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Todays Kingswood Hawkesbury Centre Trials Champs Results

It’s bedtime! MX des Nations on Motors TV but I shan’t watch the 3rd Race. Max Anstie was a nonstarter today after a Qualifying crash! – so GB can’t feature in the Results.

Anyway here are todays Hawkesbury Results    [click]   Kingswood Hawkesbury Centre Champs Results270915  Situation normal, Centre Champ Kurt Brain takes the Premier Award!



Centre Time Trial Champ Tables! Wilts Border Endeavour Trial is Cancelled, but Autumn Trophy will run at new venue

Hi all,

Tony Colman has collated the Centre TT Results to date after the Ivan Manning TT last Sunday you can find them here Centre TT Champs [enduro]as at 220915  & here Centre TT Champs[Trials] as at 220915

As Tony says “The trials class is very close with Andy Frost having missed one round but seeming able to beat Jason Hamblin when he turns up. If Andy can win the remaining 2 rounds he will win the championship. Harvey Dark seems to have the enduro class  much more tied up with a 21 point lead.”

Frank says, it’s a pity Tom Smith threw a chain at the Ivan Manning Round, or the Enduro class would have been a lot closer.

Please note that Wilts Border have cancelled their Restricted to Club Endeavour Trial on the 4th of October, [bad news] but their Centre Championship Autumn Trophy Round will go ahead at a new venue on 1st November [good news]

Glancing through TMX this morning it looks as Andy Scrivs/A Passenger, & Jordan Ridgway & Dan Price enjoyed themselves & had good finishes in the Natterjack British Champs Enduro Round in the Clubmen classes, & good to see Dan & Joe Millard have a 6th place in the last World Sidecar Cross Champ Round at Rudersberg, shame about their dnf in the first race when well placed. I hope they have an injury free season & freedom from mechanicals for next years Champs.

That’s it for the moment, see you at Sundays Championship Trial at Elmington Manor on Sunday?


Yesterdays NSMSC “Ivan Manning TT Results, NSMSC Regs for their Gordon Brown Chase TT

Hi all,

As Saturday was a lovely & I’d got all the nettles strummed down & the grass [mainly moss] cut we thought a trip to watch the Centre Champs Ivan Manning Timed Trial could be a nice way to spend Sunday morning.. It was! We’ve never been along Stanton Wick Lane before, although I think I’ve been to the Carpenters once many years ago after a hockey match. Great views from the venue & you would never know how close you are the Bristol. That big red brick building you can see, which looks like an old industrial building, perhaps a pump house?,  actually used to bthe e Pensford Colliery winding house

Anyway here are the Results for you, NSMSC Ivan Manning TT Results 200915 (click!)

As Jerry Walters says:

“Morning Frank, hope you enjoyed your morning in sunny summerset!
Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Time Trial are attached for the website. In the Trials class a flying Andy Frost took a convincing victory, setting standard time and finishing 6 marks clear of Jason Hamblin. Simon Prideaux celebrated his return to Time Trials after a summer break by taking third place.
In the Scrambles class Harvey Dark was gifted the win when Tom Smith retired with a broken chain, finishing well clear of “Old Timer” Nick Shephard in second spot, and Step Dad Julian Rigby in third.  
Cheers: Jerry”

Great venue complete with a ‘practice track” for small boys  & girls with balance & pedal bikes on a gentle slope with running water! and with nice sunny morning what more could you want from Sunday?

The next NSMSC Event is the 90minute Club Restricted  (click) NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT – 181015  so get those entries in!

Scott Trial: it looks as if Jerry Cross is the only Wessex Centre rider this year, I knew he was in & wish him good luck, an early number & that he makes it to the finish.Not too many people from ‘the south’ have entered, notably Tom Hooper is in, but as far as a quick scan goes it looks like just Peter Rew & Chris Shorey from SW Centre, Miles Carruthers & Martin Carter from Southern Centre, Sam (together with Ray, Joe and Tom) Haslam from Berko (S Midland), Graham Marfleet flying the flag for West Essex MCC (my first Club!), & Ross Danby, Simon Wearmouth (who Jerry has been practicing with) from Caldicot. Sole foreigner is Michele Bosi. If you’ve not ridden or watched you don’t know what you are missing!

Safe riding: Frank

Frome’s Ron Jefferies Centre Champ Trial Cancelled. Reeth 3 Day & Scott Trials

Hi all,

You’ve probably noticed the “Ron Jefferies’ Trial hasn’t shown in TMX’s Regs available?

I can confirm it is cancelled.

I heard Ian Fortune had been up to Reeth for the 3 days, Quickly scanning the Results this morning, it looks as if he would have enjoyed himself on the easier Route, well up the leader board. I didn’t notice any other Centre riders in the Results although Becky Cook was riding the hard route. It’ll soon be Scott Trial time & I’ve just noticed Entries are open until tomorrow, 10th September.

Have any Centre Riders entered I wonder, if you have we’ll see you there.


Use it or Lose it? Mendips Brockley Cup cancelled. West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Trials Champs Regs

Hi riders: Use it or Lose it?

Gary Scrivens has just been in  touch to say

Frank,We have decided to cancel the Mendip Vale trial on 20 September.

“With the ongoing problems of low entries in and around the Centre, the Mendip Vale Club have regrettably decided to cancel their Brockley Cup Trial on 20 September due to several other events also being scheduled for the same day. The Club will be looking at alternative dates  to avoid the clash for next year and the future.”
Regards: Gary
Here is the West Wilts paperwork for the Centre Trials Champs Errington Cup WWMC Errington Cup Regs & Entry Form 111015 which will be at “Perrys’
That’s it for the moment – enjoy the sunshine: Frank

Results of BSSA’s Brian Hudson Memorial TT, Regs for their 5th Alan Brown Club TT & Regs for the NSMSC Ivan Manning Centre Champ TT

Hello again,

Here’s some stuff you’ve been waiting for, the Results of the BSSA Brian Hudson TTrial are here Brian Hudson Memorial TT 230815 Results ,

& here are the NSMSC Centre Ivan Manning TT Regs & Entry Form 200915  – Get those entries in asap!

Finally for today here are Regs for the BSSA Club restricted 5th Alan Brown TT BSSA 5th Alan Brown Regs & Entry Form 111015BSSA

As usual click to view/download/print

A typical Bank Holiday Monday? Lousy weather & a great day when you are back at work on Tuesday!

See you soon: Frank