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Ted Heather, Ray Dury, RIP. NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Time Trial – Change of Venue

Hello all,

We are sorry to have to announce that Ted Heather, another well known Centre member, has passed away recently following complications after surgery.

Many of you will know that Ted was a former Centre President & Harry Croft Trophy holder, and although he hadn’t involved himself in the Centre for some time, he was still a working member of the Scottish Six Day Trial organisation, in the Parc Fermee & putting out the daily Route Marking.

Ted was one of those quiet people who put a lot into the sport – numbers of Riders had the benefit of a little “help’ from Ted which wasn’t always appreciated as much as it should have been

When we have more information we will be post it here.

A name that most of you don’t know? is Ray Dury, who also passed away recently, he was Centre Trials Recorder Pete Dury’s Dad. Ray started  working in the Douglas motorcycle factory in Kingswood in 1935 when he was 14. He rode trials after serving the RAF during the war & rode Trials in the 1950’s & early 60’s on a variety of machines, together with Gerald Kibby & Arthur Mellors as a Kingswood Club member. Pete would love to see any Trial Result Sheets of Events  his Dad rode in. Maybe Gazettes of that vintage might turn something up? If anyone can help please get in touch via the Gazette or directly with Pete.

North Somerset MSC announce that due to the current spell of wet weather they have had to change the venue of next Sunday’s Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial from Scars Wood, Lulsgate to Malthouse Farm, Chelwood.


Wells & District’s Miller Cup Centre Champs Trial 22nd Jan. Results & Champ Points Table.

Hello all,

Its taken the Wells Team quite some  to produce  the Provisional Results because: weren’t there a lot of you? 109 in total with 35 Entries received before the closing date that meant 64 Entries to be processed before the start!

Some of you entered one class & rode a different Route, some of you, I think are in the Results in a Class you aren’t actually eligible for, although of course some of you may not have a current centre Grading & could then ride an age related Route.

Never mind, it was wonderful to see you all.  It was even more impressive that all Sections had an Observer, thanks to you all.

With 109 Riders the Clubs usual observer Boards only go up to 80, so there was some hasty improvision to manufacture cards to score Riders 81 – 120! Staceys Observer Cards only go up to 100 so they wouldn’t have coped although issuing two cards would have solved it! We found the ‘old fashioned’ Observer sticks which were quickly found & pressed into service that counted Rider Numbers 1 – 60 on one side & 61 -120 on the reverse with space for recording 4 laps if needed & the pencil were still a perfectly useable solution.

Punch cards would have worked but then you really need two Observers a Section, & you always seem to lose a punch at the end of the day, besides the ‘discussions’ that also ensue when rider interprets his ride differently to the Observer! Still, these days,  it’s a wonderful challenge for the Oranising Club to solve!

Scanning the Results it looks as if the Sections were about right on the yellow route, and on the main Route although the Expert & A/B routes challenged the Class winners severely. Section 8 looks like it was a stopper for the Experts with only Tom Culliford actually getting out of it (only once though)

A few random thoughts about the day, good to see Kevin Nicholas back in action on an ex Scott Cameron Beta, although he’ll need a lot more practice before he becomes the really handy rider we know he can be – how many years away Kevin, 30ish? Kevin Hart was on for a nice clean in my section before he ‘lost’ the Section markers & wasn’t able to recover although he was still well in control, Ben Wilmore was riding a ‘pre 65’ Triumph twin engined Cotton that he rode in a manner that suggested it handled differently (& better) than it ever did 50 years ago! It sounded nice though. Adam Colburn is back riding again, there was a tidy looking Saracen (was that a Puch engine in there) a Fantic 305, Kurt Brain the Expert winner was on a TRS I think? Roger Johns & the Charity Scott Trial Team raised £3500 in total with the Len Hutty Memorial Trial contributing a significant part of it – from memory the Charity Team was Roger, Kevin Hart, Barry Roads Paul Anstey & and Ray Haslam.

Best ride of the day on my sections hard route was Ian Fortune on his last lap, a beautiful flowing clean with forward momentum all the time – he got it exactly right.

The Results are here: Wells – Miller Cup Champ Trial 220117

and the Championship Points Table is here: 2017 Wessex Centre Champs Tables as at 230117  Thanks to Centre Recorder, Pete Dury




NSMSC: EcoAngus Time Trial Results for Sunday 15th Jan

Hello all,

Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the above, & as Jerry says,

‘Evening Frank,

Results are attached for Sunday’s North Somerset Club Eco Angus Trophy Time Trial, which was held at Ubley Drove on the Mendips.

This venue often attracts a full entry and despite the damp conditions the event was oversubscribed again. On a drying course Ricky Hudson was in his element and took a well deserved overall win losing 25 marks. An off form Jason Hamblin just clinched the runner up spot on the tie breaker, from Pete King, after both riders finished on 32 marks.

In the scrambles class Andy Frost revelled in the tight and twisty sections, taking an easy win on 35 marks. It was a closer battle for second spot with Tom Smith just taking it on 58 from Harvey Dark on 61.

Cheers: Jerry”

NSMSC Eco Angus T:trial Results 150117

Wells: Centre Champ Miller Cup Trial 22nd Jan – Any Observers Out There?

Hello all,

CofC Jerry Cross tells us that the Miller Cup Centre Championship Trial will be three laps of 15 sections. As it’s the Wells Clubs first Championship Trial for quite a while Jerry is very keen to ensure it all runs smoothly for you, & one of the Club’s biggest concerns is to get Observers for all of them.  If you can help out please let Jerry know asap.

See you there: Frank

ps Early Entries i.e. getting them in by next Wednesday will help everything to run more smoothly as well.

Wilts Border: Border Cup Results 8th January, North Somerset Centre Champs Terry Bunn Time Trial Regs & Entry Form for 5th February, Franks Mutterings …

Hello again,

we’ve a few things for you to take note of:

First the Results for the Kington Cup Wilts Border Trial last Sunday, w-border-kington-cup-results-080117-1  – good to see an excellent entry!

And next the Regs & Entry Form for the North Somerset Terry Bunn Trophy Centre Championship Time Trial on The 5th of February, nsmsc-ttrial-champs-terry-bunn-050217

Didn’t we have a battle for the 2016 Centre Trials Champion where it ended up all change after the last Round. Just how a Championship should be, in doubt until the final Round. I know there weren’t as many riders contesting the Expert Class as we would like but I’d like to thank all those guys who supported us & who were in  with a shout at the Knut Trophy. At the end of the Knut, the Result of the Trial & the Championship had to come down to the last tie breaker!

I did see a comment somewhere about a ‘works’ rider being able to score points ( I presume because whoever made the comment thought it had affected the Championship positions) but it made no difference to the final Result. The “works” rider in question has to be Toby Martyn & I think we should all be pleased that Toby chose to enter one of our Events. It’s a bit like saying that the Rules should be ‘bent’ i.e. the Rules should be changed to exclude Works Riders from the Championship, think about that, then someone would want to exclude riders not Resident in the Centre, then …  Well the Centre wants to encourage our own Riders to improve, & how do we encourage that, not by running a “closed” Championship I’m sure, the one restriction placed on Entrants is that they are Members of a Club Affiliated to the Wessex Centre.

If I recall correctly, Toby was announced as a Vertigo contracted rider this year (?) & I for one wish him all success in future Events, hope he stays injury free & fulfils his undoubted potential. I’m sure that all of you out there do as well & just wish a little bit of Toby’s skill rub off on us or if we don’t compete these days that we can at least admire them at home & abroad.


ps: My 2017 ACU Handbook came with todays Post

— And A Happy New Year to ALL — BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results, Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Regs & Entry Form, —

We hope you’ve all recovered from any overindulgences at the Christmas & New Year celebrations?  and we wish you all a successful 2017.

We’ve got last years BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results here, firstly the Solos bssa-phil-sparkes-solo-results-27121616 & also the Sidecar Results here bssa-phil-sparkes-trial-results-scars-271216 (looks as if Josh & Luke Golding had troubles (?) as they dropped more marks than any of the other crews. An excellent Solo entry of 58, with some names that I don’t recognise & some names that I do who ride ‘occasionally’

We’ve the Regs & Entry Forms for the Wilts Border Kington Cup w-border-kington-cup-regs-080117 & wborder-kington-cup-entry-form-080117 which is on Sunday – so get those Enries in now!

Had a little stroll around Browns Folly during the break, & noticed a guy on a Mountain Bike with a head cam riding around. Then we noticed what seemed to be a marked path or trail with a drop off into a gully & we were just thinking ‘trials section’ when he turned up & started sizing it up as well. He thought better of it as there was a slippy hairpin about 3 lengths before it & some nasty pointy rocks a couple of lengths after landing. If it were ridden in the opposite direction it looked like an excellent potential Expert section.

West Wilts Motor Club would like record it’s appreciation to all of you who attended Ken Lywoods’ funeral yesterday, especially ACU Vice President, Colin Moram.

See you soon: Frank