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NSMSC Weymouth Trophy TT Regs available. One for your Diary: WWMC Tanner Trudge 14th June

Here you are!:  Weymouth Trophy TT – 16.5.15

I mentioned our riders in next weeks SSDT, from SW Centre we have Joe Baker, Rob & George Pollard, George Edyvean Ricky Wiggins & Grant Laming. Other guys we’ve seen in the Centre from time to time include Dan Thorpe, Chris Heane, Ross Danby, Dougie Lampkin, Miles Carruthers, Tom Sagar, Alexz Wigg – good luck to them too.

This one’s an early warning for your diaries: Tanner Trudge, Naish Hill, Restricted to Centre, 90minute Timed Trial for solos only on Sunday 14th June.


BSSA 4th Alan Brown Regs. Frome Moto-X. SSDT ….

Hi all,

First off the 4th Alan Brown TT Regs for here for you:  BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Regs & Entry Form 070615 Thanks Jan.

Went over to Asham Woods last Sunday, & helped Mary on the Gate at the Frome Clubs British Sidecar Champs First Round, it’s quite a while since I’ve been taking money at an Event, & I guess I’d forgotten that you catch up with a lot of people you perhaps you don’t see very often. I chatted with Martin Strang, Adam Colbourne, Stuart Penney [who I’m really pleased to say looked really fit after that horrendous crash], Steve Bather, a secondhand James Ovens  [courtesy a crash at a Belgian even last weekend, a lower leg injury just plastered over there & waiting for an Op here], Richard & Dawn Elliot & others. I think we managed to keep the queues moving well enough so that the main road was kept clear. The Saturday night rain did enough to keep the circuit rideable but without dust. Dan & Joe Millard had two seconds to Stuart Brown/Josh Chamberlain, & in the 3rd race were closing in on 2nd position to Brown/Chamberlain again when the motor seized. My understanding is that Richard Jenkins may sit things out this year {?} now passenger Josh Hayns is injured – that’s a shame if he does.

SSDT: The start isn’t far off now, we hope all our Centre Riders have a good week with the good luck that everyone needs some of: in start order they are David Luff, Brett King, Becky Cook & Craig Talbot, Gareth Talbot, Fred Adams, Mark & Scott Cameron, Adam Norris. The same goes for all the other riders that we see from time to time riding in our Centre.



British Trials Champs Report – Rounds 3 & 4 from Roger Brain

Many Thanks to Roger for this excellent Report. Pleased his bout of flu has abated. It’s a pity Kurt had trouble in Round 4. , but ‘local’ riders stood out on both days in the support Classes.

British Trials Championship Rounds 3 and 4 – Kelly Farm, Devon

This weekend saw the British Trials Championship descend onto the grounds of Kelly farm Devon for Rounds 3 and 4 held over Saturday and Sunday April 18th/19th. After a week of true man flu that saw me bedridden for 4 days it was with great relief that the bug subsided enough for me to be able attend the double header. With an early start Saturday morning at 5.45am it was a dash down the M5 to hook up with the Hassall family along the way and into the parking field for 8.

This venue never ceases to amaze me, in that, from the road and the grassy parking field the wooded hillside gives absolutely no indication of what is to be found once inside. The whole of the wooded hillside is strewn with boulders of varying sizes from the size of a football to the size of a small car. With the soil consistency totally dry and like talcum powder it was quite obvious that grip was going to be an issue with the ground breaking up and dust transferred onto the boulders as the trial progressed.

The Anthony Rew Trial lived up to all expectations with Anthony and his team of helpers marking out 12 superb sections at this spectacular venue which has played host to many motorcycle and cycle trials events over the years. In contrast to the previous championship round the degree of section difficulty had been pitched perfectly for both experts and championship classes alike. Although some grumbles were heard among the riders that the sections were not quite hard enough on Sunday’s layout.

With first rider got away at 9.30am Saturday the trial was soon in full swing. The Championship riders were quickly to realise that Jorge Caslases had turned up at this round with his game face on, and was out to prove that on the huge boulders he was a force to be reckoned with. His first lap score of a meagre 2 compared to James Dabill on 9 and Michael Brown 15 showed his distinct liking for this type of terrain. Over the next two laps Dabill and Brown battled had to reel in the Spaniard but with no success. The finishing order being Casales, Dabill,Brown,Fry ,Wigg with Ross Danby down in an uncharacteristic 10th place.

In the Expert class out own Kurt Brain was riding on top form and completed the first lap for just 7 which had placed him nicely in the top 5 going into the remaining laps. Lee Hassell was struggling to find his composure and had been rattled by a rather ugly fall from a couple of metres up and the top of an angled boulder on section 3. The Gas Gas had crashed down with him but fortunately did not pile drive him into the ground. Once again Dan Thorpe and Tom Hooper were on a mission and completed their first lap for 4 and 8 respectively. With concerns over time Kurt was rushing to get through the Championship riders queue. This coupled with a dip in form saw some unforced errors creep in which dropped him down the leader board.

The finishing order being Dan Thorpe (No surprises there then) Tom Hooper, James Stones, Tom Minta and Ben Bullock. Kurt finished 13th and back in the points again.

The new Youth A class saw Toby Martyn totally dominate, with Jack Peace his only real contender for just the first lap. His total score for the trial of just 14 marks lost would have placed him in 3rd overall in the Experts. It was great to see George Marshman jumping on the bottom step of the podium for 3rd place overall and our own Tom Culliford finishing in 7th out of the field of 10 young riders in this class.

After a thorough bike and equipment check, preparations were made for the next day before retiring to the local pub for much needed food and refreshments. After a stunning meal at the pub in Lustleigh courtesy of our good friend Adam it was time to retire for a good night kip.

Sunday morning soon came around and greeted riders and supporters alike with glorious sunshine once again. Anthony Rew and his men were up and about early to change some of the sections and open up other unused sections from the previous day’s event. This was a day full of surprises with Michael Brown digging deep to ride at his very best. James Dabill was this time on the back foot and having to come behind. After the first of the three laps of twelve sections it was Michael Brown on 3, Jorge Casales on 5 and James on 7.

With the remaining two laps clean on each occasion James Dabill could not quite get back at Browner but had overtaken Casales for second overall. Finishing order come the end, Michael Brown 6, James Dabill 7, Jorge Casalases13 Billy Bolt 4th and young Dan Peace 5th.

The Experts were finding some of the sections difficult to predict and struggling to read the grip levels in the now, rutted and talcum powder ground consistency. Kurt Brain had picked up an early 5, after a rushed rear disc change (bent) and his panic to get back on time. This was not a good start and the marks lost here pushed him down the overall standings at the end of the trial. Lee Hassell was riding with much more confidence and composure and enjoying his day. Also Ben Lovelace was riding on a one day only entry and having some good encouraging rides.

Young Tom Minta turned in a very impressive score of just 3 for the first lap with Nick Baker on a mission together with young Tom Hooper and Dan Thorpe not far off their marks.

The second and third laps really sorted out the riders with some unsual dropped marks and position changes in the leader board. Finishing order Nick Baker 14, Tom Hooper 16, James Stones 18, early leader Tom Minta now 4th, Dan Thorpe 6th? Our Kurt Brain got pushed out the championship points in equal 17th due to the early panic previously mentioned.

In the Youth A category Toby Martyn dominated again but his winning margin over Jack Peace was not so great this time around with only 6 marks between them. George Marshman could not repeat his performance of the previous day and was pipped by 3 marks and Sam Johnson for 3rd place on the podium. Our Tom Culliford was once again 7th overall and consistently gathering points.

The overall Championship Standings make for some interesting reading with Dabill Brown and Casales locked in a three way scrap for the top honours, Haslam, Wigg, Connor. Price, Bolt and young Dan Peace in 9th in his first Adult Championship being the major surprise.

The Experts are battling out at the top of the leader board with Tom Hooper and Dan Thorpe trading top honours. To be honest, I feel for poor Tom in that he has to contest against a rider in Dan Thorpe who has spent a lifetime riding in the Championship Class. Surely you have to question if he should be allowed to accrue points in his first season of relegation. One can only question the ACU ruling on this matter, and how best they can encourage and motivate new talent.

Jonny Starmer is 3rd, James Stone in 4th and Tom Minta 5th young Joel Edwards is now in an unfamiliar 11th and our Kurt Brain 14th overall.


The Youth A Class is now seeing Toby Martyn taking a clear lead, with a maximum win rate to date. It is difficult to see how anyone is going to challenge this rising talent. Jack Peace is second and our own George Marshman has now consolidated a point’s buffer in third overall. Tom Culliford is now locked in a battle with Sam Johnson for 4th and 5th Places respectively.

With the sun still blazing down and a cool breeze still blowing to remind everyone it was still early in the year it was time to pack up and make tracks for home. After an exhausting weekend and struggling with any energy levels after the previous week’s flu it was good to be home and rest up again.

The next British Championship round rolls into Aberdulais on the 17th May and is run by the Neath club on the steep wooded welsh hillside. This venue should throw up a whole different set of challenges for the competing riders.

Yours in Sport

Roger (old Silverback). “

NSMSC: Jack Ball T/Trial Results

It’s Monday, Jerry Walters sent over the Results last night, but after [my] bedtime!  Jerry says “Results of todays North Somerset Club Time Trial at Frys Bottom Lane, Chelwood, are attached for the website.

Jason Hamblin made the most of Andy Frost’s Australian holiday absence, taking an easy win in the Trials class, and overall victory. In the scrambles class the entry was depleted by a clash with the Swindon Corinium enduro, and ‘comeback kid’ Tom Smith just pipped Harvey Dark by one mark. Cheers, Jerry”

Click here for Results NSMSC Jack Ball Trophy Results 1204115

Corinium Results awaited

Todays Frome Championship Trial Results

Hello all,

A tough day at Wanstrow, 4 laps of 12 Sections, you certainly got your moneys worth. Judging from the number of you that made time to chat with me, partly to get your breath back I know, it was a tiring Trial & the Results show it needed plenty of lusty legwork. Good to see former Centre Champion Colin Crease out for a ride & pushing Current Centre Champion Kurt Brain for the overall. I was on Section 5 & Colin went clean, clean, one, one, all good rides with lots of attack to get back up a slippery slimy bank of the stream. Kurt went five, five, clean, clean & the two cleans were very neat controlled rides, Colins first one was an out of control magic recovery after getting up that bank.

With all riders starting at the first Section, I was able to do something I’ve never had to do before, I moved one blue flag 18″ left so that there was a line opened up that allowed all, but especially the non expert main route riders to avoid a drop off from the undercut stream Bank, which had worried several riders, two of whom had ‘tucked under’ & gone over the bars head first.

Click here for todays Results   Frome Wyndham Haines 120415

I think but I’m not certain that all the Sections had Observers, so thanks to Colin Hassall, Nipper Allen, Mandy Jeffries, John Ball, Linda Ashford, Tom & Mary, & Phyllis & Frank & probably 3 others who I’m not certain of. That’s good as at the last two Championship Trials, the Traders where I was Steward & again did something I’d never done before, which was to Observe even though I was Steward, & the James Cup where again the Centre Steward, Bob Burt, Observed. This is a plea & reminder to riders to bring an Observer, the Centre Steward is appointed for an overview of the Trial, that overview is compromised if the Organisers need to ask him or her to Observe. We all know that you riders don’t actually like having to self observe, & we all know that you don’t always with the Observers decision, but at the end of the day you riders know that the recorded scores are unbiased , & that is very important.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Frome’s event see you in Scotland? Good fortune to all Wessex & adjoining Centre Riders.



NSMSC Colin Stenner TTrial Regs, Centre Trials Champs Placings.


Jerry Walters has sent over the Regs & Entry Form for North Somerset’s Colin Stenner TTrial on the 2nd of May. NSMSC Colin Stenner TT 020515

& Pete Dury has worked his magic on the Centre Trials Championship, & you can see who is where here  2015 Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 07:04:15

It’ll be a busy Sunday in the Centre, there’s the NSMSC Jack Ball Timed Trial, the Swindon & Dist MCC Time Card Corinium Enduro & the Frome & Dist MC & LCC Wyndham Haines Trophy Trial. We hope you’ll get out to compete in one or the other event, or just get out to watch one of them.


WWMC James Cup Expert Class Result Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Results awaited. Post Updated with both sets of Results 10:00hrs Tuesday

Hi guys,

Post now updated with both the West Wilts James Cup & the Mendip Vale’s Traders Trophy Centre Trials Championship Results [click on the links]

What a lovely day for a Trial! WWMC’s James Cup ran in lovely sunshine, 4 laps 10 sections, a nice flat field to park up in & I suspect an easyish Trial for you all?

Thanks to all riders, & especially Observers, both the Centre stalwarts & the ‘occasionals’ who helped us out on the day. It was nice to see several of you using ‘vouchers’ you had from our previous Events as currency for your Entry Fee.  Thanks also to CofC Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary Phyllis Sweeting.

Preliminary Results of the Expert Class subject to confirmation, when all has been entered into the spreadsheet & checked are, Winner Kurt, R/up Lee, 3rd Ben & 4th Ollie.

Hope to have full Results posted during this evening, well I didn’t manage that [ a different computer caused unexpected difficulties!] but here they are for you now WWMC James Cup Centre Champs Results 060415

I’ve Just seen the Traders Results on Mendip’s web 21:15hrs. To save you effort, I’ve copied them here  Mendip Traders Trophy Results 05:04:15


ps don’t forget the Frome Championship Trial next Sunday at Wanstrow

pps Dai Clothier had a handlebar clamp on his Beta snap at the Traders, he managed to get a spare to ride the James Cup on Monday at West Wilts, but my message is to check yours. is there a design fault? Dai’s clamp has a single bolt & a steel pivot pin. The fracture was straight across at the pinhole in the clamp. You don’t need me to explain the consequences of a failure during competition. Talk to Dai or Roger Brain for more info.