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New Regs & Entry Forms: Wilts Border Salutation Novice & West Wilts James Cup Trials

Hello all,

Here’s a couple of sets of Regs/Entry Forms for you,

First off: Wilts Borders’ Salutation Novice Trial on 6th of March: Regs here: Wilts Border Salutation Novice Regs 060316   Entry Form here: Wilts Border Salutation Novice Entry Form 060316

Secondly: the West Wilts James Cup Centre Championship Trial on 20 March, Regs & Entry Form Here: WWMC JamesCup Trial Regs & Entry Form 200316

A reminder: Kingswoods’ Avery Cup Centre Championship Trial is on this Sunday 28th Feb.


NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ TTrial Results, NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TTrial Regs, BSSA 2nd Reg Lewis Trial Regs,

Here we are, Results from the NSMSC Terry Bunn Championship Timed Trial & Regs for the North Somerset Club Restricted Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial on 6th March & the BSSA 2nd Reg Lewis Trial on 13th March

Results: Jerry Walters reports

“Evening Frank,

The weather did it’s best to disrupt yesterday’s North Somerset Club, Wessex Centre Time Trial championship round which had already had to be moved to Malthouse Farm, Chelwood after the parking field at Scars Wood had become waterlogged a week earlier.

Although the car parking area held up well after yet another 36 hours of rain, the course was going to be tough. Most of the stream was too deep and fast flowing to use, so riders were treated to even more muddy cambers and slippery climbs than usual.

In these extreme conditions, motocross tyres seemed to be a big advantage and a flying Tom Smith took the scrambles class win and overall premier. Nathan Newman and Jerry Box took 2nd and 3rd spot respectively in the scrambles class, but were more than 60 marks behind Tom.

In the trials class only 2 riders managed to complete the full 10 lap target set by the top 3 scramblers. This time it was Jason Hamblin who just got the better of Andy Frost, with Time Trial rookie Kye Banks having another great ride to third place.
Results: NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ TTrial Results 070216

NSMSC Regs for 6th March: NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form 060316

BSSA Regs for 13th March: BSSA Reg Lewis Trial Regs & Entry 130316


Helmet Cam Ban [updated 11th Feb.] & Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial Regs

Hi all,

I’m just confirming that the Helmet & Body Camera ban in Enduro Standing Regulations 2016, ESR 14 has been extended to cover all Permitted Trials & Enduro Events.

If the camera is built into the helmet by the Manufacturer then it’s ok.

You may still mount a GoPro or suchlike camera to your machine. For Enduro’s you still need a valid Gold or Silver ACU stamp on your helmet to compete.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following statement is taken from qv


The ACU T and E Committee has decided to follow the ruling implemented by the FIM (International Motorcyclist Federation, the governing body of world bike sport) and also the FIME which looks after Europe, to forbid the wearing of cameras on any part of the body whilst competing in an event. This decision comes following a number of accidents in which the wearing of a camera has caused injury. The decision was also made as it was considered that when helmet mounted there was also a risk of damaging the integrity of the helmet. Helmets that intrinsically incorporate a camera from new would not be included in the ban. However, machine mounted cameras would continue to be permitted.”

Frank comments: but I am mystified why I can find no reference to Helmet & Body Camera bans on the ACU’s own web-site. Diligent reading of the 2016 Handbook shows a ban in Track Racing SR’s in 3.1 but only Helmet Cams are mentioned. In Moto-X SR”s you can use a Helmet Cam with the permission of the Chief Technical Officer or the CofC  see 8.2.8  I can find no mention of bans in Road Racing, Super-Moto, Drag, Hill Climb, or Pocket Bike SR’s. Please give me a reference if you know better!!

The Kingswood Avery Cup Centre Champ Trial Regs & Entry Form for 28th February can be found here  Kingswood Avery 280216


Updated “Terry Bunn” Regs & Entry Form, BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Results, Centre AGM Report

Hi. Several notification/updates today!

NSMSC Centre Champs Terry Bunn T/Trial Updated Regs & Entry Form for 07/02/16 are here:  NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ T Trial changed to Chelwood 070216  [click!]

BSSA 2nd Alan Brown T/Trial Results are here: BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TTrial Results 310116

Wessex Centre ACU – AGM & Board Meeting Report from 2nd February 

Roll Call of Clubs:

Bath & West, Bristol GrassRC, Bristol Sporting Sidecar A, Kingswood, Swindon & Dist, West Wilts & Wilts Border attended, Frome & Dist, Mendip Vale, North Somerset, Wells & Dist. did not!

The following Officers were elected:

President: Martin Bracey

Vice Presidents: Denys Plaster, Mike Fear, Frank Sweeting, Theresa Talbot.

Chairman: Keith Wooster

Vice Chairmen: Mike Fear, Mark Talbot

Honorary Treasurer: Clive Chapman

Theresa Talbot presented Martin Bracey with the Centres’ Chain of Office.

Centre President Martin Bracey then awarded the Harry Croft Trophy to Phyllis Sweeting

Afterwards, at the following February Board Meeting, the following Officers were appointed:

Centre Secretary: Theresa Talbot, Assistant Secretary: Phyllis Sweeting, Permit Secretary: Mike Fear, National Council Delegate: Nick Steadman, Awards Secretary: Martin Bracey, Website Administrator [Webmaster]: Frank Sweeting, Ben Fund Officer: Martin Bracey, Competitions Committee: Martin Bracey, Bob Burt, Tom Gerken, Mark Talbot, Nick Steadman, Gary Wooster.

Comment: So no new names there then – Ed

The regular Agenda items were discussed & the 2015 Centre Accounts & Balance Sheet were approved.

Comment: As no items were raised from the floor at either the AGM or Board I deduce that all our Centre riders & Club Members are completely happy with the way the Centre runs things on their behalf. – Ed.

Franks Mutterings:

I attended a Nation Trials Licencing Seminar last Saturday – the comment was made by John Collins the T&E C’ttee Chairman that it was clear the number of Insurance Claims made against your Events by Officials is quickly increasing because Observers are getting older [mostly pensioners?] & Officials using bikes at Events are also falling off [& older bones are more brittle] & that CofC’s need to remember their Duty of Care to their Official Team. 

Phyllis & I have pre-empted this, as we have already decided & have stopped Observing at Sections where we consider that it is unsafe for us to observe. So – be warned – the Sports future is in your hands – here endeth etc. etc.


Change of Venue – Terry Bunn TTrial. Riding “Abroad” including Northern Ireland in future? – Please Read Below

G’morning guys,

The bad weather continues to be disruptive! Please see Jerry Walters note below re the Centre Champ Time Trial on Sunday

“Morning Frank,
North Somerset MSC have been forced to change the venue for next Sunday’s Wessex Centre championship Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial due to a waterlogged car park at Scars Wood, Lulsgate.
The event will now be held at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood.
Can you put a note to this effect on the website please.  – Jerry” 

Now, an important note for anyone who will ride an event outside the UK  in the future using your ACU Licence or Trials Affiliation.  Make certain you take your ACU Start Permission & Proof of Insurance [you’ll get them from Rugby HQ] to ensure that the local organisers are able to accept your entry. This essential paperwork is needed in Northern Ireland as well as ‘Abroad’