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First Wessex Centre Youth Trials Training day.

Pete Culliford has made it happen!

With Centre Champion Kurt Brain & Centre Expert Fred Adams both now ACU Licenced Trainers, Pete’s mailed to say

“Hi Frank,

Training Venue Date; SAT 14 FEB 2015,

Venue post code; GL12 8AW,

Start time 10-30AM,

parking at Greenline Tanks.

I have got 10 x entries confirmed at present, if anyone else is interested please call me on 07717 210168 as soon as possible.
Please remember your ACU licences for signing on.

Cheers, Pete.”

The procedures put in place now, for youth training are much more complicated than  when the first trials coaching for young riders was started. As far as I know that was by Swindon Club Member Kevin McCullagh back in 19??

Keep those feet up: Frank

We need your help!, new phone No for Mick Perry etc

Hello all,

firstly Mick Perry is getting a new landline phone number & has asked us to let you all know. We’re not certain when it will be but if  you don’t find him on the one you’ve used for ages, you must call 01173 240 267, Mick’s mobile stays the same, 07966 237 008.

Why do we need your help? Well, it’s your feedback we need. We know the Centre’s website hasn’t changed since we moved from a paper Gazette at the start of January in 2010.

So now we’ve come up with a new ‘front end’ which we hope will make it easier for you to find what you want from the website quickly & easily so that we are more ‘user friendly’ while still remembering what we set out to do back in 2010.  The ‘About’  Page states what they were & still are, to remind you:

“This site is intended to give sporting motorcyclists a “one stop shop” to find out about the sporting calendar of events organised by Clubs affiliated to the Wessex Centre of the ACU. We will do this by publishing:

A List of the Centres’ Elected & Appointed Officers
A List of Clubs in the Wessex Centre, & links to their Club Web Sites
Posting notified Regulations available so that you can enter Events
Posting notified Results so you can see how you did!
Posting the annual Centre Fixture List
Telling you about date changes where notified etc etc”

So please click on this link   Centre website redesign

have a look around, try using it and then

tell us if you think it’s better to use & easier to find what you want. It’s your web-site so tell us what you think

Thanks: Frank

ps. The link is a snapshot of the present site a fortnight ago & won’t be updated – so it won’t have new Posts added.

Next weeks Wilts Border “Border Cup” is Postponed. Probable Dates for Regional Licencing Seminar & the 1st Wessex Youth Training Day, Cotswold Special etc. etc.

Hello again,

please note that Wilts Border’s Border Cup, a Round of the Centre Trials Championships planned for Sunday 1st February has been postponed. Further info  about a rearranged date when available.

We’ve now got a probable date for a Regional CofC/Steward Trials & Enduro Licencing Seminar. Subject to the Permit being issued, it’ll be in Swindon, at Swindon & District Motor Cycle Club HQ at the Gas Club, Gypsy Lane in Swindon from 19:00hrs – 22:00hrs, on Thursday 12th February. It is likely to be the only Seminar for this year. Although the venue is in Wessex Centre, Members of Club’s from other Centres will be welcome as are other Wessex Centre Club Members

So, if you need to Licence or renew your existing Licence & are not a SDMCC Member  please let me know ASAP & in any case not later than 5th February

Pete Culliford tells me that the 1st Wessex Youth Trials Training day is expected to be on Saturday 14th February in S. Gloucestershire. I’ll confirm that as soon as I can.

Did you see the letter from Jon Bliss in JD’s ‘Trials Torque” in yesterdays TMX? Jon says he is effectively banned from the Sammy Miller Trials Championships as there is a Rule saying more than 50 chassis [original or replica] must have been made. Jon’s home built Cotswold machines would only be eligible for Classes 3 & 6 , in any case, because as far as I can see as Jon’s machine has the Honda, or Honda copy engine. Eligibility & conformity with specifications for ‘older’ ** machines in competitions does seem to open a can of worms amongst entrants. It seems a pity that a revolutionary {?} special, and certainly the Cotswold is produced with different thinking, is unable to compete against more conventional twin shock machines. I wonder if this years Sammy Miller Championship Rules are more ‘cock-up’ than conspiracy? ‘Back in the day’ there was a first Majesty produced & I don’t recall the Rules back then effectively excluding the first Majesties from the British Championship.

Is there time for a change to the Rules? The first Round of this years Championship is on March 29th, it’s The Cotswold Cups Trial organised by Golden Valley MCC.

** Jon’s machine is not ‘older’, because it’s a new machine incorporating design features of yesterday. I also know that older machines are also quite far removed, in some cases, from what left the factory all those years ago.

Any Opinions?                     Frank



Watching TV, Trials Guru, NSMSC Eco-Angus TTrial Results.

Hi everyone,

We don’t watch much TV, but two things caught my eye on Sunday.

Firstly, Andrew Marr had Lord West as a guest yesterday. Lord West, if you didn’t know, has been First Sea Lord, & been a Junior Minister with Security Responsibilities. What caught my eye was his tie, without doubt it had a repeated motif of a Trials or Enduro rider on it. I wonder what made him choose that tie! Does he have an interest in our Sport?

The second thing I noticed was in the John Surtees ‘tribute’ programme shown last night. There was a shot of John’s ‘garage’ where he had several [many!] two & four wheelers. The programme concentrated on his early Vincent ‘Grey Flash’ racing [the Grey Flash was ‘half a Vincent’ just a 500cc single] & then his MV World Championship successes on two wheels. What caught my eye was something in the garage I didn’t recognise – a racing machine with what seemed like trailing link front suspension, the shape of the tank made me think AJS porcupine? A little online searching showed up that it was a ‘Works’ Norton F type prototype  from 1954/55.

Something else I’ve come across recently is the Trials Guru web-site at      The Trials Guru is John Moffat, who is well known, especially to followers of the SSDT. The website name is correct, John really is a guru of trials. You might find it an interesting browse.

Jerry Walters has sent on the NSMSC Eco-Angus Results here NSMSC EcoAngus TT Results 110115 With a full Entry of 60, Jason Hamblin continued where he left off last year with a win, Andy Frost R/up & Simon Prideaux 3rd. With Scramble tyres it was Charlie Frost, Andy Scrivens & Mitch Frost 1st,2nd & 3rd respectively.

That’s it for now: Frank


Centre AGM, 3rd February, Centre Champs: NSMSC Terry Bunn Timed Trials Regs available

As headings:

The Centre’s AGM will be held at the Warmley Community Centre on the 3rd of February ay 20:00hrs, followed by the monthly Board Meeting. I hope all Clubs will be represented, all welcome! Come & have your say under AoB! see you there?

There will be a Regional Trials CofC & Steward Seminar at the Swindon Clubs HQ on a date to be arranged. Those of you wanting or needing to renew your Licence will need to attend, & if you need an Enduro Licence as well, this can be done by “homework’ afterwards. The Seminar takes just about 3hours. I’ll post firmer details in due course.

Dates for this years  Intercentre T&E Team Events are now known, the Trial on 11th & 12 July up at Longframlington in the North East & the Enduro on the 12th July across in West Sussex at Uppark

Jerry Walters has sent over the Regs & Entry Forms for the first 2015 Centre Championship Event, the Terry Bunn Timed Trial. Find them here NSMSC Centre Champ Terry Bunn TT – 080215 it’s at Scarrs Wood on the 8th February


Wells Miller Cup Results

Hello all,

Please find the Miller Cup Results here Wells Miller Cup Results 040115  I’m pleased to see they had such a good entry & with 12 Youth riders too. Something I haven’t noticed before on Results, but something I welcome, is a list of the Observers who are an important & necessary part of you riders days sport. We always appreciate your ‘Thanks for Observing too”!

Did Martin Strang ride the Tanner Trudge I asked yesterday. Yes he did, Brian Shuttleworth says:

“Hi Frank,

I managed to find a couple of old results for the Tanner Trudge regarding Martin Strang.
The first one was 1970 and he managed to win the best ‘C’ class on 44 marks lost……
It was won by Dave Jeremiah on 26 with Mark Kemp R/Up also on 26 marks lost.
In 1974 he finished R/Up to Sammy Miller.
The results have him down as M. Strang so I presume it is him.


Martin asked me to pass on his thanks to Brian, which I have done.

Does anyone else have access to Trudge Results from Back Then?

It’s interesting, isn’t it that Centre Gazettes carried Regs Available & Event Entry Forms, but not comprehensive Results. Of course Trials Riders have always been advised of the results of their Competitions, as Results are not very often available at the finish within say half an hour of the finish, & never “Back Then” These days few Results are sent by Post most are emailed to individuals &/or posted on a web-site. posts all Results sent to it and these are available in Date order by Year for anyone to access.

I suspect I’m correct with this is true though. Speed Event Results aren’t generally available, because Scrambles Results weren’t published [apart from at the Meeting]. The Announcer would give the Results over the PA after each Race & before the next Race for Grass Tracks & Scrambles, so Spectators would have Results up to the first 15 or so written into their Programme but Competitors??   I know Competitors would know about their own Races [think Prize Money, think Upgradings] but where would I go to find out if a certain D. W. Plaster rode in any of the Junior up to 250cc races in the Bath & West of England MC Scramble, at Tog Hill, on the 26th of September 1965. He’s listed as a Reserve.

What brings this question to mind? Well that’s very nearly 50 years ago & Denys will be at tonights Centre Board Meeting. Another new fangled invention, Ebay,  will let you buy that marked up programme.


ps the answer to my question is yes he did & he placed 8th – it’s written into this programme & his riding No was 13!



Happy New Year to All! Here are this years Results to date, & Regs for BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown T/Trial

The New Year Fireworks are over & it’s 2015. Lets hope it’s a good one for all you of & your Families. As far as Sweetings go, our families saw too much of RUH Bath & Addenbrookes Cambridge this year, relatively minor episodes in the  “bigger picture” I know but we wish good health to all of you in 2015.

To business: here are yesterdays Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results, WBorder Kington Cup Res 040115 & the BSSA New Years Day 1st Alan Brown Club Solo & Sidecar Timed Trial Results, BSSA Results 1st Alan Brown Solo 010115  & Sidecar BSSA S:car & 2nd Solo Alan Brown TT 010115

Next up are the Regs for BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown Series Timed Trial on 1st February BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TT Regs & Entry Form 010215

Hope to see you soon

Frank & Phyllis

ps I’ve been asked if Martin Strang rode the Tanner Trudge, & if so which year(s) & if he did where did he place?

We’re talking about the 1970’s & 1980’s period. That’s not something I have to hand, as remember that was back in the days of Roneo’s to duplicate the Results  & for  you to enclose an SAE for your results. Any Centre Historians out there?