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NSMSC Blackman Trophy Results/Nord Vue/Reeth 3 Day Trial

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Been out of phone & wifi contact for  a few days, Talkin, Loweswater, Reeth etc. So better late than never here are the Results of NSMSC Blackman Trophy TT 160714 as supplied by Jerry Walters.

Watched a day of the World Trials Champs at Nord Vue. Podium places were as last years final positions so I guess that shows we know just who is best at present. Mind you when you have ropes provided for Minders to hold with one hand while waiting to catch a riders front wheel with the other if rider doesn’t make the climb you do begin to wonder where progress will be made? Self levitating bikes?, a ‘new’ safety feature for difficult terrain. Cabestany looked as if he didn’t have the power [perhaps the desire?] for some of the bigger jump/climbs. Have we seen the best of him? Quite impressed with Fujigas though, he was seeing different lines to the top guys & seemed to be a thinking rider

However up in Arkengarthdale at the Reeth 3 day Trial sanity prevails  & Sections are challenging but do-able for a wide spectrum of ability & age. No twin shocks but a couple air cooled monoshock Yamahas & Eric Lejeune. An unfortunate incident just before the last of the first days sections where a rider coming down off the fell, did just that, an off, resulting in a broken collar bone. In order this incident was attended by, a fellow rider, Toby Eyre, in real life a First Responder , but of course without his kit, the NHS Ambulance Service, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance & the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team. In all I reckon it took about 3hours from the accident to helicopter lift off with the casualty! We helped a bit, I think, by slowing down riders explaining there was a casualty & guiding them past the group attending to the rider.

On the 2nd day, the last Section was out at Hurst, & as there’s no point in even thinking of  going  out there at the Scott, we went & had a look, we understood it was a shortened version of the section used in the Scott. Quite a pleasant little walk out over level grouse moor after the end of the road. The 2nd day had a 7.5hour limit not the 6.5hr I thought, but it still took marks on time, Ian Fortune lost 13 of them which was disappointing, as he was riding with Craig & Becky Talbot  who did get in on time but were riding numbers 214 & 215, Ian was 165 so he had started 25 minutes before them. On day 3 we saw the Fortune support group, Daryl & Mrs Daryl, & Sam.

Ian ended the 3 days 51st in Class & Mark Holmes was 100th. Craig & Becky finished 44th & 35th on the Expert Route. Eric Lejeune was 26th Clubman & his riding partner, Frenchman, Fabrice Bolusset was 128th, Fabrice was wearing kneepads, elbow pads & a back protector, so I presumed he didn’t like rocks, or more likely the bumps & bruises they inflict on lesser riders! Mark Cameron was 17th Clubman & 6th O40, good work Mark.

We got home on Monday evening & guess what? On Thursday we were down In Bradford market doing some weekly shopping, I idly glanced at the wine bar/hotel conversion into flats by the Town Bridge & a voice said hello Frank & it was  Ian F, who had been called in by employer Albino Builders to help speed up the project which has been going on most of the year. Small World!


Another Sunny Day, [or is it? see below] NSMSC Tattoo Time Regs Available, BSSA Reg Lewis Trial Regs

The North Somerset TattooTime Timed Trial Regs for the 9th of August are now available on the appropriate Page & here NSMSC Regs & Entry Form TattooTime TT 090814

If you’ve not entered the BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & Sidecar Trial [rearranged for 3rd August] yet, then the Regs are here BSSA Rearranged Reg Lewis 030814

Very sorry to read in TMX that Dave Bickers had suffered a stroke & subsequently passed away yesterday week. He was a star & an inspiration for many of my generation. The TMX picture in Fridays issue showing him leading Paul Friedrichs in the 1967 Czech MX GP also shows Vic Eastwood, two of the best riders never to have been World Champions. Remember Dave slowing down to let Friedrichs through to win at Farleigh? Team Orders!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned either that Sean Lawless noted in TMX a little while ago that Stewart Penney – think MR Thumpercross – had suffered a racing accident & was facing a long period of rehab. Our best wishes are obviously with him.

Enjoy the sunshine! — Frank

ps, Jan Watkins says its raining in Bradley Stoke, so perhaps you need to ignore my ‘sunshine’ comments!

NSMSC’s Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial Results are here!

Thanks to Jerry Walters, here are yesterdays North Somerset Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial Results NSMSC Valley Smokehouse TT 050714  As I might have guessed, Jason Hamblin was the winner – standard time & 3 marks gone in Section 3, with R/up Paul Manning losing 10 on time & 9 on observation, 3 in Section 2 & 6 in Section 4. Best scrambler was Andy Frost [as I might have guessed] losing 6 on time & 51 on observation!

Don’t forget Wednesday weeks NSMSC Blackman TT!

Off topic  I know but: Wow, what a turn out for the Tour de France in Yorkshire & Cambridge/London we’ve outdone the the French I reckon. & Lewis Hamilton winning at Silverstone with JB 4th was a good weekend for Britons in F1. Mind you drive of the day was Felipe [Massa] throwing himself sideways to avoid t-boning Kimi [Raikonnen]. The Williams’s were obviously on the pace.

Shame about Mark Cavendish, a separated shoulder isn’t pleasant, but he’s no longer got the pure explosion of speed he used to have & we’ve seen him leaning into rivals before in the Tour.




Err … Whoops, NSMSC’s Valley Smokehouse TT Regs were [& are] here!

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Jerry Walters has pointed out their NSMSC’s Valley Smokehouse TT Regs aren’t available! My mistake, they were {& are} posted in a Post dated 10th June, but I missed  adding them to the 2014 Wessex Centre Events: Regs & Entry Forms Page then. Apologies to all. They are now on the Page & here for you again in this latest Post NSMSC Valley Smokehouse TT 050714

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