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A Message From Old Maler. Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Trial Results. Guy Martin on Live TV this evening.

Good morning all,

We’ve had a letter from Old Maler,

“At last the spring has chased away the long  wet and miserable winter.

Sadly the winter months have seen the demise of several prominent Wessex members,  Ray ‘Buster’ James of West Wilts MC & LCC more recently Christine Bradley’s sidecar passenger to the late Roy, then the oldest surviving member of the old Shepton Mallet Motor Club, John Wellman became a victim of the grim reaper. If there is a heaven, John will now be  at a higher altitude than his Lancaster bomber ever managed.

Even my nemesis Martin Bracey had to take to hospital fare for a while, I hope it was not trivial, He wouldn’t have expected me to say anything less! Hang on in there Brace, there’s not many of us left.  — Old Maler”

Dave, we know you have your own troubles, keep fighting, cos’ old friends think of you: Frank

Here’s a link to Yesterdays Traders Trophy Championship Trial which takes you to The Mendip Vale MCC Website

Just 4 Experts in the Entry & just 2 Expert finishers. Winner Ben Skinner lost 94 in his 3 laps of 15 Sections  & lowest scoring Class winner, Dai Clothier lost 41 so you can tell  that the conditions made it tough! The last shower made it slippier than ever.

Don’t forget Guy Martin on Channel 4 this evening – a live ‘wall of death’ ride.



John Stait Champ Timed Trial Results, James Cup, Revised Results, Latest Trials Championship Points Table, Reminder re Traders Trophy on Sunday, KTM Freeride Maxxis tyre

Hello all,

A long weekend for guys who have to work  & of course the weather forecast isn’t for four long hot sunny days!

Martin Lawford has sent across last Sundays Centre Time Trial Championship John Stait Trophy Results which are here: Wells John Stait TT Results 200316  & says “Please find attached results from last sundays Wells Timed Trial at Rookham, the second round of the Wessex Centre Timed Trial Championship.

Jason Hamblin took the win with a clean sheet on observation but losing 1 on time to brother Mark making one of his rare appearances. Andy Frost matched Jason with a clean sheet , but it was Kye Banks who took the runner up spot, both losing 8 marks, Kye having the faster time after Andy lost his rear brake early on.

In the Enduro class it was tight with Harvey Dark pipping Tom Smith to the win by a single mark on 58 and 59 respectively, with Charlie Frost only another 7 marks behind on 66.

Regards: Martin”

Martin Peter points out a mistake in the James Cup Results, he wonders if his 9 in Section 7 means he missed out on a 10 for style? Apologies from the Results team! Revised Results are here  JamesCup 20-03-16-Results.cwk (SS)

Pete Dury had the Trials Champ Tables updated on Monday of course, but the revised James Cup Results will have altered the C Class Table. The Tables published here 2016 Centre Champ Tables as at 21:03:16 includes this change. Pete commented

” Good Afternoon Wessex Centre Championship table attached following yesterday’s James Cup Trial which was excellent and very enjoyable – many thanks to everyone at the West Wilts Motor Club.

Well done to Lee Hassall – pipping round one winner Oliver Humphries by just one mark.

Also, a very notable ride by Andy Noad – riding a Duracell Bunny battery bike that he only picked up on Saturday. An excellent first ride on a bike with no gears, no clutch, no kick start and no noise!

As always, please let me know if you have any queries or spot any errors.

Regards: Pete Dury”

ps: Apologies to Brian Shuttleworth, hope I didn’t scare you too much with my out of control riding on your section every lap!

The KTM Freeride is causing some angst with it’s Maxxis rear tyre. Gary Scrivens has had a definitive statement from the ACU Trials Secretary about its eligibility in Competition, part of which I’ve copied below

“The Championship regulations of the ACU Trail Bike Championship do stipulate that Trials tyres are required, and this in turn would obviously lead to the ACU specification of such a tyre

As you correctly state this falls under TSR 8 of the current ACU Trials  Standing Regulations , and  the specifications are listed under p 200 of the 2016 Handbook.

Our information is that the tyre to which you refer falls outside these specifications and therefore would not be regarded as a Trial tyre in the context of our Trials Regulations.”

Thanks for passing that on Gary. I’ve also noted that neither KTM or Maxxis claim the tyre meets the Trials tyre specification.

Post to be completed later: Frank

BSSA 3rd Alan Brown TT Regs available. James Cup Trial this Sunday.

Morning all,

As header, here are the Regs & Entry Form for the 3rd Alan Brown T/Trial, BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Regs & Entry Form 170416

Don’t forget tomorrow is the Closing date for West Wilts James Cup Centre Championship Trial at Beckie Addie Woods. Please call Phyllis NOW  on 01225 862506 if you intend to ride but want to enter on the day.

Feet up! Frank

NSMSC – Wynnes Trophy TTrial Results & Jack Ball Trophy TTrial Regs

Those busy guys at North Somerset Motor Sports Club ran the Wynnes Trophy Time Trial last Sunday, the Results are here, NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT 060316  & the Regs for their next event, the Jack Ball Trophy on the 3rd of April are here,  NSMSC Jack Ball Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form 030416 .

Jerry Walters says “‘Morning Frank,

Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Time Trial, held at Scars Wood are attached for the website.

In the Trials class Jason Hamblin narrowly beat Kye Banks by just 2 marks, with Pete King only another 2 marks behind in third spot.

After a discussion about the eligibility of the “hybrid” trials / enduro tyre fitted to Gary Newman’s new KTM Freeride it was decided that he was eligible for the scrambles class. Gary convincingly beat Tom Smith by 24 marks, so further discussions about the “magic” tyre are sure to follow! Harvey Dark took third spot, just 3 marks behind Tom.
Cheers, Jerry ”

The discussions before the start about the Freerides tyres are interesting as the two Classes are any machine on trials tyres & MX/Enduro machines on  MX or Enduro tyres, & I’d guess they have become even more  interesting after the event.

Controversy maybe? It just shows how important the Rules of a Competition are – just like the Centre Trials Championship.

It does look as if the hybrid tyre had more grip than anyone else had with their MX or Enduro tyres as  Gary was better than Tom in all the Sections that were taking marks on observation.

Watch this space! – Frank

BSSA: Reg Lewis Trial Cancelled. 1st 2016 Trials Champ Table. Todays Wilts Border results awaited.

Hi all: – a couple of things now “The Night Manager” episode has finished.

The water has claimed another event in the Centre, the BSSA  Reg Lewis Trial planned for next Sunday has been cancelled as conditions at the venue,  Elmington Manor, isn’t fit for use!

Pete Dury worked his magic on the Avery Trophy Championship Trial Results & has published the first 2016 Points Table 2016 Centre Champ Table as at 010316   Sorry I haven’t posted the Results, but I haven’t been sent them, maybe they are on the Club website qv ?

As we all know now there were just 2 Expert entries & Pete has extracted the following stats from last year’s championship following last Sundays abysmal expert class entry i.e. two! (and one of those had chosen to ride up on the Expert Route this year)

“Last year saw a total of only 11 expert riders participating in the championship of which only 4 rode 3 rounds or more i.e. 7 of the 11 only rode 1 or 2 rounds only all championship.

This compares to 18 in the 2014 season and 22 that rode the 2013 championship.

However, going back to last week’s Avery – we had an entry of 67 which was up on the previous year of 52 although down on the 2014 total 78.”

Pete also had a look back at the Results of the Avery over 50 years ago,& says

“Just for interest, I looked at the results I have for the Avery held in 1964  and found that 71 solo entries (66 started) and 15 sidecars (12 started).

John Ashcroft won that trial with a loss of 8 marks (Oliver Humphries lost 3 last Sunday). Of course, there was only one route through the 1 lap of 32 sections spread over 8 locations around the Yate and Hawkesbury area.

There was also only 2 classes – expert and novice. [my italics – Ed.] Some of the names I remember that rode in that trial were Colin Dommett, Gerald Kibby, Ivan Manning, Fred Rowcliffe, the Allen brothers, Pete Valentine, Chris Watts, Arthur Mellors, Roy Andrews, Mike Fews and the Cox brothers. In the sidecars were, amongst others, Ken Avery, Ken Kendall, Roy Bradley and Colin Laver.”

Thanks for that Pete, that’s very interesting, haven’t times changed?




Joy & Sorrow, Change to Centre Championship Rules, Clarification of the Helmet Cam Ban.

Morning all,

Firstly, joyful news:

Congratulations to a former Centre President, Phil Steadman & to Barbara  whose 60th Wedding Anniversary was on Tuesday 1st of March. Celebrations happen this weekend!

Secondly, sorrowful news:

Sadly Christine Bradley nee Bull, initially Roys passenger & later his wife, passed away in St Peters Hospice on the same day. You will recall that we had to report Roy’s own passing late in May last year. Our sympathies are with their family. Funeral details will be posted when we know them.


At Tuesday’s Board Meeting, an immediate Trials Championship Rule Change was introduced. As of now, a minimum of three starters will be required in any Championship Class before Championship Points will be awarded. The new Rule will not be applied retrospectively.

This Rule has been introduced after consideration of the Results of the Kingswod Clubs’ Avery Trophy Trial where there were just two entries in the Expert Class.

& Clarification of the Helmet Cam ban has been sought & the ACU  Enduro Secretary has confirmed that it applies only to Enduro events & not to Trials. Expect, however, the bans  wording to be changed to disallow any bracket mounted Cams.