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Sundays Wilts Border “Border Cup” Trial Postponed. Licencing Seminar Tomorrow [Tuesday 28th] SSDT, Kieran Heycock

Hi guys,

I made a Freudian slip a while ago when I said that the Avery would be the first Centre Championship Trial this year, it was quickly pointed out to me that ‘the Fixture Card has the Border Cup” as the first Round this year on this Sunday, 2nd February. I corrected my mistake!

However it seems I was prescient. The Border Cup has been postponed due to the present weather to a date to be decided.

So the Avery should be the first Round to be held on its rearranged date of 23rd Feb.

See you when its drier!


ps T&E CofC/Steward Seminar at Warmley tomorrow evening 28th Jan at 19:30hrs

pps Just thought to look at the Provisional Entry list for the SSDT. There seems to be quite a number of names we don’t recognise, & maybe more riders from abroad than sometimes. Perhaps more lady riders than we’ve seen before. The deadline for paying your entry fees is 28th Feb. So I’ll have another look & give a little rundown on local guys then. Pleased to see that young Welshman Kieran Heycock has an entry, I’m sure he will find it tough, but is he the first SSDT rider who’s had a kidney transplant?



Centre Trials Champs: Date changes from the current Centre Fixture card. The Regs for the 2nd Round, Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial now available.

For the avoidance of doubt, {thanks for being on the ball Roger} The first 2014 Centre Championship trial is the Wilts Border  Clubs ‘Border Cup’ on  2nd February. Regs are not yet available. The second Round is the Kingswood Clubs Avery Cup Trial, & Regs are available. The James Cup has been moved from 9th February to the 18th of May

The Centre  List of Events January 2013 – February 2014, now shows incorrect dates for the Avery & the James Cup as both Events have had date changes applied.

The new Centre  2014/15 List of Events is with the printer & will be available to Clubs shortly

As above, Kingswood’s Regs are now available, click Kwood Avery Cup 230214 & on the 2014 Events Page found in the right hand sidebar.


ps Your thanks to all the Club Members who attended the Regional T&E CofC & Steward Seminar at Warmley last night. Without them our sport will be diminished.

Regs available: BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown T.Trial, NSMSC’s Centre Champ Terry Bunn T.Trial

Good Morning everyone,

We’ve just posted  Regs for the  BSSA 2nd Alan Brown 2.2.14 & the Centre Championship NSMSC Terry Bunn CChamp TTrial 090214

They are also on the Page “2014 Wessex Centre Regs & Entry Forms”  – click it on the right hand sidebar!

Now Jan’s new computer can ‘speak’ I’ve received & have posted for you the BSSA Phil Sparkes Trophy Results, BSSA Phil Sparkes TT 271213 & their BSSA 1st Alan Brown Results 010114  and Jerry Walters has sent over the NSMSC Phillips Trophy TT 120114 Results.

You find Results in chronological order in the Page “20xx Events: Trials, Timed Trials, Hare & Hounds & Enduro Results” – click the appropriate year in the right hand sidebar

That’s it, you are all bang up to date.


Don’t forget …. Mendip’s “Winterhead Trial” …… 19th Jan.

Rob Pike has passed on ‘Gazzers’ reminder for the Winterhead:
 “The Mendip Vale Club kick off their 2014 Trials season with their first event  –  the Winterhead Trial on 19 January. This excellent venue provides an opportunity to enjoy a good variety of sections in the heart of the Mendip Hills in Somerset. The Club Organisers were “knocked back” with only eleven riders turning up for the December Turkey Trial, so are hopeful of a better turnout for another event which will suit everyone.
The action takes place at Churchill Rocks, signposted on the A38, at Churchill south of Bristol. Start time 10.30 and enter on the day.
The course will be entirely off road and cater for all abilities, from Expert through to Beginners over three routes, with a fourth 50/50 route for the Wessex Centre Clubman Expert grade, so  if you haven’t got back into the riding mode after the Festivities it will be a good start to shed some of that “excess!”

Wells Miller Cup Results, Centre AGM

Jerry Cross has sent over the Results of the Wells Miller Cup last Sunday. click here Wells Miller cup 050114 to see them. The ‘main man’ was Ben Skinner. Good to hear Triss Ball was out for a ride, but bad to hear Jon Bees took a tumble which,  a hospital visit has confirmed to be a broken arm. I hope it’s not serious Jon & is ‘just’ plastered.

There was a Board Meeting last night & the most important thing to tell you all is that the Centre AGM will be held before next months Meeting. So be at Warmley Community Centre for 20:00hrs on Tuesday 4th February if you have any issues to to air.


Jan’s new computer hears but doesn’t speak yet [it receives but won’t send email] so I have hard copy of Results from 27th December & 1st January & Regs for the 2nd of February 2nd Alan Brown Timed Trial Series, I’ve got to scratch around & scan them somehow – my latest computer doesn’t talk to my old scanner. So that may take a little while but asap I’ll post them.



Whoops! NSMSC’s Richard Sage TT Results [weren’t posted] are now!

Quite a nice day for once early on. Sunshine here then, but now its back to ‘normal’, although we did walk to the village in boots today, yesterday it would have been wellies.

Jerry Walters has pointed out I didn’t post the Ricard Sage Results, so smack on the wrist!

Here they are just a click away   NSMSC Richard Sage TT 151213

Sorry Guys, Frank

Happy New Year —– Licencing Seminar Reminder

Welcome to a wet first day of the New Year!

Kingswood were fortunate to have a nice day for their 4th & last Club Champ Series at Cromhall last Sunday. You can find the Results by clicking Kingswood 4th Club Series 29:12:13 here

Licencing Seminars:

It’s all a bit slow, I only have 13 names so far, & 5 of those have to confirm. Please get in touch if you aren’t Jerry Cross, Mark & Gareth Talbot, Neil Blackmore, Mike & Chris Fear, Mark Bennett, or Steve Hodge. Dates are the 14th & 28th of this month.

See you soon: Frank