2016 Wessex Centre Events: Fixture List 2015 – 2016 & Regs & Entry Forms

Fixture List 2015 – 2016

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Centre Fixture List 2015:2016 correct as at 26:12:15.xlsx

Regs & Entry Forms

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Centre Championship Events are italicized & emboldened like this!





wells-presidents-tt-regs-021016   &   wells-presidents-tt-entry-form021016

wborder-endeavour-regs-011016   &   wborder-endeavour-cup-entry-form-011016


NSMSC Tattootime T:Trial Regs & Entry Forms 060816

NSMSC GMB Garages TT Regs & Entry Forms 200716

NSMSC Smokehouse Trophy TT Regs & Entry Forms- 020716

WWMC TannerTrudge Regs & Entry 120616

NSMSC Colin Stenner Elec TT Regs & Entry Forms 300416

BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Regs & Entry Form 170416

NSMSC Jack Ball Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form 030416

WWMC JamesCup Trial Regs & Entry Form 200316

BSSA Reg Lewis Trial Regs & Entry 130316

Wilts Border Salutation Novice Regs 060316

Wilts Border Salutation Novice Entry Form 060316

NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form 060316

Kingswood Avery Trophy Trial Regs & Entry Form 280216

Wilts Border Border Cup Trial Regs 070216 & Wilts Border Border Cup Trial Entry Form 070216

NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ T Trial changed to Chelwood 070216

NSMSC Terry Bunn Champ T Trial Regs & Entry Form 07-216

BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TTrial Regs & Entry Forms 310116

NSMSC Eco Angus TT Regs & Entry Form 10011

Wells Entry Form Miller Cup 030116

Wells Regs for Miller cup 030116