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Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015!

Just a few hours early but it’s very nearly next year already.

Let’s look forward to another year of great sport for all of us.

Right, something from 2014 next, Results of the BSSA Phil Sparkes Sidecar Trial & the Phil Sparkes Solo [Non Expert]  Trial held on Saturday 27th December.  BSSA Phil Sparkes Sidecar Results 271214   & the  BSSA Results Solo Phil Sparkes 271214

Something for next year now, Regs & Entry Form for this Sundays Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial, W:Border kington cup regs 040115 & the W:Border KINGTON CUP ENTRY FORM 040115

Remember that Wells & District Trials Club are running their Miller Cup Trial on this Sunday as well – so you are spoiled for choice

Don’t forget the BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial tomorrow, & a little advice, as long as you are tucked up in bed by ten oclock tonight & avoided any celebration during today that’ll probably be worth half a lap at least on most of your fellow competitors!

Enjoy yourselves: Frank

Wessex Trials Champions & Harry Croft Trophy Recipients

Hello all,

Nearly ready for Thursday 25th December?  No? I thought not!

In an idle moment, & to distract you further I have updated the list of Centre Trials Champions, & renamed the Page as ‘Wessex Trials Champions and Harry Croft Trophy Recipients. See the list of Pages at the right? It’s the bottom Page listed.

Centre Trials Champions Start [1950] to 2014

You will all know about our Trials Champions, but some of you may not know about the Harry Croft Trophy?

The Harry Croft Trophy is in the gift of the Centre President, who decides at the end of each year who has contributed most to the aims of the Centre. I haven’t listed them previously, but have always reported who was awarded it in my brief summaries of Centre AGM’s where I tell you who has been elected & appointed for the year.

Harry Croft Trophy Start [1967] to 2013

See you soon: Frank

A few of my ‘mutterings’ about the Knut Trophy Trial

Right-ho: a few comments on Sundays Knut Trophy.

Congratulations , of course, to the Centre Champion Kurt Brain, who has ridden 7 of the 8 Round Championship {the Round he missed clashed with the Southern Experts Trial which as a Regional Restricted Trial is a level above  a Centre Championship} Not only that, Kurt won those 7 Events, a faultless record. We are all grateful to Kurt for taking our Wessex Centre Championship so seriously.

As it happens the best Youth Expert, Tom Hooper made 2nd best performance & it was a really class Entry of 4 of the best “A” class youths in the country, being in no particular order Tom Minta, Toby Martyn, Tom Hooper & Tom Culliford. We hope that maybe we might see them all at next years Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Trial or perhaps a West Wilts trials at Becky Addy Woods if their National & International commitments allow.

I mentioned on Sunday that the Traders is one of the hardest Centre Trials, & looking at Riders scores, it proved to be so, the lowest Class winning score being Mike Husband riding the  o50 route losing 29 [0.65 marks per section average]. All other Class winners averaged 1.25 marks per section average or more. So it proved to be a tough day, probably tougher than the CofC intended. Former Centre Champion Colin Crease having one of his few rides of the year attacked those climbs with his usual zest, which often results in a clean or a 5, whereas Andrea Cottle, not renowned for  all out attacks, found grip with her throttle control & with some footwork to top the C class entry. A number of o50 riders chose on the day to tackle the [harder] o40 route. A mistake that Dave Best didn’t make as he tested out the 4 stroke’s repaired gearbox – it passed!


Todays Knut Trial Report – A Cautionary Tale. NSMSC’s Richard Sage TT Results. Centre Champ Knut Trophy Results

Hello all,

We’ve just got back from the Bath & West of England Clubs Knut Trophy Trial, the last Round of this years Centre Championship Trials. This event is generally acknowledged as one of the best & hardest Trials in the Centre run by a very experienced Club, with sections laid out by three current ‘younger’ riders. Riders rode 15 sections 3 times & were blessed with 15 Observers – I told you this was a very experienced Club.

I was a little surprised to be told during the day that  a rider had asked one of the Observers how they had done & was disappointed to be told he’d fived the Section. A person associated with that rider, who claimed to be a National CofC, then told the very experienced Observer that the decision was incorrect & that a Protest would be put in!

I point this out because I’m aware that many Trials these days are ‘self observed’ which is open to marking abuse, and that any experienced CofC knows that an Observers decision is a matter of fact & is not Protestable. In my opinion, many Observers who may not be as passionate about our sport as the one whose competence was questioned, would say “blow this for a game of soldiers’ put down the Board & leave the Riders  to do their own thing.

Whilst this comment didn’t fall into the TSR34 {Offensive Behaviour} category,I’m quite disturbed that any CofC would voice this opinion in public about  any Observer.  A Licenced CofC will know that an Observer is an assistant to the CofC, & that the Observers decision cannot be challenged as regards judgement of performance. You can however Protest against any breach or misinterpretation of the Regulations, however the Observation Rules {non stop} do not permit pauses in forward motion Please see TSR22 B Non Stop Definitions. Thus the person concerned was simply wrong

Talking to another very experienced Observer during the Trial, I was asked whether the people who grumble about Observers, ever think about standing in one place for 4hours concentrating hard, making decisions, getting cold & wet & having those decisions questioned by people with an interest in a riders performance.  In other words do the grumblers ever volunteer to Observe? I think not.

I leave you all to decide if I’m making sensible comments or not? Let me know, or discuss them in another place

Here endeth this Sundays Lesson & I will get down from the pulpit now!

On Riders behalves, thanks to observers, Mark & Theresa Talbot, Mike & Chris Fear, Darryl Fortune, Colin Hassall, Phyllis Sweeting, Becky Talbot, Bob Burt, Nipper Allen, Denise & Colin Noad, Aleta Payne, Dave Cottle  &  an other, for helping make a super event

Jerry Walters has sent me todays Results for North Somersets’ Timed Trial held today,   14th DECEMBER 2014.xls  & says  “This was the final round of the 2014 North Somerset Club Time Trial championship, and congratulations go to Jason Hamblin who easily retains the Trials class trophy for another year, and Charlie Frost who just pipped Andy Frost to the Scrambles class championship.”


ps Knut Results will be posted here as soon as available

Here we are : B&WoE Knut Trophy Results 141214.xlsx  It’s bedtime, comment tomorrow – Frank.








NSMSC’s Eco Angus RTC TT Regs for 11th January. Tomorrows Championship Knut Trial

Hi guys,

Please find the North Somerset Eco Angus Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form below. Btw this Event  used to be the Phillips Trophy but has a new sponsor this year from a wood burning boiler maker. They range from domestic to monster in terms of heat output. NSMSC RTC ‘Eco Angus’ Trophy TT- 110115

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow up at Lansdown for the Knut, I reckon parking should be fine tomorrow as it’s crisp dry & cool here today with an early morning frost.


Southern Experts Trial Report. Centre Trials Champs – Points table before tomorrows last Round.

Many thanks to Roger Brain for this Report of a hard days sport down at Butser

RogerBrain Southern Experts Report 2014

Click on the link to see this Word document

Standby for updated Centre Trials Champs Points Tables [last Round on Sunday remember]& Regs for the NSMSC Club Eco Angus TT on 11th January.

You can see the ‘state of play’ in the Centre Trials Champs before Sundays last Round, the Bath & WoE Knut Trophy here 2014 Centre Trials Champ tables as at 08:12:14

Recorder Pete Dury says “Wessex Centre Championship update attached following yesterday’s excellent Frome trial (thanks for my first mince pie of the year Mary J)
With Kurt Brain already our Wessex Centre champion it was the turn this week of Kevin Hart to tie up the Over 40 class and Dai Clothier to claim the Over 50 crown. Well done both (well worth the bridge toll Dai!)
The BATH AND WEST OF ENGLAND M C are holding KNUT TROPHY TRIAL at Dyrham Woods next Sunday (14th) which is the last round of the 2014 championship.
There are still three classes to be won with Rob Smith and Jon Bees battling the AB class, Anthony Millar and George Papageorgiou only 9 points apart in the B class.  Mark Bean and Paul Endicott are only 6 points apart in the C class with both riders having won or been runner up in every round they have rode this year. Whatever happens, I reckon both riders will be going up to the B class next season.”

Thanks to Roger & to Pete for getting these reports to me.



Wells & District Trials Clubs Miller Cup Regs available. More on the Southern Experts

Good Morning everyone,

As promised here are the Wells Miller Cup Regs for 4th January. Wells&DMTC Regs&EntryForm-Miller Cup 040115 They are also on the Regs  & Entry Forms  2015 Wessex Centre Events: Regs & Entry Forms page.

FYI Kurt was 10th at the Southern Experts on 84m/l, Simon Welch 12th on 85 & Joe Baker 5th on 51.

Congrats to all our Centre Riders who measured themselves against the best in the South of England, I think I’ve noted all of you, Tom Culliford, Lee Hassall, Fred Adams, & Kurt Brain. Over in the S/car competition we had Josh & Luke Golding Runners up in the Expert Class & Phil Sparkes/Joe Newman winners of the Clubmen.

keep those feet up.


Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Centre Champs Results. Royalty Observers. Lady Shutt

Hello all,

A good day at Frys Bottom,, please find the Results here Frome Selwood&Bradley Cup or on the appropriate Page.

Royalty Observers? Well yes, Phyllis was asked to do Section 1 at the far end of the Course just inside the padlocked gate, so we drove down & were able to undo the padlock & drive in. Luxury! It would even have been nearly possible to observe sitting in the car! As I was Steward I had to walk the course, 4 laps of 10 Sections, & as Riders will know it was pretty slippy between Sections, after I got to Section 10 manned by Dave Best [who is still waiting for a replacement gear selector fork] I walked up the field & back to Section 1 on the road!

Thanks on everyones behalf to Jon Bees & Jerry Cross who laid out most of the Sections, & of course to the Observers, Phyllis, Bob Burt, Nipper Allen, Mark Talbot, Gary Marshman, Dave Best & some others whose names I don’t know, sorry about that. Tom & Mary ‘shared’ I think Section 9 from time to time. Section 5 which had a step in it was missed out by the C class, but they had a specially for them different section 5 laid out. Good thinking from the Section plotters.

Mary had the Results done & over to me before 18:30hrs, & its my Dinner in 10 minutes, so more follows after dinner but I’ll post these for you now.

Check back later & see if I’ve been able to find Southern Experts Results – just before bedtime Results are on Trials Central. Solo Winner Sam Haslam on 27, R/up Sam Connor on 34 & Alexz Wigg 3rd on 37.

Lowest Class winning score of the day was 6 from Dai Clothier, Ollie Humphris who ran out best Expert averaged just under 2 a Section so you know it was a tough day. AB class winner was Trevor Ashford on 58 – so that’s just under 1 & a half marks lost a Section, & the competition was close Trevor on 58, Rob Scott 65, Triss Ball 66 & Rod Broom & Gareth Talbot both on 69

Lady Shutt? We’re pleased to say that Ian & Jody Shuttleworth are the parents of Lotte Jean who weighed in at 6lbs 4oz last Wednesday afternoon, which was great timing as they weren’t interrupted during the West Wilts Workers Dinner the evening before.  All those fingers crossed that Jody wouldn’t have to rush off without all her dinner must have worked. it’s a second Granddaugher for Brian Shutt, and both Jody & Lotte are doing well.

Our sympathies go out to Pete Dury – who collates the Centre Champ Tables for you – whose Mum passed away last Thursday.

Next week it’s the final Championship Round, the Knut Trophy, fingers crossed for decent weather beforehand so that parking is easy, so we hope to see you all there. If you haven’t entered yet it could be a good idea.

I hope to have a Report from Roger Brain on the Southern Experts tomorrow, but it’s been a real test of skill & bravery with Fred Adams having a mega off – no lasting injury fortunately AFAIK


ps I’ll have Regs & Entry Forms for the Wells Clubs Miller Cup Trial on 4th January posted for you all tomorrow