2017/18 Wessex Centre Events: Fixture List 2017 & Regs & Entry Forms

The 2017 – 2018 Fixture List will be posted here when available.

Fixture List 2017 – 2018

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Regs & Entry Forms

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Centre Championship Events are italicized & emboldened like this!

NSMSC Terry Bunn Centre Champ T:trial Regs&EntryForm 040218

Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Regs 210118 Regs                      and

2018 Wells & Dist Miller Cup Centre Champ Trial Entry Form 210118

NSMSC Eco Angus T:Trial Regs & Entry Form 140118

BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Regs&Entry 271217

NSMSC Richard Sage TTrial Regs & Entry Form for 101217

Bart & WoE Centre Champs Knut Trial Regs 101217  & Entry Form Bath &WoE Centre ChampsKnut Trophy Trial 101217

Wells & D Mike Cornish TTrial Regs021217 & Wells & D Mike Cornish TT Entry Form021217

NSMSC Presidents Champ Trial Reg & Entry Forms 26:11:17

NSMSC Ivan Manning Centre Champ Timed Trial Regs & Entry 19:11:17

WBorder Autumn Trophy Centre Champ Regs 051117   &   WBorder Autumn Trophy Centre Champ Entyr Form 051117

West Wilts Centre Champs Errington Regs & entry 081017

Wells Presidents Champ TTrial Entry 011017 & Wells Presidents Champ TT Regs 01117

K:woodHawkesburyChamp Regs&Entry240917

NSMSC RT Keedwell T:trial Regs & Entry 240917

Mendip Centre Champ Brockley Entry 170917

NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T:trial Regs & Entry Form 02071

BSSA Regs&Entry Form Glenis Sinclair Memorial  & EcoAngus Trophy 90minute Timed Trial 140517

Out of Centre Event: IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417

Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Regs 190317   and  Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Entry Fom 190317

NSMSC Wynnes Trophy T:Trial Regs & Entry Form 260217






w-border-kington-cup-regs-080117 and wborder-kington-cup-entry-form-080117