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Hi guys,

just back in wifi territory again – back to Yorkshire & trip to Beverley for a funeral this time.

The Minster is a wonderful building – go there if you can.

Now, I hear that some of you have trouble accessing the latest info re Centre Trials Grading List on the Page.

Is anyone else having trouble,? I know my computer handles the download differently using Safari & Firefox, one puts it into a download folder where you have to positively do that & open it from there & the other asks what programme to open the file with. It’s there as a .xls spreadsheet.

It would be handy if you let me know

A     if you can find it – by just clicking the link & if it opens directly for you

B      which browser you use

Thanks: Frank




NSMSC: Gordon Brown Chase Results & RT Keedwell Trophy TT Regs for 16th November, Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Regs for 7th December, Latest Trials Championship Tables as at 13th October 2014

We’re back with a reliable internet connection!

We’ve got a Trials Championship Table update from Pete Dury following the West Wilts Errington Cup trial on the 12th October. Results from the NSMSC Team for the Gordon Brown Chase last Sunday, and the Regs for their upcoming RT Keedwell TTrial. Regs for the Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Trial which has been moved from the 16th November [which clashed with a Western Centre Championship Round] to the 7th December which date became vacant when the Knut Trophy was postponed by a week!

Click the link to view, or find them on the appropriate page!

NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT Results for 19/10/14

NSMSC Regs & Entry Form for the  RT Keedwell Trophy TT on 16:11:14

Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Regs & Entry form for 07/12/14

2014 Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 13:10:14

Keep those feet up: Frank

BSSA Results 12th October – 5th Alan Brown! Fred Adams gets to the finish in his first ride at the Scott Trial yesterday

Hello all, great thing the internet, when its available!

So this afternoon I’ve been able to upload last Sundays 5th Alan Brown Results here: BSSA 5th Alan Brown Results 121014 & also they are now on the usual Page Michael S [!]

Respect! Delighted to see Fred Adams start, ride Section 35 & complete the course at yesterdays Scott Trial at his first try.

We had a conversation with another first timer [Rider Number 31 if you need to know] the evening before the Scott, & the young man talked of the time he would need to do  to be in with chance of a spoon! He didn’t get to 35! Of course I don’t know why that was, but as he wasn’t someone whom I had heard of previously, who lives on the Yorkshire/NW Centre boundary, so I was confident that my first target for newcomers , of getting to the finish, with the next target a Finishers Certificate was sound advice!

Another first timer, Ben Whitehead from Leeds who rode the Wessex Centre Championship Traders Trophy at Frys Bottom this year & who had  127m/l on the AB route then, like Fred, also completed the Scott course.

Scott Results: it was close Dabill, Michael Brown & Dougie in that order


ps UPDATE FRED WAS just 6minutes away from a finishers certificate. if only …..



ps when I have another reliable internet connection I’ll be able to post the RT Keedwell TT Regs, & the 6th Alan Brown Regs.

Two sets of Regs available for you!

Here we are, two sets of Regs,

firstly the NSMSC Centre Trials Championship “Presidents Trophy” on the 23rd November, here NSMSC Presidents Trial Regs & Entry Form for 23:11:14

and secondly the Wells Trials Clubs Mike Cornish Timed Trial on the 30th November which are here Wells Mike Cornish TT Regs 30:11:14

Both can also be found on the appropriate Page!

See you all soon Frank

Sunday 12th Oct. WWMC Errington Cup Results

Hi guys,

Good to see you all today, 4 laps of ten, ten observers, thanks to Colin Hassall, Derek Daniels, Nipper Allen, Darryl Fortune, Aleta Payne, Jon Milne,  Chris Kelly & Frank & Phyllis S.

Great to see Andi Townhill, after many years absence, we last saw him as a schoolboy! & Kyle Mitchell having his first competitive ride I understand. Didn’t Sam Lovells [Yamaha 4stroke] Scorpa sound nice, but then so did Dave Best & George Papageorgio’s Honda powered Mont4RTs.

An entry of just over 30 seems to be the new norm but still thanks to you all for supporting WWMC & the Centre today.


Oh & Kurt Brain won the Premier award, the Errington Cup, Rob Smith the HJ Giddings Cup [AB class], Sam Lovell the Bob Missen Cup [B class] Mark Bean the Trials Cup [C class]. Kevin Hart was best o40 class & Richard Elliot the o50’s

Click here for the results:  WWMC Errington Cup 121014

Wells Presidents T/Trial results from 5th October, updated Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 28th September

Hello again,

Pete Dury has worked his magic after the Kingswood Trials Championship Round at Elmington Manor & the up to date Championship tables can be found here  2014 Centre Champ Tables as at 28:09:14  [click] or on the usual Page.

Please note that the Bath & WoE Knut Trophy Trial has been moved back a week to the 14th December, thus avoiding a clash with the Southern Experts trial

Jerry Cross has sent over the results of the Presidents, pleased to see 44 of you were riding!  Wells Presidents TT, Results 051014  On Trials machines it was Jason Hamblin again from Simon Prideaux & with the scramblers it was Andy Frost from Charlie Frost


See you all up at Perry’s by Bath Racecourse on Sunday ? for the Errington Cup Trial?


Wilts Border Endeavour Regs for this Sunday 5th Oct, Kingswood 3rd Club Series Regs for 26th Oct. Centre Champs, Kevin Gundry.

Hello all,

A couple of Regs available for you,

First the Wilts Border Closd to Club Endeavour Trial at the Piggeries on Sunday, click here: WBorder Endeavour 051014


Second the 3rd Kingswood Club Series at Knapps on Sunday 26th October, click here: Kwood 3rd Club Series 261014

Don’t forget the upcoming Centre Champ Events :  Wells Presidents Timed Trial on Sunday & the West Wilts Errington Cup on Sunday week. Get those Entries in now!



ps Kevin Gundry! Remember Kevin? Theresa tells me

As an aside, Mark and I were in Andorra for the World Championships and TDN the week before last, were walking through St Julia and a trials bike went past ridden by a minder, they turned round and came back to us, stopped and said, your Mark Talbot aren’t you. Mark confirmed he was, the rider said he was Kevin Gundry and rode with Mark over 20 years ago in the Wessex Centre. He emigrated to NZ some years ago from Yeovil and was with the NZ team as his son and daughter were riding!!!  Small world.”