rules, in favour of the rider with most wins, most 2nd places & so on to 15th places.

If there still shall be no Resolution then the rider with best performance in the final championship Event shall prevail.

The centre solo trials championship will include the following separate classes of rider.:

Expert (A). Clubman expert (AB). Clubman (B), Novice (C).

Youth A or B may enter to ride these events (as youth experts if appropriate irrespective of their age grading) like all others they must complete the series using the same course.

Riders must choose their Class at the first Event they enter & any rider found to be mixing or selecting courses will not be eligible for points.  If in subsequent Events they ride a different Class then they are not eligible for points in that Round

Clubs may choose to incorporate classes for either or all of the remaining classes. I.E. pre 65, t/shock, youth C&D, sidecar etc

All Centre Trials Championship events will be identified at  www.wessex-centre-acu.org.uk  where Regulations & Entry Forms will be published & available for download.

Clubs will (as normally) allocate perpetual awards at their own discretion for these events.

A copy of the Results sheet should be sent to the centre trials recorder (within one week of the event if possible).

A league table of the championship will be periodically published in the Wessex Gazette, see  www.wessex-centre-acu.org.uk

Course Application

The primary considerations are continuity and clarity. The following conventions are suggested.

The main route will be marked as per TSR21 i.e. red on right blue on left. The alternative route (s FS) must be clearly identified where deviations from red and blue marking occur. If a third route through the same section is used it must be clearly identified. Generally all riders are to ride red and blue unless otherwise indicated.

For Starred (Expert Championship) events;

Experts only to ride the main route.(and youth experts). All other classes to ride the alternative route(s).

For Clubman Championship events;

Experts (A), Clubman experts(AB), Clubman (B), Novice (C) (and youth experts) to ride the main route. All others to ride the alternative route.

Rider numbers must have clear identification of the route to be ridden.

Youth expert rider status established by application to Centre recorder.

Riders must not change route during any event or throughout the whole series.

Those riders who wish to compete on harder or easier course than that designated for his/her class will be ineligible for points or grading. It is infinitely preferable that riders seeking more or less challenging routes apply to the trials recorder for regrading.

Chris Wrigley Tuesday, 01 October 2002 (Clarified course application)

Please note:

Secretaries of the Meeting of Centre Championship Events are  reminded that Regulations  for Centre Trials Championship  Events must be published on the Centre Website www.wessex-centre-acu.org.uk & Regs/Entry Forms should be sent to the Editor frank@sweet-sites.co.uk

& ensure that a copy of the Results is sent to: the Centre Trials Recorder, who  is,  Pete Dury, 10 Ullswater Close, Yate BS37 5SS tel 07907722220 email pdury@hotmail.com

Wessex Centre Revised Trials Grading Scheme, Clubman Expert

An extra class has been introduced in order to promote fairer competition by grouping riders of similar ability. This class will be known as Clubman Expert (and for sorting purposes AB). It will consist of riders who are either up and coming through the classes or who are ageing experts who no longer wish to ride on the expert courses. This class will not be eligible for the clubmans championship (B class) or lower classes. The clubmen (B class) will not be eligible for the novice class. An award will be presented for best in each class. All Wessex solo feet up trials gradings will be collated from the results of the relevant championship rounds. The best three or 10% in each class will be upgraded. To qualify for grading or relevant championship riders must compete on the designated course(s): see course application: championship rules.

Out of centre riders will of course be made welcome into the series and their grading as per their centre will be applied it is suggested that if in doubt their Wessex grade will be one higher than their own centre.

Definition of classes.

EXPERT;(A) The highest grading in the centre. To downgrade application must be made to and agreed with the trials recorder.

CLUBMAN EXPERT;(AB) A past expert not wishing to ride the harder routes or one who is rising through the classes on merit. The top 3 of the current championship will be invited to ride in the expert class for the following year. To downgrade application must be made to and agreed with the trials recorder.

CLUBMAN (B) One who is currently classed as an intermediate. The top 10% in the current championship will be upgraded to Clubman expert or Expert for the following years competition. There will be no downgrading from this class.

NOVICE: (C) The first grading as an adult beginner to trials. The top 10% of the current championship will be upgraded to Clubman for the following years competition. A novice rider may also apply to the Centre recorder for upgrading which will take place at his discretion.

None of the above will prevent riders from entering for “closed class” awards such as over 40, 50, P.65. T/Shock. etc.

The above scheme will be implemented at the end of each championship series. Disputes and Queries must be resolved prior to the following series.

Arbitration of any dispute regarding centre trials recorders decisions will be made by the Centre committee whose decision will be final.

Chris Wrigley Tuesday, 01 October 2002 (Clarified requirements to upgrade)


With effect from 1st March 2016 Centre Championship points will only be awarded in Classes which have a minimum of  3 Riders starting the Event


Three current Rider classes in all Wessex Centre Championship Trials have been uprated to Championship Status.

These are:  Youth Expert riding the Main route, Youth “A” riding the Alternative route, and Youth “B” riding the Sportsman route.

A new Class has been introduced for Twin Shock machines, and this Class will have Champoinship status


Two new classes were introduced into all Wessex Centre Championship Trials.

These will consist of an Over 40 & an Over 50 class

All riders will retain their existing grading i.e. A, AB, B or C but will be able to ride in either of the two new classes provided  they qualify by age for the class they wish to ride in.

.The Over 40 class will ride the middle route i.e. the same route as the B class.

The Over 50 class will ride the easy route i.e. the same route as the C class.

Note that any rider who is Over 50 will be able to ride in the Over 40  class should they prefer the middle route to the easy rout

Wessex Centre Clubs hope that these two new classes will encourage more rides to enter RTCentre trials & increase the enjoyment of the “older” rider.

It is suggested the following grid be used on Entry Forms to show Classes & Routes

Main Route A Expert AB Clubman Expert Youth Expert
Alternative Route B Clubman Youth A Over 40
Sportsman Route C Novice Youth B Over 50
Separate Course Youth C Youth D
Clubman Experts AB – may ride some main & some alternative route Sections, this will be advised at the start

Wessex Centre Standard markings for trials sections & Rider grade identification.

Course marking for adult solo trials:

The basic principle of section marking will be that all riders use the same start and end gates, then ride according to the red and blue gated course except where alternatively gated with white or yellow markers. The primary course is the middle route marked with red and blue gates.

Course definition with respect to rider grading:

Adult Trials

White markings (Expert Course): Expert (A), Youth Expert and also Clubman Expert (AB) where indicated on certain section start cards.

• Red and Blue markings (Primary course): Clubman (B), Youth A, Over-40 (Age-specific class) and  also Clubman Expert (AB)  where no indication is made on section start cards.

• Yellow markings (NovIce course): Novice (C), Youth B, Over-50 (Age-specific class).

Rider Identification

In order to make it clear to observers which course a competitor should be riding, the following system is recommended:

• Expert (A) and Youth Expert    will carry a plain riding number with no additional markings.

• Clubman Expert (AB):   A blue, self-adhesive circle will be applied to the side of the riding number.

• Clubman (B), Youth A, Over-40: A red self-adhesive circle applied to the side of the riding number.

• Novice (C), Youth B, Over-50: A yellow, self-adhesive circle will be applied to the side of the riding number.


Any trial running a single route for all competitors should use red and blue markers throughout.

* Any trial with two routes (ie: hard/easy courses) should use red and blue markers for the harder route and yellow marked deviations for the easier course.

• Course marking gate flags should be no less than 100mm square for clarity.

* Sections with taped boundaries need only use the appropriate coloured markers at the beginning ot each deviation.

Course marking materials

These should be made of one of the following:

* Paper or card.

* Laminated paper or card.

* Plastic sheeting or fabric (such as off-cuts from banner makers).

* Corrugated plastic (such as Correx).

In the interests of environmental issues, our landowners and the professional image of the sport, all marking must be removed promptly after the event. (ACU Environment Code 10:5)

Trials including Youth C & D grade competitors:

* The course will be marked with red and blue gates except where there are deviations specifically for Youth D category riders. These deviations will be marked with yellow gates.

* Youth C grade competitors will carry standard, unmarked riding numbers.

* Youth D will carry a yellow square on the right hand side of the riding number.

Issue 2, dated 02/11/08

Wessex Centre —  Current Centre Trials Gradings:

Centre Trials Grading Lists are maintained by the Trials Recorder, Pete Dury. The listings are contained within his  Centre Championship Tables which are published on the Centre website under the heading ‘Riders’

The Gradings, which were reviewed by the Board before the beginning of the 2014 Championship can be found under the tab “Rider Listings (New)