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NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase Results, Wilts Border RTClub Autumn Trophy, Wells Mike Cornish T/Trial, NSMSC Ivan Manning T/Trial

Hi all,

So the Scott Trial is over for another year, it’s noticeable that the organisers have to put more & more effort in each succeeding year to try to keep ‘enthusiasts’ off the private land before & during the event. We heard that bikes were being impounded at Surrender by the Police – presumably because they were being used illegally or were contravening the Law is some way.

We also saw 4 youngsters on pit bikes riding against the Clubs one way system to Surrender, followed by a Pick Up using its roof mounted orange flashing lights to  ‘escort’ them. Whoever you are, the adult who was shepherding them needs to be taken aside for a talking to in my opinion. We saw the Greeves 25DC, whose owner now has 2 new hips, in the traffic queue  from Surrender to Grand Canyon [yes really its that many nose to tail vehicles], while we were having lunch, so we had a quick chat. We usually see him & his wife outside one of the Cafes in Reeth where they have a cup of tea. One nice Scott was stopped in Reeth when we had stopped to buy pasties at the Bakers.

We have seen a Scott Spoon! Eric Kitchen showed us one at Orgate, it was won by his father in 1930 – before Eric was born. What an heirloom for the Kitchen family ,Eric’s Dad raced speedway & in the Island as well as the Scott. In those days you could still be an all rounder in the sport

Jerry Walters has sent across the NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase Results {see here: nsmsc-gordon-brown-chase-results-161016 } & reports

“Afternoon Frank,

Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club 90 minute Gordon Brown Chase, held at Ubley Drove, are attached for the website.

With many of the scrambles class hotshots missing, Charlie Frost coasted to an easy class win and overall premier, setting standard time and losing just 12 marks in the sections. Old Timer Gary Newman took second place in the class but lost a total of 63 marks, just one mark less than third placed Ant Milliar who was riding in his first North Somerset Club Time Trial.

Jason Hamblin mounted on his old Scorpa just took the trials class win, and overall runner up spot, but lost a total of 34 marks. Hot on his heels (again) was the flying Ricky Hudson on 37, with Dan Dark being the only other rider in the trials class to complete 13 laps, taking third spot on 70 marks.

Half a dozen sidecar outfits also took part, but the slippery going took a heavy toll and there were eventually just two finishers. Paul Manning and Ben Sinclair completed 8 laps losing 72 marks to take the top spot from Simon Chilcott and Scott Baker on 121 marks.

Best regards, Jerry


The Wilts Border Autumn Trophy is on 6th November, Regs are available here wborder-autumne -trophy-Regs-061116   & Entry Form here   wborder-autumn-trophy-entry-form-061116 You should note that this is not now a Centre Championship Round, but a Club Restricted Trial

The 20th November North Somerset Centre Championship T/Trial Regs & Entry Form are here, nsmsc-ivan-manning-tt-regs-entry-201116

The 4th of December Wells Mike Cornish Trophy T/Trial Regs are here wells-mike-cornish-tt-regs-041216 & the Entry Form’s here wells-mike-cornish-tt-entry-041216

More to follow on this post

Todays WWMC Centre Champ Errington Cup Trial Results, 5 daft Southerners

Hello all,

here they are Todays Results: wwmc-errington-cup-091016-results

Thanks for supporting the West Wilts Trial today, I think you all enjoyed yourselves? Ben Skinner was the man today topping the Expert runners on 17m/lost. Lee Hassallwas R/Up on 24. Ben went 3, clean, clean dab in my Section 8 against Lee’s 3, 2, 5, 1. Best on the Section though was A/B winner Barry Male with clean, 1, 2, clean, [A/B riders were on the A route in Section 8] who parted with just 22 in total. Tony Hewitt pushed him though on 26 & Henry Pym was 3rd A/B on 28. Best B was Dean Bines on31 with R/Up Peter King on 37. Zac King was best C on 24, & Andy Chivers riding No 40 lost 40 marks to be R/Up. The biggest class Entry were the O/40s where Mark Talbot came out top, besting James Dean by the most cleans tiebreak both of them dropping 7 marks. Richard Elliott was 3rd in class on 8, having said a few rude words when he followed an O/50 deviation on his first ride at Section 6 & was promptly given his five! Dai Clothier topped the O/50’s on a total of 4 marks lost in Sections 8, 9 & 10 , with a dab, a double dab & dab from Mike Cox on 19.

Thanks to Brian Shuttleworth, your CofC, Chris Kelly your Secretary of the Meeting, & all the Observers: Nipper Allen, Theresa Talbot, Andy Humphris/Dave Payne, Phyllis & Frank Sweeting, Ian Shuttleworth helped by Lottie Ian Nairn,  Mandy Jefferies, Dean Hassall & Chris Kelly doubling up on Section 10

There was just the 1 “daft Southern Centre rider’ with us today, Roger Johns, why daft? When you are over 60 riding the Scott Trial doesn’t sound the smartest thing to do, but with 4 other “daft guys”,  Kevin Hart, Barry Roads, Paul Anstey & Ray Haslam they’ve all entered this years Scott Trial. In view of their age & experience they have decided they wouldn’t try to enter as individuals, but as a team, a Charity Team. Any offers of Sponsorship would be welcome, as they ride to raise Funds for Mark Adams, who was diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer on Mothers Day. Mark has chosen to adopt a natural healthcare approach, but as the disease has become more aggressive, he needs to pay for some private treatment. As a self employed Dad with a wife & a 6 year old things are tough & any donations will go towards his treatment. You can help by donating at this website: or contact any of the Team directly

See you soon: Frank

Todays Wells Presidents Time Trial Results, the Beach Race next weekend!

Evening all,

Here are the Results of the latest Centre Championship Timed Trial that have been sent across by Martin Lawford who says:.

“Hi guys, Results attached for Presidents TT at Shipham today. An enjoyable event on what was a very challenging course. Thanks to all those who helped out.

wells-presidents-ft-results-021016                Cheers, Martin

A good event with 41 entries & just a couple of non starters, it looked as if the course was grippier than might have been expected after Saturdays rain, Andy Frost was overall winner, setting standard time and being best on observation cleaning Sections 1, 2 & 5 just dabbing a couple of time on Section 3 & just the once in 4 & 6. Jason Hamblin was R/up with Ricky Hudson 3rd in the Trials tyre class, best scrambler was Nathan Newman losing 13 on time & 162 on observation! As Andy lost just 12 on observation  you can tell the tight twisty course favoured  trials machines. First time I’ve seen a jammed on rear brake actually catching fire!

To Smith was resting an injured right shoulder rather than risk aggravating it before Weston next weekend & Andy is prepping a couple of bikes for some of his Australian mates who are flying in onWednesday to ride. Charlie Frost and several other local guys are entered  so lets hope they all have trouble free rides (although that’s fairly unlikely)


More chatter, 3 lots of Regs available, 1 set of results, see below. Trials Champ update.

As you’ll see we’ve the Results of the NSMSC RT Keedwell T/Trial, with a Report from Jerry Walters and Regs for NSMSCs’ Gordon Drown Chase & two Centre Championship events, the BSSA 6th Alan Brown Time Trial and the NSMSC Presidents Trophy Trial

NSMSC nsmsc-rt-keedwell-ttrial-results-250916

“Morning Frank,

Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club, RT Keedwell Transport Time Trial held at Hanham Mills are attached.  Despite some overnight rain the course was in prime condition and once again it was a clear cut win for Jason Hamblin who finished without dropping any marks. Ricky Hudson had another excellent ride to take second spot in the Trials class, losing 15 marks with Paul Manning just behind on 18 marks.

Andy Frost took the Scrambles class win, and overall runner up spot losing just 13 marks. Charlie Frost took second spot in the class on 27 marks, with Harvey Dark taking the third step on the imaginary podium losing 36 marks.

Regards: Jerry”

Regs are available for both of the North Somerset MSC events, the Club Restricted Gordon Brown Chase on October 16th,  [click here!] nsmsc-gordon-brown-chase-tt-161016 and their Centre Champs Presidents Cup Trial on 27th November, which are here – nsmsc-presidents-centre-champs-regs-271116

More Regs, this time for the BSSA Centre Timed Trial Championship have been published & are available [click here or  on the Regs Available page] bssa-6th-alan-brown-centre-champ-ttrial-061116

The Wells Club have a Centre Championship Timed Trial tomorrow – the Presidents Trophy starting at the Lillypool Cafe near Shipham, the West Wilts Club run their Centre Trials Championship, the Errington Cup on tomorrow week up at Perrys by Bath Racecourse, there’s a Centre Board Meeting on Tuesday….. See you there at all or some of them?

Scott Trial – not a lot of Centre interest, AFAIK Jerry Cross is the only Centre resident entered – lets hope his preparations & fitness training pay off & he gets round as it’s sure to be tough. South Western Centre guys Todd & Ty Kellet are entered so I’d guess they will be quick, I hope not too quick though, as the Scott can bite back at you. I wonder if Nibs will give them any advice before the start? From memory George Pollard, Peter Rew & Chris Shorey have also entered from SW Centre.

Last but not least, Pete Dury has updated the Centre Championship Tables after the last Kingswood Hawkesbury Trophy Round, here they are 2016-centre-champs-tables-as-at-261016 In the Expert Class Ollie Humphris has a comfortable lead with 49 points for Lee Hassall on 30, Ben Skinner lies 3rd with 23. I commented, before seeing the Results of the Hawkesbury that I guessed Lee would be the winner as ‘he was easily he best on my Section’ Apologies to Ollie who rode it just as well with just 1 dab on his 4 laps as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the Champs develop as Lee has won both the Rounds he’s entered, & Kurt’s Downhill Mountain Biking Events [that have taken him away from this years Series] are now pretty well over for the year. Phyllis noticed Kurt was riding with much more ‘flow’ than when he’s dialled in to trialling with the modern bike ‘switch on the power, switch off the power’. Time will tell!