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Wells Lawford Timed Trial Regs for 22nd June, NSMSC Weymouth Trophy Results from 17th May, The Trouble with Trials??

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Here are the Lawford Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form Wells Lawford TT Regs 220614 which runs on 22nd June – which is back at its traditional Wookey Hole venue this year.

It seems I’ve fouled up on posting the Fowlers Trophy Results, which I thought I had done, I blame gremlins, but you should find them on the link adjacent, & on the Results Page  NSMSC Weymouth Trophy Results 170514  —————   ps I’ve just checked the Post on 23rd May & it has a link to the Results, & it checks out here in Great Ashley

Last night I said I’d return to the topic of  Trials Entries soon. Here are some thought of mine[& these are from a Club & Organisers point of view] & I hope also some thoughts for you riders too. When I say Organisers, I mean the Clerk of the Course, the Secretary of the Meeting and the organising Clubs Working Parties.

There is a widespread perception amongst Organisers that it is becoming more and more difficult to predict the number of Riders that will come and ride the Organisers event. Just to illustrate, West Wilts cancelled its Centre Championship James Cup when only 8 riders were entered by the closing date. The Lyn Traders National Trial a long established event in SW Centre, which was cancelled last year because there were not enough entries, was only confirmed on the Friday before & ran with only 40 entrants. Three Wessex Centre riders were there, Jerry Cross who says


To Be Continued



BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Regs for 8th June, NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT Regs for Wednesday 11th June. Loch Lomond 2day Trials Reports

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Here are the BSSA 4th Alan Brown TT Series Regs & Entry Form for Sunday weeks Event: BSSA 4th Alan Brown 080614  , thanks to Jan Watkins, & Jerry Walters has mailed over the Regs for the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT starting at 19:00hrs on Wednesday week. I see Andy Frost is CofC. Download them here NSMSC Fowlers Trophy TT 110614   My apologies to NSMSC it seems I’ve overlooked posting them for nearly a fortnight. Time for me to be put down?

Here’s a little report on an event in Scotland – the Loch Lomond 2day Trial which, well read Pete Cullifords  bit below, I have to say I didn’t realize that our riders got that far up country, that’s good to know & that Chris Adams helps out the Club

Good Morning Frank,
Just a bit of info for you, Wessex riders; Lee Hassell, Rich Knott, Tom Culliford, Fred Adams, Dean Hassell pictured at the start of day 2 of Loch Lomand 2 day trial which was held in typical Scottish countryside, Day 1 (38 subs over approx 35 miles of moorland) the lads were first away, sections were very slippery, time limit was 6.5 hours, well over half the entry were late on time inc our lads but all got back to the finish with their stories of the moor crossings. Day 2 consisted of 2 x laps of 26 subs, about a 13 mile lap with a 5 hour limit.  All was going well with one and a half laps completed when Dean had a big crash on the moor off a 5 foot rock, he broke his front brake and had to retire. Otherwise all back in with time to spare on day 2 as their starting order was at the back today. Fred tells us that this is a close as you can get to SSDT terrain!!! No results as yet but I will let you know as and when we get them. Thanks go to Chris Adams who was COC and his family who have been setting out this trial for a number of years.


LLomond 2day

You can read the Trials Central Report here Loch Lomond 2Day Trial 2014 It’s nice to see the Clubs thanks to the helpers from Scotland & Bristol.

Good to hear the Lyn Traders National Trial wasn’t cancelled this year but it was a close run thing I hear, only 30 entries by the closing date. A slightly ‘elastic’ closing date got that up to 38 on Friday & I suspect some entries actually taken on the day. That does say to me that there is a problem either there aren’t enough active riders, or that riders will not commit themselves to events. From where I am, I can see organisers stopping putting on events for you, the riders. But I’ll return to some analysis of this another time.

Watch this space: Frank

ps West Wilts have cancelled their Hare & Hounds due to run on Sunday – again not enough committed entries by the closing date to make the event viable for the organising team

NSMSC: Weymouth Trophy Results. ?, We need your help.

Hello, – here  – NSMSC Weymouth Trophy TT 170514  – are last Sundays North Somerset Weymouth Trophy Timed Trial Results, they are also on the Results Page  { 2014 Events, Trials, Timed Trials, Hare and Hounds & Enduro Results}  remember?

Very disappointing for everyone that the James Cup, a Round of the Centre Trials Championships was cancelled. What to do? Your suggestions please.



Sundays’ West Wilts Centre Championship James Cup – Cancelled

Hello again,

Thursdays’ post only brought one more entry, so that was 8, & 6 promises. WWMC felt that was would not make a viable event  after allowing for those of you who would decide on Sunday morning. Phyllis will contact all of you to advise directly. Thanks to those of you who got in touch yesterday & today, it was most helpful, but there weren’t enough of you.

We are sorry to hear that Finley Callum hurt himself at last Sundays Swindon Club Trial. i know all of you will want to send him your very best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Tuck Cross Sidecar Championship Round. SSDT Review, James Cup Entries

Tuck Cross S/car National 11/05/14 Results

We went out to Frys Bottom on Sunday, where BSSA had the Tuck Cross. We were lucky with weather – it stayed dry all day – we think that was because we wore Paddock Coats all day! We observed Sections  1 & 2, & the Club had enough volunteers to man the 36 Sections without us having to “double up”. So a big thanks to all of them.

“Uncle Albert” has asked that BSSA’s thanks are passed on to everyone who contributed to the successful organisation & running of the Event. BSSA very much appreciate your help.

I don’t have the Results to hand but will post them as soon as I do. [Note you can see them on the Trials Central link above] The winners were Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes on, IIRC on 36 marks lost.

There was an unfortunate accident to Mick Treagus’ passenger, Steve Gould, I guess the outfit capsized & dropped on him? This meant the that the Organisers issued a delay for the crews that stopped [as you would expect] to help & assist on the scene, to add to their 6hour finish time. Steve was taken to RUH at Bath. There were a couple of other retirements as well. I saw hard man Andy Cripps pull up his shirt at Section 13 & adjust the deepest body belt I’ve ever seen, around his chest!. Ah ha I thought, ribs. Yes a souvenir from the Tough One three weeks or so ago.

Moving on to this weekend, Phyllis only has 2 entries for the Centre Champs James Cup Trial, in her hand & one of those, Richard Elliott has had to pull out because of injury – a collar bone & ribs – sustained between Sections at Yeo Vales event last Sunday. The collar bone may need plating, get well soon Richard, & the Cider will make it better. Please give Phyllis a call if you intend to ride.

Turning to the Scottish, Dougie Lampkin has proved again that he is the man to beat in domestic events by keeping James Dabill  & the other British World Championship contenders behind him, winning the SSDT on just 14 m/l. Dabill lost 22, 3rd placed Sam Connor lost 31 & Guy Kendrew a regular of course had a brilliant week to place 4th on 35 {same as 5th placed Michael Brown}

Local interest has another good ride from Ricky Wiggins, just in the top 20 on 77 & Adam Norris had another great ride to place 22nd on 86 & win the over 40 Class again. I’d pencilled in Adam for a 20th – 30th place as a good result, so Adam’s underlined what a quality rider he is – especially as he only rides one Trial  a year.

Mark Cameron picked up a Second Class Award, Fred Adams a First Class placing 110th with 309 m/l, Becky Cook lost 254 to come 92nd with a First Class & 2nd  Lady to Emma Bristow who was 47th overall & lost 162 marks. Geoff Herbert came home with a 2nd Class Award, riding the only twin shock, a Fantic, in the event. ACU T&E C’ttee Member Tony Rew had a Finishers Award losing  667 marks & the other T&E C’ttee member, Steve Moore had a 2nd Class, losing 437 marks. That’s it till next year!




NSMSC Results & Regs, Chris Kelly, SSDT Day One

Hello all,

Here we are for North Somersets latest news, the Wymouth Trophy Timed Trial on the 17th May, here  NSMSC Weymouth Trophy TT- 170514 & the Colin Stenner Trophy Timed Trial Results from Saturday 3rd May, hereNSMSC Colin Stenner TT 030514

Saturday saw WWMC at Cumberwell Park celebrating Chris Kelly & Ian Nairn having ‘tied the knot’ together with lots of their other friends & family, Chris, as you know has been our Comps Secretary for a long time. An excellent evening.

Up in Scotland Ricky Wigginsis 9th & Adam Norris 32nd after Day 1, by the look of the footage I’ve seen its been dry without much water in the sections although umbrellas were up at Lagnaha. 3 clean sheets so far Sam Connor James Dabill & Dougie Lampkin, its going to be really close at the finish I reckon. Oh & Richard Allen was 3rd in the pre65 event.

See you soon, Frank