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Sorry Guys: the Border Cup Trial has had to be Cancelled – see below


Sorry to have to post this note from Theresa Talbot who is Secretary of the Meeting for the Wilts Border “Border Cup” Trial planned for Sunday week.

” Hi Frank,

Can you please put this on the Chattering.

It is with deep regret and immense frustration that Wilts Border have had to cancel the Border Cup for 7th February. The ideal parking field we were offered is no longer available because of a change in plans of the landowner and the second field that was suggested cannot now be used because of the wet weather, the deep ruts caused by tractors mean no normal vehicles can get in there. I will obviously not cash the cheques for those that have already entered. My apologies for any inconvenience.
Who would be an Organiser? Better to cancel early in my opinion than keep hoping for a dry [or frosty] spell.

Club Dinners & AGM’s, Where’s our Trophy? Provisional SSDT Entry List

Hello all,

First off, its the time of year when AGM’s & Club Dinners happen. West Wilts had their AGM on Tuesday & it’s the same lot of Officials again, with just one change, Brian Shuttleworth was elected as WWMC President.

Does anyone out there know Mark Beans current address or phone No? He won the Trials Cup at our 2014 Errington Cup Trial, & we need it back to award it to Steve Wallwin. [Afternote, The WWMC Trials Cup Trophy was returned this morning – Thanks very much, Mark,  for making a special journey to do so – Ed.]

WWMC Dinner tickets are available from Chris Kelly for the same price as last year £25.00. It’s at Cumberwell Park again on Friday 26th February, call Chris on 01225 865 497 to book.

The Provisional SSDT Entry List has just been released & Centre Riders Fred Adams, Adam Norris, Victoria Payne & Gareth Talbot are all in. Victoria will be a first timer of course & will be fulfilling a long standing ambition to ride. Other adjacent Centre riders are Craig Talbot & Becky Cooke, & Andy Blackman together with Tom Hooper & Kevin Gundry. There’s 3 Lampkins’, 3  Palmers’, 5 Haslams’, 7 Ladies & a larger overseas entry than usual. Adam & John Shirt will doubtless be there or thereabouts in the over 40 brigade.

Reminder: Wessex Centre AGM, Warmley Community Centre, Tuesday 2nd February. It’s your chance to come along, grumble about how things are, volunteer to get involved & then get things changed


ps. TMX’s JD will berate himself in next weeks Trials Torque for missing out Victoria in his summary of lady entrants

First 2016 Trials Championship Round Entry Form & Regs: Frank mutters …

Hi guys,

The first Centre Trials Championship Round is Wilts Border’s Border Cup on 7th February – on land new to the Club at Yatton Keynell. Download the Entry Form Wilts Border Border Cup Trial Entry Form 070216 & the Regs Wilts Border Border Cup Trial Regs 070216 here.

Hope to see you all there, a venue that none of you have ridden before is a rare occurrence these days so get those entries in to Theresa quickly.

Apropos not very much we went to the Atwell Wilson Museum at Calne last Sunday with some fellow Saab enthusiasts. They have some interesting two wheelers there including a Brough SS80 & a Douglas twin which is still ridden regularly by its present owner in the summer, & it’s very nice too. We spotted a photo on the wall of road racers Richard Stevens (captioned as a Bantam Champion) & Chris Ludgate (RiP) with their Enfields. I hadn’t realised that Richard had road raced so i had a look round using Mr Google & found a Bantam Club Meeting at Snetterton in 1974 which Richard had entered, the Bantam wasn’t in the Results though & he isn’t listed as a Bantam Club Champion on the Club website. However I did see that he finished 11th in the 1974 Lightweight TT on a Maico averaging 81.84mph & that he’s also had an 8th in the Lightweight TT.

WWMC is grateful to Mick Perry for his Reports in TMX about our late President ‘Buster’ James.


NSMSC’s EcoAngus T/Trial Results Revision of BSSA 1st Alan Brown Results

Good evening all,

Jerry Walters says “Evening Frank,

Results of yesterday’s very muddy North Somerset Club Time Trial at Ubley Drove are attached for the website.    NSMSC Eco Angus Solos Results    NSMSC EcoAngus T:Trial Results Sidecars 100116

In a high scoring event Pete King had a great start to the New Year, taking the Trials class and overall premier from Jason Hamblin by just 6 marks. Joe Newman was only another 7 marks behind in third spot.

Many of the Scrambles class stars were away at an extreme enduro in Yorkshire, leaving the way open for Tom Smith to grab the win. Tom didn’t have it all his own way though, as Nathan Newman in second spot, and Jerry Box in third, were both hard on his heels.

A separate event was held afterwards for sidecars, and a good entry of 8 outfits was eventually wittled down to just 4 finishers, with Paul Manning and Scott Baker taking a clearcut victory.

Cheers: Jerry”

Additionally Jan Watkins sent over some revisited Results for the BSSA Solo 1st Alan  Brown Series Timed Trial which are here  BSSA Revised Results 1st Alan Brown Solo T:Trial 010116

Mendips’ Winterhead Trial is postponed to next Sunday!

Hi guys,

Hopefully you’ll have seen in other places, that Mendip Vale have decided to postpone their Winterhead Trial until next week to avoid clashes with other Events.

As the Valers Rob says “We have decided that due to so many other events being run on the 17th to put the Winterhead Trial back a week to January 24th, any chance you could put a little note on the Gazette website to let your Readers know?’

So there you all are,  Frank

“Buster” James Funeral is on Monday week, the 18th. A couple of Linda’s pictures. Charlies trip to Halstead

Hello all,

I’m now able to tell you the arrangements for Buster’s Funeral.

It’s at the West Wilts Crematorium, at Semington, on Monday the 18th of January at 10:45hrs. Refreshments will be available afterwards at the Semington Arms.

I was delighted to see Linda Ashfords pictures of Andy Scrivs./Martin Lawford & of Jason Hamblin in yesterdays TMX to illustrate Mick Perry’s Report. I’d be really chuffed if I’d have taken those. I also had to chuckle at Charlie Frost’s trip to Halstead for Woodbridge’s Extreme Enduro – it is a long way from Bristol isn’t it. M4, M25, M11 turn right for Stansted & then it gets slow. Still it’s worthwhile for a good Result, riding as Expert  Charlie lapped everyone in the Pro class like locals Chris Hockey & all the Roper family



Remember Scrambler Vic Vaughan? Numbered Rider Cards for Trials Organisers.

I do, do you I wonder?

I fielded a call this afternoon from Andy Westlake who is busy working on the 4th Volume of  Off Road Giants!: Heroes of 1960’s Motor Cycle Sport 

Andy has interviewed Vic Vaughan who won the Frome MC& LCC Clubs Rob Walker Trophy in 1967 or 1968. That will have been an Easter Monday Meeting I’m sure. Does anyone out there happen to know or remember which year it was? Vic can’t recall which. Please let me know if you do & I’ll pass the info on.

Do any Clubs need any more Riding Number Cards? If you do then Pete Culliford’s your man.

He can do Trials Riding Number Sets 1-100 black on white background which are normally £4.50 per set, he’ll supply any Wessex Centre Club @ £3.50 per set plus postage.

He can also do bespoke trials markers, flags & Begins – Ends Markers.

Get in touch via , or 01453 845197.


Wells Miller Cup Trial Results, Officials Licencing: A Cautionary Tale date Change for Swindon Brian Freegard Trial

Good morning all,

Jerry Cross has sent over the Wells Clubs’ Miller Cup Trial Results, despite the dreadful weather it was very obviously a most successful Event, as ~ Jerry says

“Hi Frank, Miller Cup Results attached.

Despite the torrential rain during signing on and the first hour of the event we had a good turn out of 63 riders and some travelled a ways such as Chichester, Luton and Didcot. We had a good mixture of riders, 11 experts, lots of youngsters and 5 girls. Even had an abundance of observers. Have to mark out more sections next year!

A huge thank you is in order to everyone who helped run the event in difficult conditions. [my italics – Ed.]

Regards Jerry”    Revised  Results are here:  Results Miller Cup 030116.xls         & on the RESULTS Page

It’s really good to see a lot of rider input to marking out, & all the Observers acknowledged, it’s also great to see that Riders will come a long way for the event – I guess my earlier comment about Riders waking up, looking at the dreadful weather, & deciding to have a lie in was wrong?

I see that Ben Skinner was R/up Expert – he’s also 2015 Southern Centre Expert Champ by just 2 Champ Points from Brian Francis {January 2016 – The Sporting MotorCyclist}

A Cautionary Tale: Officials Licences, You’ll remember i ran a Trials COC & Stewards Regional Licencing Centre in November? On the 24th actually.

This date was proposed & noted in the September Board Minutes, confirmed in the October Minutes & the Seminar was reported back to the Board & noted in Decembers Minutes. Board Minutes are circulated to all Club Secretaries
The confirmed date was also posted here on the website on 4th October.

So all our Clubs were notified, & it was posted on the website for everyone to see – and it was – as we had delegates based in other Centres attend

Are we all getting a bit slack about these things? I’m aware that some Licence holders whose Licence has just expired didn’t attend, I’m aware that one delegate didn’t Register before attending as requested & I’m aware that 3 delegates Licences haven’t been renewed as they didn’t return the Homework questionnaire.

So, sorry if you had intended to renew your Licence, you’ve missed it!


ps I’m hoping my own Licence will be renewed at the end of this month after I’ve been up to a National Seminar at Rugby.

PPS Last update today! Please note Swindons Brian Freegard Trial will be held on 17th January, and not as per your Fixture Card


BSSA: Results of 1st Alan Brown Series, Regs for 2nd Alan Brown Series. The 2016 – 2017 Centre Fixture List is also posted [see below]

Hello again,

It’s all BSSA this morning!

Results for the 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial at Lambns Lair on New Years day are here,[  BSSA 1st Alan Brown T:trial 1st Solo event 010116  Please Note Revision to Results in a later Post  – Ed. 13/01/16 ]  &       BSSA 1st Alan Brown TTrial 2nd Solo & S:car Results 010116

The Regs & Entry Form for the 2nd Round at Filers Wood are here, BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TTrial Regs & Entry Forms 310116


ps The sites ‘front page’ drop down menus have been amended [thanks to Sweet-Apple’s Clive] as we’ve moved into 2016. Please let me know if anything isn’t working for you & we”ll try & fix it.

pps  “Next Years’ Fixture List i.e. fixtures from March 2016  to February 2017 are now posted as a top menu item. Click to download Hovering will show ‘This Years” i.e. fixtures from January 2016 to February 2016 & click there to download them

Wilts Border – Kington Cup Trial – Results

Hello all,

Here’s a link to todays Results from the Piggeries Wilts Border venue: Wilts Border Kington Cup Results 020116   I looked at the weather around 10:00am this morning & thought “I don’t think many riders will have got up this morning & decided oh I’ll go & ride the Wilts Border Trial today” It, the rain, was hammering down! So I echo the comment on the Results “MANY THANKS TO ALL OBSERVERS AND HELPERS”