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Scott Trial Report, update for the last week or so – Regs, Results, Tables etc.

Hello everyone,

Just back from going up to the Scott Trial last Saturday. Here are a few thoughts.

We went to the start field first, & there was heavy drizzle so it was Paddock coat time, watched  Jerry Cross [No. 59] start, didn’t see Penny Ludgate who  was the Centre Steward & whose Sam was No.154, then on to Roys Rocks which this year was before Surrender, luckily the drizzle had stopped & it stayed dry all day. When we got there, the leaders on the road had gone through, & Chloe Richardson was one of the first we saw. We were really disappointed  that {I estimate} about 10% of the Entry did not make a bona-fides attempt at riding the Section, but just rode through the start cards & turned out before the next set of red & blue markers. I won’t name names, because they know who they are, but obviously in a timed event it’s a major advantage to not ride the section & save time & energy, but you are only cheating yourself. What does amuse me though is that a number of these riders had helmet cams whose recording will prove my point. Jerry Cross came through quite late, but quietly sized up the Section while in the queue & rode through very competently for a good ‘3’, but after penultimate starter Ross Danby. It’s been a very dry year up there with little water in the becks, but the rocks were very very slippery for the first men through.

Then we walked back up to the road & watched the traffic jam slowly [less than walking pace] moving along the road from Surrender to the Tank Trap groups. Quick chat with Tony Rew, Peter was already in the van & retired with a seized engine after a cooling hose failure. while we let the traffic pass using the time to have lunch. Then on to Slei Ghyll where there were two sections, & after years of walking up the road to Booze, we got wise & walked along the Arkle Beck towards Storthwaite Hall & turned up the Ghyll to the Sections – its a much easier uphill than the road & going back down the road only stresses your knees!

This years Programme had a page penned by Katy Sunter, in which she suggested Emma Bristow ‘was realistically chasing a Scott Silver Spoon’ I agree, Emma was better on Observation than James Fry in the Sections we saw them both ride, Emma was really close to claiming that Spoon – next year maybe.

Although I wasn’t trying to estimate time gaps, we watched Dougie go through & this year he looked in control & he was significantly in front of James Dabill, so I knew Dabill had had problems. As usual Dougie had a few words with the lady landowner, the last time we saw him there he’d bashed that toe remember?, and we’d wondered why he made it look hard. When I saw the Results I realised both Vertigo riders had had troubles [see Trials Central for the explanations].

Jerry didn’t make it before the section was closed about 15:20hrs, & now I’ve looked at the results, I think he was pulled off at the 5th petrol stop, or maybe he’d had a mechanical that stopped him a couple of sections prior to that fuel stop.. We know that Patrick Wardle [128] was pulled off at the same fuel stop, after having a front wheel puncture [only 7psi – maybe 10psi would have been better?] early on & having to ride with the flat before having to change the tube which all takes time. Even full chat in top on the Mont 4RT couldn’t make up enough time after the change. The dry conditions are a two edged sword, its easier to get round for the clubmen, but the top guys are all looking to set ftd so you’ve got less time, if that makes sense?Sam Haslam for instance got round in less that 5 hours – the first time he’s managed that.

We didn’t go back to the start field & didn’t know the Results until next morning.  Ian Austermuhle  had won, & Alexz Wigg was R/Up, Jonathan Richardson had set ftd, & Dougie was best on observation & 3rd overall. [ps Ian has already had 12 gold & 4 silver spoons so I guess that’s another of his ambitions achieved, congratulations from us!]

I’ve noticed Trials Central says there was a TV crew & “The feature will be shown on BBC One’s Inside Out programme, with reporter Paul Roseon Monday 26th October at 7.30pm on BBC One Yorkshire & Lincolnshire (Sky channel 957 if you are in another region) or can be downloaded after the broadcast on BBC iPlayer.”

Scott Trial Afternote: Conversation overheard in’t pub. Q; Did you watch the Trial yesterday? A: No we didn’t let them on our ground this year! I inquired why, and the answer was informative, honest & needs to be taken on board by us all. “well it started a couple of years ago, one of our gates was broken, admittedly it was old but it was still broken. Me: did the Club offer to replace it. Well we phoned up & told them but they never got back to us. Then last year the Marshals left a gate open & 4 tups got out, took me 6 hours to find & round them up. So this year we didn’t give permission [we’d wondered why a particular spectator section wasn’t in this year – it’s one that we watched at a couple of times] You  certainly can’t blame the farmers for their decision. It’s a reminder to all of us involved in the sport how delicate & careful we have to be in our relationships with all the stakeholders who influence whether we can run events.               I’m pleased to say that next year the Organisers will get permission to use that land again. So this years decision was just a yellow card rather than a red one

Results for the BSSA 5th Alan Brown TTrial on 11th October are here: BSSA 5th Alan Brown Results 111015

Results for the NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase held on Sunday are here: NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase Results 181015.xls  Jerry Walters says:

Evening Frank, Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Gordon Brown Chase are attached for the website.
In the trials class Jason Hamblin had a relatively easy win, losing just 9 marks on time. Kye Steel made one of his occasional appearances to take second spot on 20 marks with Jack Blacker in third place on 33.
Andy Frost celebrated his return to the scrambles class by taking the class win, and overall runner up spot on 20 marks lost. Veterans Ady Dark and Tim Walters took second and third spots on 36 and 38 marks respectively.

Cheers, Jerry”

Regs & Entry Forms for the BSSA Centre TT Champs on 1st Novenber are here BSSA 6th Alan Brown Centre Champ TT 01115 ,

Regs & Entry Forms for the NSMSC RT Keedwell Transport T Trial on 15th November are here: NSMSC RT Keedwell Transport TT Regs & Entry form- 15.11.15

lastly {I think!} are Pete Dury’s Centre Triasl Champ Tables after the latest [WWMC Errington Cup} Round, 2015 Centre Champ Tables as at 12:10:15.

That’s it for now: I may get some pictures from the Scott Trial up during tomorrow!



Todays West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Champ Trial Results, Wilts Border Announcement.

Hi all,

In a rush, things to do! here are todays Errington Cup Results. WWMC Errington Cup Centre Champ Results 111015 . Business as usual? Kurt Best Expert, Henry best AB, Matt best B, Steve Wallwin best C, Richard best o40, Merv best o50 & Hugh best Youth A. Great little (in terms of the entry) Trial I thought. Thanks, of course, to all Observers, especially Gary on Section 9 who is still recuperating. We had a T Bridewell entered today, I’m advised it was ace British Superbike BMW Road Racer Tommy Bridewell – he didn’t manage complete 4 laps of “Perrys” though!

Now the disappointing News from Wilts Border which we heard at last Tuesdays Board Meeting”

“Wilts Border regret that due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to run  our trial on 1st November as a Centre Championship round as the new land we were going to use is not available on that date, we have therefore taken the decision to run on that date at the Piggeries as a club trial, with 2 routes, main route and yellow route only.”
I’ll put the Regs for that on the site after Dinner – so come back soon  
Well, we’ve had dinner, watched the last half of the Russian GP, & here are those Regs [click here]  W Border Autumn Trophy Regs & Entry Form 011115
The Board Meeting also heard that BGRC have been asked to run next Years British Masters Grass Track – that’ll be really something. Certainly a ‘feather in BGRC’s cap

Todays Wells Presidents Time Trial Results, Latest Centre Trials Championship Tables. Confirmed Date for Regional Trials & Enduro CofC & Steward Seminar.

Good evening all,

Jerry Cross has sent over the results of todays Wells’s Presidents TT,

“Results attached for the Presidents TT today. Good win by Andy Frost in what turned out to be quite a challenging course for most especially the enduros . I decided to have a go on the enduro bike today and was happy to finish in one piece. Harvey and Charlie are pretty special on those KTMs. Andy, Harvey and Charlie are all riding the beach race next Sunday and Andy is also riding in the quads on Saturday. Is there anything he can’t ride !

Back on a proper bike again this week for some more practice for the big one. {Scott Trial – Ed.}

I’ll look out for you, just shout if you see me and if I’ve got any energy left I might manage a smile.”  {A good picture of Charlie at Hawkstone in this weeks TMX qv – Ed.}

Wells Presidents Centre Champ Timed Trial Results 041015

& after last weeks Hawkesbury Trophy the current Trials Championship points as collated by Pete Dury are  here 2015 Centre Champ Tables as at 280915  & as Pete says ”

Good Morning

The updated Wessex Centre Championship tables are attached following yesterday’s Hawkesbury Trophy Trial.

Kurt has won all 5 rounds so far and is 21 points ahead of Lee with Oliver not too far behind.

Let me know if you have any queries or spot any errors.

Next round is the WWMC Errington Cup Trial on the 11th October at Perrys (Upper Farm, Langridge Lane, Langridge, Bath BA1 9BX) up on Lansdown.”

Cheers – Pete

Please can you put this date in your diary if you need to renew your Trials &/or Enduro CofC &/or Steward Licence, as I will be running a Seminar from 19:30 – 20:30hrs at Warmley Community Centre on Tuesday November 24th 2015. – Frank

That’s it for now folks – Frank