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BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Centre Champs T/Trial Results for 23rd April

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please find the BSSA Centre Time Trial Champs 3rd Alan Brown event results here:  BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Champ T:Trial results 230417xls

Andy Frost took the Premier Award from R/up Jason Hamblin, with Andy setting standard time & coping a little better on observation in the difficult Section 6 which took Andy for 17 in their 8 laps & Jason for 22. Jason lost 4 marks on time to Andy & they both lost a three in section 5. In the non Trials class Tom Smith came out best, losing 74 in  the Sections & just 2 on time, although R/up Ben Sinclair was even quicker over the ground than Tom with no time penalties but with 94 lost in the Sections.

Ian Fortune was getting in some practice for the SSDT, but only managed 4 laps before having a back problem & retiring! Not the preparation you need for 6 long days in the Highlands, but we hear that he’ll be ok for the start.


Dave Male, RIP

Good morning.

We are sorry to have to bring you the sad news that Dave Male passed away last Friday, the 21st of April. As many will know Dave had been fighting diabetes with regular dialysis and finally lost the battle. Our sympathies go to Betty and Marcia, Jane & Paula.

The funeral will be at Shepton Mallet Crematorium at 12:00 mid day on the 12th of May, and afterwards at Leigh on Mendip Village Hall.

Sadly: Frank

NSMSC Weymouth Trophy Regs for 5th May, WWMC Tanner Trudge Regs for 11th June

Good morning all!

There’s two sets of Regs for you to download, fill in and return to Secretaries of the Meeting, the NSMSC’s Weymouth Trophy, here: NSMSC Weymouth Trophy Regs&Entryforms 060517 & the West Wilts MC’s Tanner Trudge 90 minute Time Trial which are here: WWMCTannerTrudgeRegs & Entry Form110617

It’s just been pointed out that we haven’t published this Years Fixture List (thanks Gary), we’re onto it & will publish as soon as we have it in the appropriate format!

If you have an idle moment Google Unibus – we saw one yesterday – a shaft drive scooter with 269cc Villiers engine – I was unaware of it – but if you ever had a Vespa or Lambretta you’ll immediately see the same design considerations in the finished vehicle.

Keeping an eye on the weather in Fort William as well, see you soon: Frank

BSSA 90 Minute Time Trial – Regs for 14th May, cancelling Events, Isle of Wight 2Day Trial Reminder, It’ll soon be the SSDT.

Good – Friday – Morning

Regs are available for the BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial & Eco Angus Trophy 90 min Time Trial on the 14th of May. You can find them here: BSSA Regs&EntryGlenisEcoAngusTTrial140517

There was some interesting discussion at the last Board Meeting about cancellation of events in the light of a trial Event which a Club had recently cancelled  before its closing date. For many current riders, I guess closing dates are a relic, as riders expect to be able to enter on the day? So why, I wonder, do most Entry Forms specify a closing date & then add that entries can be taken on the day? I suppose it’s because Clubs would like to be able to gauge the interest in their Event beforehand & – this argument has been rehearsed many times previously – so that they can set out a course suitable for the numbers and ability of all the riders they know about. Entries on the day are therefore a “bonus” for the Club?

All Clubs are Member Clubs which exist purely to service the needs of its Members, some Members will be very active in Club activities & some may even be ‘sleeping’ members. The active ones have to make decisions after considering a range of factors, they will then make the decision in the Clubs best interest. Some of those decisions may, almost certainly will, not be agreed with by all the Members?

So where is this discussion going? I think I’d conclude from the above that if I want something to happen or to be changed I need to get more  involved with my Club(s).  What do you all think?

Not too long now before the start in Fort William of the SSDT. We hope all Wessex Centre riders have a trouble free mechanical & physical week! First timer Tom Culliford (264) will be riding all week in the company of the very experienced Adam (Norris 265) & Scott (Cameron 266). Victoria Payne has riding number 272. Going forward in start times there’s an interesting trio of over 40 foreign riders grouped together in Gilles Burgat (193) Dominique Guillaume (194) & Fred Michaud (195). A little nearer the front of the field are Gareth (179) & Craig (180) Talbot & Ian Fortune (181). Fred Adams (70) rides, as far as I can see, without another local rider for company but Fred’s an experienced resourceful rider these days so it won’t faze him. Victoria is one of just 5 ladies this year, Emma (Bristow), Sandra (Gomez), Chloe (Richardson), Jess (Bow)n & Victoria, as Becky (Talbot) is riding pedal powered two wheel competitions this year!.

On a sad note I see that Ted (Heather)’s Route Marking partner, & friend David Miller has also joined that “SSDT Supporters Club in the Sky “which will leave Gordon Halley to lead the new team that will be out early & late, putting out & collecting up signs, for the riders every day.

See you soon: Frank

ps Don’t forget the IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417 Info about it is here IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017

Centre “Jobs” – Gazette Editor, Permit Secretary. Trials Champs – Mendip Vale “Traders Trophy” Results & Updated Trials Champ Tables

Here’s a reminder to all, next years Centre AGM will see vacancies for a Gazette Editor & a Permit Secretary.

The Permit Secretary’s task is clearly defined – you need to receive review & approve Permit applications & the Supplementary Regulations & if satisfactory issue the Permits. The present incumbent – Mike Fear – also  arranges the funding, production & printing of our annual Centre Fixture Card.

The Gazette Editor maintains the Centre website by publishing submitted & commissioned information, comment & reports about the sport & riders in the Centre.

The Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Centre Championship Trial results are available here:   This year the Traders was held on a Saturday, while in recent years  it has usually been  ‘fixed’ in the Centre Calendar on Easter Day. A fairly healthy entry of 53 riders with the 39 finishers doing 3 laps of 15 sections. Expert winner Kurt Brain dropped just 7 in total, 4 of them in Andrea Cottles’ dry section 13, on the top of the valley where he dropped 4 in total finally managing a clean on his third lap! Rivals, Centre Champion & R/up Ben Skinner had just a dab here & 3rd placed Lee Hassall cleaned it each time. Clubman Expert winner, Kevin Hart managed to shed 11 of his total 19m/l here as well, whereas R/up Jon Bees only need a dab in his three visits, so I guess it was quite do-able but you had to get it right! Phyllis Sweetings’ Section 3 down in the slippery valley bottom also took a lot of marks especially in the slick lower part of the climb.

Pete Dury has, as usual, promptly updated his Championship Tables which are available here: 2017 Centre Trials Champs Tables as at 03_04_17


See you soon: Frank

North Somerset’s Jack Ball Chase Results & Colin Stenner Electrical Time Trial Regs

Mornin’ all

Jerry Walters has sent over the ‘stuff ‘above, you can find the Jack Ball results here: NSMSC Jack ball Chase Results 260317 & the Colin Stenner Time Trial details here: NSMSC Colin Stenner T:Trial Regs & Entry Form 290417   Jerry says”Bit busy to write a report this time, now that British Summer Time has arrived!” – i know what he means – you can get out in the garden after work – we’re busy on the Hawthorne hedge – we should just have had Hornbeam & Beech – three’s no nasty spikes on them!

Good to see Luke & Josh, & Victoria both having 2nd places in the most recent Sidecar & Ladies National Trials Championship Rounds. Chloe Cross won the the Non Championship Support Class too.

See you out at the Traders this afternoon?