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Wells John Stait Centre Champs Time Trial Results & Roger Reports.

Hello all, for brevity here are The John Stait Results, Wells John Stait TT 210315   as Rogers British Champs Report is quite comprehensive:

“Summary of the Hectic Trial Weekend

The 2015 British trials championship got off to a thankfully, dry and sunny start at the infamous hook woods venue on Saturday 21/3. The organisers had put in a huge amount of effort to prepare a series of 12 sections that were both extremely technical and slippery across the boulder strewn woodland.

The sections consisted of wet muddy rocks, boulders, gully’s., banks and of course the legendary Jimmy’s Hill and Sand Mountain. These sections had the riders in all groups struggling to read the inconsistent grip levels and loosing marks unexpectedly in the process.

Our Wessex centre was well represented in the Expert group with Kurt Brain, Lee Hassall and Fred Adams. Tom Culliford and George Marshman also contested the new Youth A Class. The unfamiliar terrain and lengthy sections crammed with numerous hazards and obstacles caught out most of the riders at some stage. On many occasions riders were in almost touching distance of the end cards only to be stopped by yet another rock or boulder. With a start entry of new talent it seems difficult to see how Guy Kendrew, last year’s winner of every round, is going to have such domination this year after his 10th place finish.

After a sketchy start Kurt Brain got into his riding to finish a creditable 15th overall among the 50 strong field of Expert riders. George Marshman finished 4th and Tom Culliford 6th overall in their Youth A class of the 9 competing youngsters.

Surprise results of the day came from Tom Minta and Tom Hooper in their first Adult British Championship rides to finish in 3rd and 4th respectively.

James Dabill seemed in complete control in the Championship class after his overnight dash from contesting the last indoor x trial the night before. Dabill’s total loss of half the marks of Michael Brown in second overall has surely given him even more motivation and confidence for the rest of the season. A battle over the closing stages ensued between Alex Wigg and Ross Danby for the final spot on the podium. After several mistakes by each rider on the final few sections it was Sam Haslam that slipped under the radar to snatch 3rd overall from both Ross and Alex.

Dan Peace rode his socks off to finish 9th overall in his first adult British series while major shock was Spanish ride Caseles finishing a disappointing 6th place and struggling to understand the lack of grip in the conditions away from his native homeland.

After a quick clean up and bike prep it was a case of packing up the vans and heading south towards Petersfield for round 2 at Butser Lime works.

A local pub in the hungry horse chain provided the much needed body refuelling and evening meal for Kurt, Lee and the support team. After a good night s sleep courtesy of the Hassall family at a local Travelodge it was a short 10mile dash to Butser Lime Works Quarry and Sundays Round 2.

With the sun blazing down on the competitors the venue was blessed with bone dry conditions. As the trial inside and around the quarry got underway it was very quickly apparent that degree of difficulty of the sections was too severe. The number of retirements including last year’s champion Guy Kendrew bore testimony to the severity of the sections. I heard many riders and support members voicing their feelings regarding the risk of injury. Many saying ”I’ve got to go to work tomorrow”.

Riders nerve and confidence levels were certainly explored throughout the day tackling near vertical climbs in and out of the quarry basement together with traversing across the quarry faces on Chalk like rubble which had the bikes sliding out of control .

Emma Bristow had a nasty fall from the quarry top edge with here Sherco tumbling end over end and looking distinctly second hand as a result. But with credit to the girl she got up dusted herself down and carried on to complete the event.

After a testing day over the 3 laps of 12 sections the results posted many surprises. In the Expert class Kurt Brain had bettered his previous days result and finished in 11th place overall 1 mark short of a top ten spot. Fred Adams had soldiered on all day to bring the Mont in with 18th place. Lee Hassall had called it a day after the first lap along with many other riders due to the high risk of personal injury.

Tom Minta could not find his previous days form and finished in 14th but the other Tom (Hooper) went one better and pulled off a remarkable 2nd place. All the training with Joe Baker must be making a big difference. Tom Culliford turned in a good ride to finish 3rd and George Marshman 4th in the Youth A Class.

James Dabill once again came out on top in the championship class but not before the shock of seeing Sam Haslam in the lead after the first lap of 12 sections. With the Vertigo barking at the climbs and being regularly refuelled due to its 1 litre fuel tank capacity he managed to claw back over laps 2 and 3.

The final scores bear testament to the severity of the trial with James Dabill losing almost 50 marks and the rest of the field of riders up around 100 lost if not more.

For the second day running James Dabill took the win with Michael Brown in 2nd overall, Sam Haslam completed the podium spots with 3rd overall.

Shock results again in this class with Dan Peace finishing a remarkable 7th Overall even besting Spanish rider Casales in 10th overall. The outbursts in Spanish as he failed in the sections clearly demonstrated his feelings of frustration.

After a quick cup of tea and a chat to riders and friends it was back on the road for the 21/2 hour journey home and a well-earned good night’s sleep.

A big wash up job was order of the day for bike and riding kit Monday morning together with a reflection of the weekend’s efforts.

Regards Rog.”

Frank says, Thanks Roger from all of us for your  interesting insight. A 1litre fuel tank on the Vertigo, hm’ designed for indoor trials to improve the power weight ratio? Won’t be quite what’s needed for the SSDT though will it?  Emma’s crash, I guess that was in the section that Fred did the same thing in last year?. If the Champion loses more than 40 marks – about 1 a Section – my rule of thumb says Butser was too hard. Perhaps Steve Saunders was thinking about Sections for next years World Round. In the Support Classes, with such a lot of retirements of Riders who are all ‘good Experts’ it’s clear they voted with their heads, not wanting to put their bodies on the line.

See you all at Easter: Frank


Easters Centre Championship Trials, British Trials Championships Roundup

Trials Championships:

Wessex Centre: its a busy time for Centre Clubs, “   As TMX’s TrialsTorque said a couple of weeks ago, It’s a busy Easter for Wessex Centre Championship Trials, with a “Trinity Of Trials” week” beginning on Easter Day. with Mendip’s Traders Trophy.

Next day, West Wilts  are running their James Cup Trial at Beckie Addie Woods, Westwood on Easter Monday. In the past three or four years this Event has had to contend with bad weather & date clashes with other Events. So this  year the Club has changed it’s date to Easter Monday, decided the Event will run “come what may” and that as long as you have phoned Secretary Phyllis Sweeting no later than Good Friday 3rd April you won’t be surcharged for a late entry. That will help experienced CofC, Brian Shuttleworth & his team, as they mark out on the Saturday. WWMC Club members will be over at at Mendip Vale’s Traders Trophy Trial at Frys Bottom, Chelwood helping out on Easter Day & as always volunteers to Observe will be welcomed at all three events especially at the third of the “Trinity of Trials”, the Frome “Wyndham Haines” Trophy Trial on Sunday April 12th at Weston Town Farm Wanstrow. We hope you’ll “keep your feet up” & enjoy all three Trials!   “

British Championship Trials: I thought about going over to Seymours Arena for the first of the Ladies Championships, but it sounds as if it was rather cold so I’m glad I didn’t go, I looked on Google maps & it doesn’t look as if its the most picturesque venue so that was another reason not to go. Results continued where they left off last Season with Emma Bristow taking the win from Becky Cook. Donna Fox was third & Victoria Payne having her first ride in the Adult Championships finding it very demanding judging by the scores. Good to see Chloe Cross &  Izzy Saunders riding in Support classes & Hanna Vesterinen also. Alicia Robinson was a close 2nd in Girls B class & sister Leah won her non Championship Class.

Last weekend saw Centre Champ Kurt Brain start his British Championship adventure with a 15th at Hook Woods & 11th at Butser Lime Works. Lee Hassall & Fred Adams were also riding & we hope to bring you Roger Brains Report on both Events shortly.

The Sidecar Champs have had double headers in the Island & down in Devon/Cornwall. Jon & Matt are 4th at the moment [they didn’t do the first island Round], Josh & Luke were 3rd in the off road Round in Cornwall, behind Jon & Matt who were 2nd. David Tuck/Luke Golding are 2nd in B class with Andy Scrivens/Jana Goodman 3rd. Title Sponsor Phil Sparkes & Joe Newman are 3rd in C Class with Mark Watmore/Martin Lawford 2nd. Luke is having a busy time not only passengering for Josh but also other drivers who need ballast on a one off basis. Still being driven round each Section twice by a different driver as in Cornwall might be an advantage for the second driver? What do you think?

I should of course have mentioned earlier that Tom Culliford who was also across at Hook Woods & down at Butser over the Weekend, Tom was 6th at Hook Woods, & aced that on Sunday with a Podium taking 3rd place behind Toby Martin & Jack Peace in the Youth A British Championship Class.

Good luck to all local runners in their future Championship Endeavours.




The Swindonian LDT Date was incorrect! Regs available for Fromes Wyndham Haines & West Wilts James Cup Championship Trials

Hi guys,

Wednesdays update!

Gary Wooster pointed out the Dates List I posted had the Swindon Club’s Swindonian LDT in on the wrong date. Thanks Gary

I’ve now corrected that, & you’ll see the date of the revision on the Dates List is now the 18th of March. The previous revision date was 3rd of March.

It’s fairly simple for us to alter & update the Fixture List database with changes like this & it ‘s an improvement, I hope you’ll agree, over previous years where the Fixture List was ‘just’ a copy of the printed Fixture List your Club Secretary gave you.

Frome’s Wyndham Haines  Trial is the Sunday after Easter at Weston Town Farm, Wanstrow. The Regs are here: Frome Wyndham Haines Trial Regs&Entry Form for 120415

WWMC James Cup is on Easter Monday at Becky Addy Woods the Regs are here: WWMC James Cup Trial Regs 060415 & the Entry Form is here: WWMC James Cup Trial Entry Form for 060415

It’s a little different! We’ve added an up to date Centre Fixture List.

Yes, it’s a little different, the way the site is presented that is.

Thanks to all of you that responded when we asked you about the changes we suggested & have now had implemented.

We hope you will find it easier to navigate.

We’ve added this morning a Centre Fixture list for 2015 – 2016. Centre Fixture List 2015 2016 as at 180315 You’ll find this will download as a .xlsx file, & you’ll see it has a It has a “as at dd/mm/yy” date.

As you all know the printed Fixture Card, which you will have been given a copy of by your Club Secretary is a  “snapshot” of Events advised to the Centre Dates Meeting in November time. As the year goes on various Events are cancelled &/or postponed, & new Events are planned by Clubs. So this list of events will be updated after the monthly Centre Board Meeting to reflect the up to date situation as known to the Centre.

We hope this will help you when planning your rides, & our Clubs on getting their messages “out there”


NSMSC: Jack Ball Chase Regs & Entry Form, Wynnes Trophy TT Results

The NSMSC Jack Ball Chase Regs are here  NSMSC Jack Ball Chase TT – 120415 , todays Wynnes Trophy Results will be posted as soon as they are available!

NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT Results 080315    Here they are, as promised, & Jerry Walters says “Results of today’s North Somerset Club Time Trial at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood are attached for the website.

In the Trials class normal service has been resumed with Jason Hamblin just pipping Andy Frost, who had rushed back from Oswestry after riding in yesterday’s Tough One extreme enduro.

Charlie Frost who also had an excellent result in the Tough One, easily won the Scrambles class.


I’m pleased to see that James Cross was riding after his unfortunate ‘coming together’ on the road recently.

Just checked out the Tough One, Charlie was 2nd  & Andy 9th in the Expert Class


Wilts Border Salutation Novice Results, Wessex Youth Training is up & running.

Here we are, it’s Tuesday 3rd March, with a Board Meeting to go to this evening.

We were visiting Grandchildren over a long weekend, so this is the first opportunity to post the Salutation Novice Trial Results. Wilts Border Salutation Novice Results 010315   Welcome back to Finley Callum, I think it’s his first ride back [?] after his enforced layoff. A rare Observed Trial outing for Steve Bather who took a Class win on the easier Route, with the overall win taken by Jason Cole who was feet up all day.

Pete Culliford mails to say ‘Hi Frank,

On 14-02-15 we ran the first Wessex training session at Cromhall, we had 9 x riders out of 10 who had signed up.
Fred Adams introduced himself to each rider and parents before the start, 5 x sections were plotted prior to the start by Fred assisted by Tom Culliford, we had perfect weather conditions on the day, the rain the night before made it slippy, but these young riders seem to find the grip??
We were able to run sections close together so they were visible to Fred, this enabled the small wheel bikes and youth B/C riders to keep riding sections which worked really well.
Thanks to Fred for his efforts also Tom Culliford and Adam Norris who attended with his son Harry for assisting Fred throughout the day.
All youth riders are keen to attend another session so we are looking at dates now, Zona 1 have kindly offered there excellent venue for us to use for the next session.

Dates to follow along with any other news as I have it to hand.

See you soon
Pete. ‘

That’s good news, it’s taken a while to set it all up but thanks to Riders, their Parents, & the Trainers & helpers before & on the day. More news when it’s to hand

Signing off now,  Frank