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Mike Cornish’s Funeral detail. Wells John Stait Centre Champs TTrial Regs. Centre Trials Championship Tables & advance info.

Hello again,

Jerry Cross has passed on this message from Lee Cornish:

“Mike’s Funeral will be held at Wookey Hole Church on March 6th at 12.30pm. Lee also says that anyone who knew Mike well should get there early, as it’s a small church.  After the Service, there will be a get-together at Wells Football Club.”

Jerry has also sent the Regs Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Regs – 220315  & Entry Form Wells Centre Champs John Stait TTrial Entry Form for 220315 for the eponymous Wells Centre Championships Timed Trial.

Pete Dury has updated?, no perhaps its compiled the Centre Trials Championship Points Table after the First [Kingswood] Round   2015 Centre Champ Tables as at 23:02:15  & he says


Championship positions after the first round attached.

There are 4 new classes in the championship this year – a Twinshock Class and 3 Youth Classes, Expert, A and B. There must be minimum of 3 competitors in each class for points to be awarded.

Although only one rider completed the course in the Twinshock class, three riders started so the winner of the class does get the points.

However, there were no entries in the Youth A class and only one entry in the Youth Expert and Youth B classes –  so no points were awarded in any of these classes.

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.

Cheers:   Pete Dury”

For everyones information, as you will have seen from the Centre Fixture card the next Trials Championship Round is Mendip Vales Traders on Easter Sunday, West Wilts are hoping to run The James Cup Trial at Becky addy Woods on Easter Monday as a Centre Championship Round, subject to the necessary Permissions, so the first two weeks of April may well have 3 Championship Rounds in 8 days! as the Frome Clubs Wyndham Haines Champ Trial is on the 12th April.

WWMC are also hopeful that things might fall into place to run a Saturday evening Timed Trial, a  Tanner Trudge, & a Sunday Hare & Hounds at Naish Hill in mid June, so watch this space!

One confirmed Event is BGRC’s British Clubmans Championship Grass Track which will be on Sunday 24th of May, lets hope the new track gives a good days racing without too much dust


Todays Avery Cup Trial – Results . More on John Surtees

Hi guys,

we went out the the Avery today, anticipating it was going to be cold we volunteered to just observe one Section between us, so that we could move about & keep a bit warmer than if both of had a Section to do. We were lucky we had Section 7 in the quarry which was out of the wind & rode comfortably on the first lap, seemingly with lots of grip, then a few spots of rain during lap two then came a bit more rain & by the end of lap three it became more or less continuous. So grip became much harder to find & by the end it would be fair to say that it had disappeared for pretty well all of the entry! You know, open the throttle, engine note rises a bit but you don’t go forwards, the back wheel just spins up more! Centre Champion, Kurt Brain, had a wedding to get to at, I think half past one in Stroud, so didn’t have time to waste & had four good rides on our Section, I guess the scorecard will show he was best Expert in it. I’ll post the Results as soon as I have them, hopefully later this evening.

Kingswood Avery Cup Centre Champs Results 210215

Looking back a couple of days, as you would expect, many people attended Jim Webb’s funeral from our own & neighbouring Centres, and from the Sidecar-Cross fraternity, I must mention that Steve Baughan has been a tower of strength to Ve during the difficult times she has had since Jim became unwell & that support continued at the funeral, & I’m sure will continue in future. Thanks Steve.

You’ll recall I mentioned John Surtees three or four weeks ago? Richard Elliot got in touch afterwards to say that his dad had a copy of the 1946 ‘History of Farleigh Castle which has a picture of Jack Surtees & a young lad not in racing kit, Richard & Dawn wrote to the John Surtees Foundation enclosing a copy photo to ask if it was indeed, John. They had a reply from John himself confirming that it was him. How lovely of the man.



Mike Cornish. BSSA: Reg Lewis Trial postponed ufn, Regs available for the 3rd Alan Brown TTrial

I’m sorry to have to pass on the sad news that Mike Cornish passed away over this weekend. Mike was well known in the Centre but had suffered with Alzheimers disease, such that he needed to be cared for in a Home for the last twelve os so years of his life. Mike was a member of the Tor Club before it disbanded, and then of the Wells & District Trials Club who run the eponymous Timed Trial Annually.

I shall post the funeral arrangements when I have been advised.

BSSA’s Reg Lewis Club Restricted Timed Trial, scheduled for 15th March has been postponed until further notice, but the Regs are now available for their Centre Championship Timed Trial on 19th April. BSSA Centre Champs 3rd Alan Brown TTrial Regs – 190415



Youth Riders!

Hello all,

I’ve just had a note from Centre Champion, Kurt, who tells me that due to an unforeseen paperwork problem with his Trainer Licence he won’t be able to instruct at Saturday’s Training day. He’s obviously disappointed that he can’t, & wants you to know beforehand why he can’t be part of the ‘team’ this time.

I daresay those of you going have heard already, but thanks to Kurt for covering all angles to let you know.

Just a very quick email to say that I will not be at the first wessex training event as you have previously mentioned as Pete has had an issue with the paperwork and there is not enough time to rectify it before the weekend now.

Didn’t want to disappoint anyone that was expecting me to be there.

NSMSC Terry Bunn Centre Champ TT Results

Good morning, no its 13:02hrs, so it’s

Good afternoon here are the Results from yesterday’s 1st Round Centre Championship Timed Trial NSMSC Terry Bunn TT 080215   It’s Frost & Frost! Andy set ftd over his 7 laps with just 3 m/l on observation, & Charlie was best scrambler with 15 on time & 70 on observation! Tom Smith & Mark Batt were 2nd & 3rd in the scrambles class, & Simon Prideaux & Jason Hamblin were next in line, Simon losing 8&9 on time & observation & Jason dropping 3&18.

Will we have a new Centre TTrial Champion at the end of the Season I wonder!

See you soon: Frank

Kingswood’s Centre Champs Avery Cup Trial Regs & Entry Forms, New Championship Classes, NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT Regs & Entry Form

As header,

the Regs & Entry forms for both the Centre Trials Championship Avery Cup Trial, on 22nd February   Kingswood Centre Champs Avery Cup Entry Form for 220215  , Kingswood Centre Champ Avery Cup Trial Regs – 220215, and the North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial on 8th March  NSMSC Wynnes Trophy TT 080315  are available for you to download.


For 2015 there are some changes to the Centre Trials Championships, as explained below:

Wessex Centre Trials Championships –  Changes to Class status & new Class

Three current Rider classes in all Wessex Centre Championship Trials have been uprated to Championship Status.
These are:  Youth “Expert” riding the Main route, Youth “A” riding the Alternative route, and Youth “B” riding the Sportsman route.

A new Class has been introduced for Twin Shock machines, and this Class will have Championship status. Twin Shocks will ride the Sportsman route


BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown TTrial Results. Centre AGM

Hello all,

Here are Sundays 2nd Alan Brown Time Trial Results

BSSA Results 2nd Alan Brown 010215   which was won by Andy Frost, with Jason Hamblin R/up & Simon Prideaux 3rd. Best ‘Scrambler’  was Andy Scrivens

The Centre’s AGM was held last night as you know. A minutes silence was held in memory of Jim Webb who served his Club, the Centre & the ACU with distinction for many years.

The following Officers were elected:

President: Martin Bracey

Vice Presidents: Denys Plaster, Mike Fear, Frank Sweeting, Theresa Talbot.

Chairman: Keith Wooster

Vice Chairmen: Mike Fear, Mark Talbot

Honorary Treasurer: Clive Chapman

Theresa Talbot presented Martin Bracey with the Centres’ Chain of Office.

At the following February Board Meeting, the following Officers were appointed:

Centre Secretary: Theresa Talbot, Assistant Secretary: Phyllis Sweeting, Permit Secretary: Mike Fear, National Council Delegate: Nick Steadman, Awards Secretary: Martin Bracey, Website Administrator [Webmaster]: Frank Sweeting, Ben Fund Officer: Martin Bracey, Competitions Committee: Martin Bracey, Bob Burt, Tom Gerken, Alan Mountstevens, Mark Talbot, Nick Steadman, Gary Wooster

More stuff later on: Frank


SSDT Entries, Pinhard Trophy, British Trials Championships

Hello again,

The SSDT confirmed rider list is now posted on the SSDT web site. In a change the Organisers are only reporting confirmed entries – you’re confirmed if you’ve paid up. Already we have local interest with Fred Adams, Scott Cameron, & Scotts’ brother Mark listed. If you’ve had an acceptance mail you’ve got until 27th of February to pay up .

Congratulations to Zach Wajtknect who has won the Pinhard Prize for 2014. To my knowledge Zach has been nominated three times, & finally the Judges have recognized his outstanding achievements. We hope he continues his winning ways on the grass, and that his parallel shale [speedway] riding with the Birmingham Brummies team in the National &/or Midland Development leagues goes well.

The 2015 British Sidecar Trials Championship [Sponsored by  local business WESSEX PLANT HIRE (BRISTOL)] begins this weekend with a double header in the Isle of Man. Good luck to all our Centre runners.

The Solo Trials Championship [Sponsored by the local RT KEEDWELL GROUP] starts with a double header as well, on the weekend of 21st & 22nd of March, across at Hook Woods & Witley in SE Centre. Centre Champ Kurt Brain is intending to contest the Support Class this year & we wish him success pitting himself against some really good & Championship experienced riders. I can quite see Kurt finishing in the top 15 at the end of the year.

It’s the Centre AGM tomorrow. See you there.