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BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results from 27th Dec.

Jan Watkins has sent across the Results of BSSA’s Phil Sparkes Trial which are linked here BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results 271215 which from the Class winners scores looked as if it was set out with just about the right severity of the sections following a couple of days of overindulgence(?)

Don’t forget on Friday after another day of overindulgence(?) BSSA have the first of the Alan Brown 2016 Time Trial Series at Lambs Lair. On Saturday you can ride the Wilts Border Trial at the Piggeries – another Trial that won’t be too challenging after the festivities I’m sure

We see Guy Martin has entered the pre65 Scottish this year, although a quick scan of the Entry List shows only Chris Mitchard from our Centre has an entry. John (Trials Guru) & David Moffat are in which reminds me that the Trials Guru web-site has quite a lot more content than the last time I visited. There’s a gallery of Rappers photos of the 1975 World Round at Congresbury which are all B&W – & no-one covering brake & clutch levers with a finger either. Technology marches on eh?

I’m reading a book written by Alex Moulton at the moment in which he describes his professional engineering career in R&D & production. Did you know he had a pre war Scott & a Norton? He also had a post war Vinnie Comet which he modified with a bonded rubber/metal rear suspension that was used as a test bed in place of the original Vincent rear suspension.

That’s it for the moment: hope you’ve all had a good Christmas & will have an excellent New Year.


NSMSC Results of Richard Sage TT 13/12/15, NSMSC Regs & Entry Forms Eco Angus TT 11/01/16

Hello all,

Here’s a link to NSMSC Richard Sage TT Results 131215 – well it’s obvious isn’t it?

Jerry Walters says “Evening Frank, results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Richard Sage Electrical Time Trial, held at Scars Wood, Lulsgate are attached for the website.
Jason Hamblin was cruising towards another comfortable win until he suffered a puncture on the last lap which put him out of the awards. This allowed hard working club chairman Paul Manning to take the overall premier award, with Simon Prideaux and Andy Scrivens a close second and third respectively in the trials class.
Andy Frost had an easy win in the depleted scrambles class, taking overall runner up spot in the process. Nathan Newman and Tom Smith were a distant second and third respectively.
All the best: Jerry”

The link for the NSMSC Eco Angus Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form is here:  NSMSC Eco Angus TT Regs & Entry Form 100116

I’ve had just one comment so far about a possible Wessex/Western Centres Trials Championship, anybody else?

Just two events left to go in the Centre this year: is anyone hoping to have an advantage by not eating & drinking too much in the next 10 days? No? I thought maybe not.

Keep your feet up: Frank

December Board Meeting, AGM Notice, Wells Mike Cornish T Trial Results

Good morning!

There’s a few points from the last Board Meeting you need to be aware of, there’s been an informal approach from Western Centre suggesting a joint Western/Wessex Centres Trials Championship of 6 events, 3 in each Centre, which would be run concurrently with the two Centres own Championship Events, that is 3 events in each Centre’s own Championship would count towards a combined Championship. this may be discussed at a future Comps Committee Meeting. There’s been a Trials Officials Licencing Seminar run at Warmley although not all the Homeworks had been handed in! [‘Pull your finger out guys’ comes to mind – Ed]. The Youth Training Squad programme was discussed. {We know that Tom Culliford is asking riders & parents to send him their contact details to help co-ordinate future planned Training sessions – as reported earlier – Ed}

The Centre Centre Secretary had received a proposal suggesting that the Centre Trials Championship be expanded to include a “Sportsman+ Class” who would ride 50/50 B & C routes & that twin shocks in this class would have both 2 & 4 stroke categories. The proposer suggested this would encourage entries irrespective of a riders ability or machine. After discussion, the Board chose not to change the existing Championship Rules  – as it wasn’t clear that the introduction of the Twin Shock Class into the Championships  for the 2015 had led to the hoped for  increase in entry numbers. It also felt that more Twinshock Classes [4 in total] would simply dilute the existing T/S Championship Class. [The largest T/S entry in the 4 Championship Rounds that included a T/S Class this year attracted 8 entries – Ed]

Please put this date into your Diary/Calendar now: The Centre AGM will be held at Warmley Community Centre on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. Clubs have been invited to submit their Nominations for President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairmen & Hon. Treasurer on or before 6th January.

Here are the revised Mike Cornish TT Results from Sunday 29th November.  Wells Mike Cornish TT, 061215

Any comments/opinions/suggestions about any of the above? Please be in touch – Ed. – It’s Your Sport so your input is welcome


ps: I can’t find the Results sheet for the Southern Experts Trial published anywhere, so all I know from searching & finding 3 ‘Reports’ on the web of Wessex Centre Resident Riders is that Josh & Luke Golding were best Expert S/car [looks like just two Expert outfits?} Lee Hassall was in a 3 way tie for 4th place Clubman Expert, Tom Culliford was 8th & Victoria Payne was also riding that Class. – if anybody has found where the complete published Results are hiding I’d like to know!

Revision to NSMSC’s Presidents Trophy Results, Youth Training Squad Update

Good Morning all,

Here’s a correction for you that Jerry Walters has forwarded:        NSMSC Presidents Centre Champs 221115 revised 241115     [ I had noticed the Provisional Results posted were marked Rev.3 so I thought there may have been some angst for the Results Team. – Ed. ]

Jerry said “Evening Frank,

Pete Dury has spotted that the winner of the C class (Terry Potts) is in fact a clubman B, and therefore ineligible for an award.
We thought we had got everybody riding their correct route this year, but there always seems to be one that slips through!

Cheers, Jerry”

Trials Training Supremo Pete Culliford’s has sent over his Youth Training Squad Report

“Hi Frank, We used a Zona 1 venue at Nettleton Bottom on Saturday 14th November for a Youth Training session, Tim Martyn was the Licenced Trainer in charge of proceedings.

Tim’s the nominated Minder for Toby [Martyn] a British & European champion, & together with Toby  and our own Tom Culliford [who’s in the top 4 of the BTC] assisted Tim with helping the few Riders that turned up improve their skills. As you can imagine the Training crew had an awful lot of knowledge & experience to offer the trainees. By the end of the session there was some really positive & improving riding being shown by all of them.

A few riders I should like to mention are Harry Ridgeway and Reece Legg, both Wessex Youth C riders who look as if they could have a go at BTC in the near future, and young Evie Hayward on her Oset also very determined young rider.

All other Youth Wessex riders were contacted but unable to attend. Dates for both JAN / FEB 2016 training sessions will be available shortly, and Tom Culliford will be setting up a database with all parents and riders contact details. Please can all parents / riders wishing to register for 2016 Training please email him with your up to date details at:

Regards: Pete.”

I hope all our Young Riders will sign up with Tom, & that we”ll get a squad together who will be vying with each other to be selected for the Centre’s Team to represent us in the 2016 Inter Centre Team Trial – Frank

Final Centre Trials Championship Tables for 2015

The title says it all really!

So here we are, & as your Trials Recorder says ”

The Wessex Centre Championship Tables are attached following yesterday’s excellent [NSMSC  – Ed.] Presidents Trial. Due to the cancellation of all the remaining events in the championship, these are the final standings.

Congratulations go to Kurt Brain who won all seven rounds of this year’s championship to retain the title of Wessex Centre Champion in some style.

Henry Pym was the clear Clubmen Expert winner.

Matt Hanney was also a clear winner of the Clubman class.

Steve Wallwin, with 2 wins in his 4 championship rides tops the top Novice class.

Rich Elliot took the over 40 title with a podium position at every round.

Dai Clothier won 5 of the 6 rounds he rode to comfortably win the Over 50 title.

Michael Ell took the new Twinshock title winning two of his 3 rides.

Unfortunately we had no class winners in the three new Youth categories due to a lack of sufficient entries at each round for any points to be awarded although a special mention should go to Harry Jefferies who posted scores in 6 of the 7 rounds.

As always, please let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries.

Regards: Pete Dury”

The Tables are here: 2015 Final Wessex Centre Trials Championship on 24:11:15

Nothing for me to say really, except our thanks to all of you Riders for supporting the Centre Championships & we’re sorry that a number of the planned Rounds didn’t happen for various reasons but availability of land is becoming a larger “challenge” for organisersso if you know of a potential venue have a word with your Club or a Board Member – its your sport you’ll be helping.

Yours in sport; Frank

ps: Especial mentions for Kurt Brain & Richard Elliott who both rode all 7 Championship Events.

NSMSC ‘Presidents” Championship Trial Results

Good morning all,

Sorry we didn’t see you all yesterday, i got a cold after being in Manchester last weekend & Phyllis has caught it, so we decided that standing about for maybe 3 hours on the coldest day (?) of the winter so far wasn’t smart, so we stayed at home. Anyway, Jerry Walters has sent over the Results NSMSC Presidents Centre Champs 221115 & reports:

“Results of today’s North Somerset Club Presidents Trophy Trial are attached for the website. I kept a look out for you but you seemed to be well hidden! Ideal weather conditions, a huge entry, and observed sections that seemed to be of just the right severity all made for a very enjoyable event.”

Almost certainly thats the largest entry in this years Championships, was it the weather, the venue, the … ? Who knows? and Sidecars as well!

Good to see former Centre Champion Colin Crease out for a ride, although current Champion Kurt Brain was the comfortable winner with just one dab all day. Twin shock class winner, Kevin Miller was the only rider clean all day so the course plotters {Jerry Cross et al?} had got it it just about right!

I’ll see some of you tomorrow at Warmley – please bring your 2015 Handbook with you, we’ve only got about 5 here, rather than the box full I thought we had!


NSMSC RT Keedwell TT Results

Hello for Tuesday guys!

Jerry Walters says

“Evening Frank,      Results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club Time Trial held at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood are attached for the website.
After a week of rain the stream had become a raging torrent, and looked more suitable for white water rafting than a Time Trial. However it didn’t affect Jason Hamblin, who took an easy win losing just 4  marks. Gary Newman and Andy Scrivens took a distant runner up and third spot on 26 and 28 marks respectively.
In the Scrambles class Andy Frost also had a fairly easy victory after Harvey Dark and Tom Smith both got water in the works. Charlie Frost survived the torrent to take 2nd spot, 22 marks behind Andy, with Nathan Newman a further 44 marks back in third place.

‘Evening Frank’ happened well before my ‘cocoa time’, but I didn’t pick up Jerry’s mail until this morning so sorry if you’ve been waiting – we went & watched some of the Hurran Trial up at Sheepscombe in Western Centre on Sunday & the venue was wet but drying in the wind.

Here’s your link to the Results  NSMSC RT Keedwell TT Results 151115


Final Centre TimeTrials Champ. Tables for 2015, Regs for Miller Cup Trial

Hello guys,

Please Note re Sundays NSMSC Presidents Trophy, if you need to contact the Secretary, Ruth, you will have to contact her on her home Tel. No. Her Mobile Number is now disconnected. Revised Entry Form with her home contact No. is available here NSMSC Revised Presidents Trophy Regs & EntryForm 221115

Please find below links to the Final 2015 Centre Championship Time Trial points tables.

The last Championship Round, BSSA’s 6th Alan Brown decided the outcome of the battle for first (Andy Frost) & second (Jason Hamblin) position, & also the third & fourth positions for Simon Prideaux (3rd) & Paul Manning (4th). Click on the links below to view

2015 Final TT Champ [Trials] Table           2015 Final TT Champ Enduro Table

Thanks to Recorder Tony Colman for tallying it all up for us & who says

” In the trials class Andy Frost just beat Jason Hamblin, despite missing one round, with a flawless ride in the 6th Alan Brown at Filer’s Wood. Harvey Dark had already won the enduro/scrambles class before the last round.”

Here are the Regs Wells Regs for Miller cup 030116 & Entry Form Wells Entry Form Miller Cup 030116 for next years (!) Wells & District TC’s Miller Cup




Date Changes & Cancellations, BSSA Regs & Entry Forms [3 events]

Hi guys,

Following the Wessex Board Meeting last week, I need to update you all on some Date Changes & Cancellations from the list printed in your Centre Fixture Card:

Please note this list details the Club, it’s Event & the new confirmed date

Wells & Dist, Mike Cornish T/Trial, 6th December,

Bath & WoE, Knut Trophy, 13th December CANCELLED

Mendip Vale, Turkey Team Trial, 19th December,

Wilts Border, Kington Cup, 2nd January

Swindon & Dist, Brian Freegard, 17th January.

Now, to the BSSA Regs & Entry Forms;

BSSA 1st Alan Brown T-T First event Regs & Entry Form 010116

BSSA 1st Alan Brown T-T 2nd Event 010116

BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Regs & Entry Form 271215 ,