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Wells Mike Cornish Timed Trial Results, Current Centre Trials Champ Tables

Hello all,

Please find results of the Wells Clubs Mike Cornish Timed Trial held at Maesbury Castle today Wells Mike Cornish TTrial 301114.xlsx Thanks to Jerry Cross.

Quickly glancing through the Results, I see that Andy Frost, Jason Hamblin & Jerry Cross who were 2nd, 3rd & 4th respectively were all eclipsed by a name that’s new to me, Kye Steel from Radstock, who in his 9 laps lost just 11 in Sections & 11 on time, his 22 total compares with 25, 27 & 33 for Andy Jason & Jerry.

There’s several names I don’t recognise in the entry [that’s good!] & I’m told by Jerry that the entry of 60 odd was full before the Event which is even better.

I hear also that there will be a NSMSC presence at next years Romaniacs Extreme Enduro. It’s an awfully long way to go, but I suspect an Awesome Event to ride.

Thanks to Pete Dury here are the up to date Centre Trials Championship Tables following last weeks NSMSC Presidents Round at Chelwood  2014 Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 24:11:14

Congratulations to Kurt Brain who has retained his title with 2 Rounds still to be ridden. Kurts’ won all Rounds so far, i know he won’t be riding the Frome Trial next Sunday as he’ll be at the Southern Experts, but expect to see him up on the leaderboard at the Knut. Although all other Classes are yet to be decided, i’d put some money on Kevin Hart being best in the o/40 class if he rides either [or both] of our final two Rounds on the next two Sundays

I mentioned Barbara Lywoods funeral last time, it was good to see such a lot of old motor cycling friends remembering her  & hearing again some of the anecdotes that were told about her.

See you at Frys Bottom next Sunday?





Results & Report – North Somersets Presidents Centre Champ Trial 23rd November 2014

Hi every one.

A great days sport laid on by NSMSC, including for the first time a ‘C’ Class route. There were about 70 Solo Entries + the ‘Chair Boys’. We, Phyllis & I observed Solo Section 5 which had the three routes, with Clubman Experts riding the Expert Route. From memory Ben Skinner will have the lowest aggregate score losing 0,1 & 2. Centre Champion Kurt Brain was out on a new bike & fived on the first lap, but atoned [?] with a brilliant clean on the last [3rd] lap.

Kurt has ridden every Wessex Centre Championship Round so far but will, understandably miss the next one, the re-arranged Frome Trial on 7th December ,as its the Southern Experts Trial day at Butser, I hope he goes well.


Why do I ask when I’ve just told you what a cracking Trial it was & how delighted NSMSA were with the number of entrants? Well, I read the route/sections map at the start & noted the warning to keep out of & off the growing crops. After the Event I saw that some of you ignored that instruction, I repeat it was an instruction.

Why does it matter? It matters because you riders are only able to ride with the Landowners permission. If you have ever had to negotiate with Landowners the use of their ground  you’ll know how hard it us to get permission & how easy it is to lose that permission. It’s never the fault of the Organisers they know & understand the problem. It’s always thoughtless riders[that is just some of you  riders] who don’t think, & don’t realize that growing corn has been planted for a reason – to grow fodder for livestock.

I know that NSMSC Chairman, Paul Manning, knew as soon as he’d seen that some of you had ignored the Club instruction & ridden through & over that growing corn, that he would have to go & explain to the Farmer what had happened, & he had no excuses for you. I’ll post the Results when I have them, but if it’s got to 22:45hrs this evening don’t wait up, I”l have had my cocoa & biscuit & gone to get my beauty sleep!

So if you got a rollicking from Paul please understand why. NSMSC want to keep putting on Events for you, but they won’t be able to do so if you don’t respect their instructions & the Farmer says ‘That’s it. No more motor cycles”.

I’m sorry to say us ‘oldies’ have seen it happen. Frank

ps  Results added on Monday 24th November at 20:30hrs

Thanks for your patience guys, sorry about the above preamble but some of you obviously needed to be told the score. Please if it might have been you take it on board & help all of your fellow riders to enjoy this & other venues for years to come

I’ve just received the Results form Ruth & click here NSMSC Presidents 231114 to see how you did.

Now I’ve glanced at the Results I have to draw attention to the Sidecar Results. Josh & Luke Golding were best Sidecar with a stop in Section15 & two dabs in Section 24. Runners up were National Sidecar Champions Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes with three fives & one dab.

Is this the sign of things to come?

With the Experts it was business as usual for the current Champion, Kurt dropped 28, Lee Hassall was R/up on 66 & Ben Skinner  was third on 67




Regs for the Knut are available! 2015 soon! 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial Regs are available!

Here we are again,

Firstly I am sorry to have to pass on the sad news that Barbara Lywood passed away last Sunday evening about 21:30hours.

If you wish to attend the funeral it is at West Wilts Crematorium next Thursday, 27th November, at 14:30hours. Family flowers only, but donations to the Dorothy House Hospice – in Winsley, our [Frank & Phyllis’] village.

WWMC extends its sympathy to Ken, Kay & Tom, Pat & Mik, & Jo & Christine.

Bath & WoE have published the last Centre Trials Championship Round Knut Trophy Regs which you can find here Bath & WoE Knut Regs 141214  – These Regs are now corrected as at 09:00hrs Thursday 20th November – Frank   thanks to Theresa & Mark,  & looking forward to next year(!) Jan has sent across the Regs for the first event in the Centre next year, the BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial which you can find here: BSSA 1st Alan Brown TT 010115




NSMSC’s RT Keedwell Timed Trial Results from Sunday 16th November. Final Centre Timed Trial Championship Tables for 2014.

Hello all,

Jerry Walters sent over the Results from yesterdays Timed Trial, you can find them here,  NSMSC RT Keedwell TT 161114   Jason Hamblin took the Premier Award & Andy Frost was best scrambler! That echoes the Centre Timed Trials Championships, which Tony Colman has provided for us & are noted below.

Here are Tony’s Final Centre 2014 Championship Timed Trial Tables for the Trials & Enduro Classes, which you can find here,

2014 Centre TT Champs – Trials  and  2014 Centre TT Champs – Enduro

As you will see this years Champions are Jason Hamblin in the Trials Class & Andy Frost in the Enduro Class.  Tony comments “In enduro Andy Frost had a clean sweep, he was even 2nd overall in the 3rd Alan Brown. Tom Smith was consistently 2nd until he went over to Moto Cross. In the trials class Jason Hamblin also won all 6 rounds helped by a very expensive large capacity fuel tank. Simon Prideaux was 2nd in the 4 rounds that he rode in but Paul Manning eventually matched him on points.”


Regs are available for: the North Somerset Richard Sage Electrical Timed Trial [14th December] & the BSSA Phil Sparkes Non Expert Trial for solos & Sidecars on the 27th December

Just before you look at the Regs, I’ll remind you that Frome are running a Centre Championship Trial at Frys Bottom on 7th December, & the last Round of our Championship, Bath & WoE’s Knut Trial is at Dyrham Woods on the 14th of December

Here’s the couple of sets of Regs for you:

NSMSC Regs & Entry Form R Sage Electrical TT 141214    thanks to Jerry Walters

BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Regs & Entry Form 271214   thanks to Jan Watkins

‘Click’ to download?


ps BGRC are applying to host a British Masters Qualifier next year – I hope they are awarded it – it’ll be one to watch I reckon.

pps wonder how the Hurran went today, I didn’t see Kurt in the provisional Entry List. So a win for Simon Welch?

NSMSC – change of venue for Timed Trial this Sunday, Extra [3rd Route] for Presidents Trial Sunday week. Date change for the Valers Turkey Team Trial

Evening all!

Just had a call from Paul Manning who wants to let you all know that this Sundays RT Keedwell Transport Timed Trial has had to move venue from Stanton Wick Lane [as per the published Regs] to Chelwood. for farming reasons. As always Clubs have to fit in with our landowners plans! So that’s let you know about North Somerset’s Event this weekend.

Now NSMSC want to let everyone know that their Presidents Centre Championship Trial for the weekend after next [ie the 23rd November] will include a ‘C’ route i.e. a third & easiest Route to be ridden by C class riders & 050 class entrants.  The main route will be ridden by B & o40 Classes. The Expert route will be for A Class. AB Class riders will ride a mixture of A & Main Routes. So if you are a novice you shouldn’t find the sections too daunting! See you there?

Rob Pike, on behalf of the Mendip Vale guys wants you all to know the Turkey Team Trial has changed date to Saturday 20th December. Regs are on the Clubs web-site.


Jason Hamblin wins BSSA 6th Alan Brown [Centre Championship] Timed Trial

Hello all,

Jan Watkins has sent over the results of last Sundays Centre Championship Timed Trial which are here, BSSA 6th Alan Brown TTrial 021114   Jason was the winner, setting standard time & covering 10 laps, losing 18 on observation, 12 of those in the 5th section. Simon Prideaux was entered but didn’t start, Andy Frost was best scrambler losing 14 on time & 52 on observation [including just 6 in that 5th section]. A good entry of 53 too.